SDS V2 格式不支援的功能?What's not supported in the SDS V2 format?

SDS V2 格式尚有數個尚不支援的功能,因此請部署與 SDS 中所需之功能對齊的格式。There are several features not yet supported in the SDS V2 format, so deploy the format that aligns with the features you require in SDS. 下列清單提供 SDS V2 格式不支援的功能摘要。The list below provides a summary of those features not supported by the SDS V2 format.

設定頁面Settings Page

同步處理設定檔功能Sync Profile Features

  • 學校和組織 emc 的管理單元同步處理Administrative Unit Sync for schools and orgs
  • 教師密碼重設Teacher Password Reset
  • 家長和監護人同步處理Parent and Guardian Sync
  • SDS V1 格式的使用者、組織 emc 及類別的選用屬性Optional attributes from the SDS V1 format for Users, Orgs, and Classes
  • 學校識別碼和組織識別碼不會寫入至 Azure AD 中使用者上的分機屬性School ID and Org ID are not written as extension attributes onto Users in Azure AD
  • [附加網域] 選項的身分識別Append domain option for Identity matching

教育 API 功能Education API features

  • MS Graph 教育版中的學校和組織 emc APIsSchools and Orgs in the MS Graph Education APIs
  • MS Graph 教育版中的人員使用者primaryroles APIsStaff user primaryroles in the MS Graph Education APIs