Azure Redis 快取Azure Redis Cache

Azure Redis 緩存基於流行的開源Redis 緩存Azure Redis Cache is based on the popular open-source Redis cache. 它可讓您從 Azure 內的任何應用程式存取由 Microsoft 管理的安全、專用 Redis 快取。It gives you access to a secure, dedicated Redis cache, managed by Microsoft and accessible from any application within Azure. 有關更詳細的概述,請參閱 Azure Redis 緩存產品頁面For a more detailed overview, see the Azure Redis Cache product page.

REST 作業群組REST Operation Groups

作業群組Operation Group 描述Description
修補程式排程Patch Schedules 提供用於管理高級層 Azure Redis 緩存實例的維護視窗的操作。Provides operations for managing the maintenance window for Premium tier Azure Redis Cache instances.
RedisRedis 提供用於創建和管理 Azure Redis 緩存實例的操作,例如創建、更新、刪除、重新開機、導入/匯出和金鑰重新生成。Provides operations for creating and managing Azure Redis Cache instances such as create, update, delete, reboot, import/export, and key regeneration.

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