OneRoster® API 廠商參考: ClassLinkOneRoster® API Vendor Reference: ClassLink

OneRoster® v 1.1 RESTOneRoster® v 1.1 REST

什麼是 SDS 組態 prerequisities?What are the configuration prerequisities for SDS?

客戶只需要在主控台中新增 SDS 應用程式。請參閱本文The customer just needs to add the SDS app in the console. See this article

客戶如何取得其 oAuth 認證?How do customers get their oAuth credentials?

客戶可以取得其 oAuth 認證主控台之後新增應用程式。電子郵件也會傳送到 microsoft 安裝程式之應用程式的開發。 此連結顯示的位置來取得用戶端識別碼和密碼。Customers can get their oAuth credentials from the console after they add the app. An email will also be sent to the developer at Microsoft that setup the app. This link shows the location to obtain the client id and secret.

如果您需要協助啟用 ClassLink、 內的解決方案或有任何 ClassLink 設定相關的一般問題,請在 中電子郵件。If you need help enabling the solution within ClassLink, or have any general questions about the ClassLink setup, please email

如果您需要 SDS 部署的協助,請註冊以下免費部署支援或詢問 「 支援小組任何部署相關問題,。If you need help with SDS deployment, please sign up here for free deployment support, or ask our support team any deployment related questions at