New SharePoint Farm Configuration

The New Farm Configuration page appears when you select the New Server option for the SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint setup role in SQL Server Setup.

To configure a new farm, you must have a previously installed, un-configured SharePoint server. The server must be Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Use this page to provide the information that Setup uses to initialize the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration program (psconfig.exe). Setup will run the configuration program in the background as part of the installation process. The SharePoint server will be configured as follows:

  • A configuration database will be created using the instance of the Database Engine that is installed alongside Analysis Services when you select the SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint setup role. The Database Engine instance will be installed as a named PowerPivot instance.

  • A web application and root site collection will be created using default values.

  • An Analysis Services service will be installed and configured. A default PowerPivot service application and database will be created, configured, and associated with the default SharePoint web application.

  • PowerPivot solution packages will be deployed to the farm and to the default web application. Analysis Services feature integration will be activated for the site collection. A PowerPivot Gallery library will be created.


  • Specify Credentials for the Server Farm Account.
    Specify the domain user account and password that will be used to run the SharePoint Central Administration service and to access the configuration database. You must specify the account in this format: domain\username.

  • Specify Farm Security Settings.
    Enter a passphrase that administrators must provide when adding new SharePoint application servers or Web front end servers to the farm.

  • Configure the SharePoint Central Administration Web Application
    Central Administration is a Web application for managing the farm. Setup will create this application on the current computer. Access to Central Administration is through a port number that you specify.