Apple School Manager 與 Intune 教育版和 School Data Sync 整合Apple School Manager integration with Intune for Education and School Data Sync

設定 Apple School Manager 以與 Intune 教育版整合時,您也可以設定 Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS),將 Apple School Manager 的使用者帳戶和屬性同步處理至 Azure Active Directory。When setting up Apple School Manager for integration with Intune for Education, you may also configure Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) to synchronize user accounts and attributes from Apple School Manager to Azure Active Directory.


與 Apple School Manager 同步處理的選項不會建立任何群組。The option to sync with Apple School Manager does not create any groups. 它只是設計用來連結其 Apple ID 與其 O365 帳戶。It is only designed to link their Apple ID with their O365 Account.

必要條件和設定Prerequisites and Setup

在繼續進行 Apple School Manager 同步和整合的 SDS 設定之前,請先完成 [啟用 iOS device 註冊與 Apple School manager ] 頁面上所述的程式和步驟:Complete the process and steps noted on the Enable iOS device enrollment with Apple School Manager page below before proceeding to the SDS setup for Apple School Manager sync and integration:

在 SDS 中建立 Apple School Manager 同步處理設定檔Create an Apple School Manager Sync Profile in SDS

重新導向至 SDS 同步處理設定檔設定向導後,您將需要建立同步處理設定檔。Once redirected to the SDS Sync Profile Setup Wizard, you will need to create a sync profile. 此同步處理設定檔會連線至您的 Apple School Manager 實例,並嘗試將 Apple School Manager 中的使用者 Apple ID,與 Azure AD 中的使用者 UserPrincipalName。This sync profile will connect to your Apple School Manager instance, and attempt to match the Apple ID of your users in Apple School Manager to the UserPrincipalName of your users in Azure AD. 一旦符合,Apple School Manager 中的使用者屬性就會同步處理至 Azure AD 中的使用者。Once matched, user attributes in Apple School Manager are synced to users in Azure AD. 請遵循下列步驟完成此程式:Follow the steps below to complete this process:

  1. 以全域管理員帳戶登入時提示提供認證。Login with a Global Admin account if prompted for credentials.

  2. 登入之後,SDS 會自動連接到 Apple School Manager。Once logged in, SDS will automatically connect to Apple School Manager. ASM connection_C3_201774102755ASM connection_C3_201774102755

  3. 在文字方塊中輸入同步處理設定檔名稱(必須至少3個字元)。Enter a sync profile name in the text box (must be at least 3 characters). 設定檔 Name_C3_201774103031Profile Name_C3_201774103031

  4. 選擇您在 Azure AD 中與您的使用者相關聯的網域尾碼。Choose the domain suffix associated with your users in Azure AD. 網域 Selection_C3_201774103154 ,可將 Apple School Manager 的使用者與 AZURE ad 進行比對,AppleID (@ 之前的部分必須符合 AZURE ad UserPrincipalName 的前置詞值(@)前面的部分。Domain Selection_C3_201774103154 To match users from Apple School Manager to Azure AD, the prefix value of the AppleID (portion before the @ must match the prefix value of the Azure AD UserPrincipalName (portion before the @). 在 SDS 中選取的網域尾碼也必須附加至 AppleID 的前置詞值,以符合使用者在 Azure AD 中的完整 UserPrincipalName。The domain suffix selected in SDS must also then append to the prefix value of the AppleID, to match against the users full UserPrincipalName in Azure AD. 範例如下:Here is an example:


    AppleID = Wendy@contoso.comAppleID =

    AppleID 前置詞 = WendyAppleID Prefix = Wendy

    SDS 網域選擇 = FabrikamSchools.comSDS Domain Selection =

    Azure AD 中的 UserPrincipalName = Wendy@FabrikamSchools.comUserPrincipalName in Azure AD =

    若要讓使用者成功同步處理:For the user to sync successfully:

    AppleID Prefix + SDS Domain Selection = UserPrincipalNameAppleID Prefix + SDS Domain Selection = UserPrincipalName

    結果範例 = 使用者成功與 Apple School Manager 同步處理:Example Results = User is successfully synced with Apple School Manager:

    Wendy + = wendy@FabrikamSchools.comWendy + =

  5. 按一下 [建立設定檔]。Click Create profile. 建立 Profile_C3_201774103420Create Profile_C3_201774103420

  6. 等候設定檔提交。Wait for the profile to be submitted. 建立設定檔 Wait_C3_201774103525Create Profile Wait_C3_201774103525

  7. 重新整理頁面,確定已設定設定檔。Refresh the page to ensure the profile is being setup. 設定檔狀態將會變成設定Profile status will become Setting up. 設定檔設定 Up_C3_201774103651Profile Setting Up_C3_201774103651

  8. 繼續重新整理頁面,以確保已開始同步處理。Continue to refresh the page to ensure sync has started. 設定檔狀態應該會顯示 SDS 的五個同步處理階段之一。The profile status should display one of the five sync stages of SDS. 同步處理 Progress_C3_201774103816Sync In Progress_C3_201774103816

  9. 繼續重新整理頁面,以確保同步處理已成功完成。Continue to refresh the page to ensure sync has completed successfully. 設定檔設定 complete_C3_201774103930Profile Setup complete_C3_201774103930

  10. 檢查與同步處理設定檔關聯的任何錯誤。Review any errors associated with the sync profile. 如果有任何使用者無法符合,您可能需要更新 Apple School Manager 中的 AppleID 或 Azure AD 中的 UserPrincipalName,以確保識別能夠成功地符合 SDS 同步處理設定檔內定義的準則。If any users failed to match, you may need to update the AppleID in Apple School Manager or the UserPrincipalName in Azure AD to ensure the identities match successfully, in accordance with the criteria defined within the SDS sync profile. SDS 會嘗試將 Apple School Manager 內的所有使用者與這個單一設定檔相符。SDS will attempt to match all users within Apple School Manager under this single profile.