SDS 修復的錯誤 &SDS Errors & Remediation

下表包含在 School Data Sync 中啟用同步處理設定檔的同步處理後,可能會遇到的常見錯誤。「修正步驟」欄包含修正所列錯誤的建議步驟。The following table contains common errors that you may encounter after you enable sync for a sync profile in School Data Sync. The "Steps to remediate" column contains recommended steps for correcting the errors listed.

ErrorError 實體Entity ActionAction 修正步驟Steps to remediate
重複的記錄存在或名稱中有不正確字元。Duplicate record exists or an invalid character exists in the name.
學生的 DisplayName 具有不正確字元。DisplayName for the student has invalid characters.
學生的 SIS 識別碼無效,或與未成功同步處理的學生/使用者相關。The SIS ID of the student is invalid or is related to a student/user that did not successfully sync.
學生教師Student Teacher
新增更新Add Update
如果 SDS 嘗試指派未出現在租使用者中的授權,便會發生此錯誤。This error occurs if SDS attempted to assign a license which is not present within the tenant. 例如,如果承租人未包含教室訂閱和授權,但 SDS 嘗試將教室授權指派給教師或學生,將會產生此錯誤。For example, if the tenant does not contain the Classroom Subscription and Licenses, but SDS attempts to assign Classroom Licenses to Teachers or Students, this error will be generated.
學校區段學生教師School Section Student Teacher
新增更新Add Update
發生此錯誤是 AAD 圖形複本伺服器無法使用。This error occurs is an AAD Graph Replica Server is unavailable. 這些錯誤是暫時性的,不需要使用者採取任何動作。These errors are transient, and do not need any action from users. 這些錯誤會在一段時間後自行解決。These errors will resolve themselves over time.
AzureActiveDirectory RequestThrottledTemporarily (全部為一個字串,但在這裡中斷,讓此表格可讀取。)AzureActiveDirectory RequestThrottledTemporarily (All one string, but broken here to make this table readable.)
這是因為在處理大量資料時,會發生節流的暫時性錯誤。This is a transient error that could occur due to throttling when processing a large amount of data. 使用者不需要執行任何動作,錯誤應該會自行修復後續的同步處理週期。No action is required from user, and error should fix itself on a subsequent sync cycle.
在 Azure Active Directory 中找不到要同步處理的相符專案Could not find a matching entry in Azure Active Directory for sync
由於使用者未設定使用位置,使用者的授權指派失敗。License Assignment failed for the user since the user does not have a Usage Location set. 請從 Office 管理員入口網站更新使用者Please update the user from Office Admin Portal

匯出錯誤和優先修正Exporting errors and prioritizing remediation

當您在 School Data Sync 中發生錯誤時,任何與同步處理相關聯的錯誤都會顯示在 [同步處理設定檔摘要] 頁面上,然後按一下 [同步處理設定檔]。When you encounter errors in School Data Sync, any errors associated with sync will be displayed on the sync profile summary page, after clicking on the Sync profile. 會先顯示最前面的錯誤,而且會是可操作的。The top errors will be displayed first, and will be actionable. 建議您先對這些錯誤採取動作。We suggest you take action on these errors first. 您也可以查看和匯出與指定同步處理設定檔相關聯的所有同步處理錯誤,以供複查和修正之用。You can also view and export all sync errors associated with a given sync profile, for review and remediation purposes.

下列步驟詳細說明如何匯出指定同步處理設定檔的錯誤。The steps below detail how to export errors for a given sync profile.

  1. 登入 SDS 入口網站(。Log into the SDS portal (
  2. 按一下您想要檢查錯誤的同步處理設定檔。Click on the sync profile you'd like to review errors for.
  3. 按一下 [下載這些錯誤] 按鈕,將錯誤匯出成 CSV 檔案。Click the Download these Errors button to export the errors into a CSV file.
    errors-and-troubleshooting-1 .png  errors-and-troubleshooting-2。 .png errors-and-troubleshooting-1.png errors-and-troubleshooting-2.png
  4. 出現提示時,按一下 [確定]。Click ok when prompted.

排定修正的錯誤Prioritizing errors for remediation

當您疑難排解 School Data Sync 中的錯誤時,一定會建議您優先考慮所有的錯誤視圖中的排名前的錯誤,或提前疑難排解任何其他的錯誤類型。When troubleshooting errors in School Data Sync, it's always recommended that you prioritize Top Errors or ahead of troubleshooting any other error types in the All Errors view. 這是因為 Top 錯誤的任何實例可能會在同一個同步處理設定檔內,針對每個實例導致許多後續的錯誤。This is because any instance of a Top Error may result in numerous subsequent errors for each instance, within the same sync profile. 修正前錯誤通常會修正許多與名單相關的錯誤,這些錯誤也會顯示在設定檔中的 [所有錯誤] 清單中。Often, remediating Top Errors will subsequently remediate many roster-related errors that also show in the all errors list, within the profile. 這是以最有效率的方式大量修正錯誤的建議方法。This is the recommended method for remediating errors in bulk, in the most efficient manner possible.