OneRoster® 協力廠商 API 指引OneRoster® Partner API Guidance

OneRoster® 為學生資訊系統 (SIS) 資料交換之產業標準格式和 OneRoster® REST Api 是我們可以同步處理來自 Student 資訊系統提供透過學校資料同步處理的 O365 OneRoster® Api 物件所依據的方法(SDS) 服務。使用此同步處理方法,您可以直接連接到使用 rest OneRoster 1.1 Api 所 SIS 提供您 SIS 並同步處理資料直接而不是使用 CSV 檔案。OneRoster® is an Industry Standard format for exchange of Student Information System (SIS) data, and the OneRoster® REST APIs are the means by which we can sync objects from Student Information Systems that provide OneRoster® APIs to O365 through the School Data Sync (SDS) service. Using this sync method, you can connect directly to your SIS using the REST-based OneRoster 1.1 APIs provided by the SIS, and synchronize data directly instead of using CSV files.


如果您需要 SDS 部署的協助,請使用此連結免費部署支援。If you need help with SDS deployment, please use this link for free deployment support.

OneRoster® API 連接器會使用下列 SIS 整合解決方案:The OneRoster® API connector will work with the following SIS integration solutions:

SIS 廠商SIS Vendor 最小新版的軟體Minimum Version of Software 設定先決條件Configuration Prerequisites 取得 oAuth 認證Get oAuth credentials 特定指示Specific Instructions HelpHelp
無限校園Infinite Campus
如名冊佈建、 最小版本是 Campus.1821。For roster provisioning, the minimum version is Campus.1821.
您可以找到最新的產品文件的 OAuth 組態螢幕此處Latest product documentation for the OAuth configuration screen can be found here.
移至 [無限校園使用者介面 >> 按一下 [系統管理 >> 按一下校園學習 >> 按一下 OneRoster 工具 >> OneRoster 上按一下。Go to the Infinite Campus user interface >> Click System Administration >> Click Campus Learning >> Click OneRoster Tools >> Click on OneRoster.
為了協助,請連絡您的客戶成功專案經理。For Help, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
在主控台中新增 SDS 應用程式。按一下此連結的指示。Add the SDS app in the console. Click on this link for instructions.
客戶可以取得其 oAuth 認證主控台之後新增應用程式。電子郵件也會傳送至 microsoft 安裝程式 app 按一下此連結上開發人員顯示的位置來取得用戶端識別碼和密碼。Customers can get their oAuth credentials from the console after they add the app. An email will also be sent to the developer at Microsoft that setup the app. Click on this link to show the location to obtain the client id and secret.
請傳送電子郵件。Please e-mail