OneRoster® API 廠商參照: 無限校園OneRoster® API Vendor Reference: Infinite Campus

什麼是無限校園 SDS OneRoster® API 連接器所需的最小版本?What is the minimum version of Infinite Campus required for the SDS OneRoster® API connector?

OneRoster® v 1.1 RESTOneRoster® v 1.1 REST

什麼是 SDS 組態 prerequisities?What are the configuration prerequisities for SDS?

有無這就自助學。There are none as this is self-service for school districts.

客戶如何取得其無限校園 URL、 用戶端識別碼及密碼 SDS 安裝程式?How do customers get their Infinite Campus URL, Client ID, and Secret for the SDS setup?

前往無限校園使用者介面中,然後按一下 [1) 系統管理,2) 校園學習 3) OneRoster 工具、 4) OneRoster。Go to the Infinite Campus user interface, and click 1) System Administration, 2) Campus Learning, 3) OneRoster Tools, 4) OneRoster.

如何取得我無限校園和 SDS OneRoster API 部署的協助?How do I get help with my Infinite Campus and SDS OneRoster API deployment?

如果您需要協助啟用內無限校園的解決方案或有任何無限校園設定相關的一般問題,請連絡您的客戶成功專案經理。If you need help enabling the solution within Infinite Campus, or have any general questions about the Infinite Campus setup, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

如果您需要 SDS 部署的協助,請註冊以下免費部署支援或詢問 「 支援小組任何部署相關問題,。If you need help with SDS deployment, please sign up here for free deployment support, or ask our support team any deployment related questions at