SDS 的聰明格式 CSV 檔案Clever format CSV files for SDS

您可以使用 CSV (逗號分隔值) 檔案以聰明的格式,將學校資訊系統 (SIS) 與 Office 365 同步。You can use CSV (comma separated value) files in the Clever format to synchronize your School Information System (SIS) with Office 365. 使用聰明格式的 CSV 檔案進行 School Data Sync 時,檔案必須具有適當的格式。When using Clever format CSV Files for School Data Sync, the files must be appropriately formatted. 本節說明與 SDS 搭配使用的格式設定需求。This section describes the formatting requirements for use with SDS. 本節說明與 SDS 搭配使用的格式設定需求。This section describes the formatting requirements for use with SDS. 以下為 絕對必要 欄位的反白顯示為綠色。The only absolutely required fields are highlighted in green below. 這也會與 [ CSV 檔案範例 ] 頁面上的範例資訊緊密聯繫。This also ties over to the example information on our CSV File Samples page. 下列所述的5個 CSV 檔案必須嚴格命名為下列的詳細資訊。You must have the following 5 CSV files named exactly as detailed below. 未接受 SDS 中使用的 admins.csv。The admins.csv is not accepted for use in SDS.


所接受的 CSV 檔案和匯出的預設 CSV 檔案有一些差異。The CSV files that we accept and the default CSV files exported have some differences. 為了上傳這些 CSV 檔案並順利同步處理,必須遵循這裡所列的格式。In order to upload these CSV files and sync successfully, they must follow the format listed here. 詳細資訊可位於此頁面的底部。More information can be located at the bottom of this page.







每個 CSV 檔案都必須包含以綠色反 白顯示 的所有必要欄位。Each CSV file must contain all required fields highlighted in green below. 每個 CSV 檔案也可以包含所列的任何選擇性欄位。Each CSV file may also contain any of the optional fields listed as well. 如果您的 CSV 檔案包含任何不支援的字元,可在同步處理時,透過在 SDS 同步處理設定檔安裝精靈內選取「取代不支援的特殊字元」選項,將其嵌入。If your CSV files contain any unsupported characters, they can be replaced inline during sync by selecting the "Replace Unsupported Special Characters" option within the SDS Sync Profile Setup Wizard. 不過,這並不會移除也是不正確「空白」。This however will not remove "white spaces" which are also not valid. 下表根據檔,列出檔案上的必要和選用屬性:The tables below list the required and optional attributes on a file by file basis:


Microsoft 建議針對 SDS CSV 檔案中的所有日期欄位使用 ISO 8601 格式,格式 為 YYYY-MM-DD 或 YYYYMMDD。Microsoft recommends using the ISO 8601 format for all dates fields in the SDS CSV files, in the form of YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD. SDS 計畫于未來的幾個月內引入功能,此格式需要在下列所述字詞的開始和結束日期欄位內進行此格式。SDS is planning to introduce features in coming months which will require this format within the Term Start and End Date fields noted below.

  • Students.csv > 生日Students.csv > Birthdate
  • Sections.csv > 字詞 StartDateSections.csv > Term StartDate
  • Sections.csv > 字詞 EndDateSections.csv > Term EndDate






預設聰明格式 CSV 檔案與 SDS 所接受的差異Differences between default Clever format CSV files and those accepted by SDS

SDS 所接受的聰明 CSV 檔案和預設 CSV 檔案所匯出的 discrepencies 可能會造成一些混淆。There are some discrepencies between the Clever CSV files accepted by SDS and the default CSV files exported by Clever that may cause some confusion. 最大的差異在於 Student.csv 檔案中的使用者名稱和密碼欄。The largest differences are the columns for Username and Password in the Student.csv file.

[使用者名稱] 欄位主要是在建立設定檔期間符合的條件。The Username field is required primarily for the matching criteria during profile creation. 這可以在步驟5的 [如何以 聰明格式的 CSV 檔案部署 ] 頁面上查看。This can be viewed on step 5 on the How to deploy with Clever format CSV files page.

在建立設定檔的全新使用者時,會使用 [使用者名稱] 欄及 [密碼] 欄。The Username column, along with the Password column, are used when creating brand new users for a profile.

其他差異是選用同步處理的屬性。The other differences are optional synced attributes. SDS 只會將分機屬性同步處理至上述群組和上面所列的使用者。SDS will only sync extension attributes onto relevent groups and users that are listed above. 如果其中有任何檔案包含其他資訊,則同步處理仍會進行,但其他資訊不會與使用者或群組相關聯。If any of these files contain additional information, the sync will still process but the additional information will not be tied to the user or group. 這是預期的行為,而且對於所有 CSV 設定檔同步處理皆為 true。This is expected behavior and is true for all CSV profile syncs.

範例:如果在聰明檔中以 "性別" 欄上傳 student.csv 檔案,SDS 仍會處理該檔案,並將其他屬性同步處理至 targetted 學生,但不會有為性別同步處理的屬性。Example: If a student.csv file was uploaded with the "Gender" column as stipulated in the Clever documentation, SDS will still process the file and sync the additional attributes onto the targetted students but there will not be an attribute synced for Gender.