EnumMergeConflictCounts 方法

Returns information on conflicts stored in a merge publication or subscription database.

命名空間:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication
組件:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Rmo (在 Microsoft.SqlServer.Rmo.dll 中)


Public Function EnumMergeConflictCounts ( _
    publicationName As String, _
    publisherName As String, _
    publicationDB As String _
) As IEnumerable
Dim instance As ReplicationDatabase
Dim publicationName As String
Dim publisherName As String
Dim publicationDB As String
Dim returnValue As IEnumerable

returnValue = instance.EnumMergeConflictCounts(publicationName, _
    publisherName, publicationDB)
public IEnumerable EnumMergeConflictCounts(
    string publicationName,
    string publisherName,
    string publicationDB
IEnumerable^ EnumMergeConflictCounts(
    String^ publicationName, 
    String^ publisherName, 
    String^ publicationDB
member EnumMergeConflictCounts : 
        publicationName:string * 
        publisherName:string * 
        publicationDB:string -> IEnumerable 
public function EnumMergeConflictCounts(
    publicationName : String, 
    publisherName : String, 
    publicationDB : String
) : IEnumerable


  • publicationName
    型別:System. . :: . .String
    The name of the publication. publicationName is a required parameter.
  • publisherName
    型別:System. . :: . .String
    The name of the Publisher server. publisherName is only supported on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and later versions.
  • publicationDB
    型別:System. . :: . .String
    The name of the published database. publicationDB is only supported on SQL Server 2000 and later versions.


例外狀況 條件

When the database does not exist.

When the value of publicationName is null.

When publicationDB or publisherName is not null and the version is not SQL Server 2000 or later.


The EnumMergeConflictCounts method can be called when connected to a subscription database when decentralized conflict logging is supported. When centralized conflict logging is supported, conflict information can be retrieved from the publication database by calling EnumMergeConflictCounts and supplying null values for the publicationDB or publisherName parameters. For more information, see 合併式複寫如何偵測並解決衝突.

The EnumMergeConflictCounts method can only be called by members of the db_owner and replmonitor fixed database roles.