School Data Sync 中的身分識別比對Identity Matching in School Data Sync

設定時 SDS,您將從來源目錄 (SIS 或 CSV 檔) 會符合的每個學生與老師識別 (Azure Active Directory 或 AAD) 的目標目錄中的適當及對應使用者物件。為達成此目的,您必須先選擇三個可用的屬性從來源目錄。選擇 [AAD 中有相關及相等值的屬性。此選取範圍內的 SDS 同步處理設定檔將做為簡單的字串值 (數列或不含空格的英數字元的字串) 來檢視所選取的屬性。這個字串值必須符合確實包含在其中選擇三種可用的目標屬性的值。您也可以選擇来附加至來源值以完成比對的網域尾碼下面的範例所示:When configuring SDS, you will match each student and teacher identity from your source directory (SIS or CSV files) to the appropriate and corresponding user object in the target directory (Azure Active Directory or AAD). To do this, you must first choose among the three available attributes from the source directory. Choose an attribute that has a related and equal value in AAD. This selection within the SDS sync profile will view the selected attribute as a simple string value (series or string of alpha-numeric characters without spaces). This string value must match the exact value contained in one of the three available target attributes chosen. You also have the option to append a domain suffix to the source value to complete the match, as shown in the example below:

之 identity 比對的螢幕擷取畫面。

由於您只可以設定一組 identity 符合老師內的單一同步處理設定檔的選項和一組 identity 比對學生相同的同步處理設定檔中的選項,您可能需要建立額外的同步處理設定檔,以符合 100%您老師或學生的計劃的同步處理。Microsoft 建議建立少的同步處理設定檔,以避免發生效能降低,雖然您可以建立的同步處理設定檔數目沒有目前的限制。如果您不需要更新/變更功能啟用同步處理設定檔之後立即處理,建立三個以上的同步處理設定檔可能不是您學區發生問題。如果您需要 SDS 同步處理變更某一天內,我們建議您建立每個 O365 租用戶不得超過三個設定檔。如果您需要降低所需的同步處理設定檔數目,就可以更新您比對來源目錄或目標目錄中的屬性值的識別。如需有關 Identity 比對的詳細資訊,請參閱 Identity 比對影片。Since you can only configure one set of identity matching options for teachers within a single sync profile, and one set of identity matching options for students within the same sync profile, you may need to create additional sync profiles to match 100% of your teachers or students planned for sync. Microsoft recommends creating as few sync profiles as possible to avoid performance degradation, although there is no current limit on the number of sync profiles you can create. If you don’t require updates/changes to be processed immediately after enabling a sync profile, creating more than three sync profiles may not be an issue for your district. If you need SDS to sync changes within a given day, we recommend creating no more than three profiles per O365 tenant. If you need to reduce the number of required sync profiles, you can update your identity matching attribute values in either the source directory or target directory. For more information on Identity Matching, see the Identity Matching Video.