SDS V2 CSV 檔案格式SDS V2 CSV File Format

您可以使用 CSV (逗號分隔值,) SDS V2 格式的檔案,以同步處理 School 資訊系統 (SIS) 與 Office 365。You can use CSV (comma separated value) files in the SDS V2 format to synchronize your School Information System (SIS) with Office 365. 使用 SDS V2 格式時,檔案必須具有適當的格式。When using the SDS V2 format, the files must be appropriately formatted. 本文說明使用 SDS 時所使用的格式設定需求和支援的屬性。This article describes the formatting requirements and supported attributes for use with SDS. 您必須上傳所有的4個檔案,並以下列詳細資訊命名。You must upload all 4 files, named exactly as detailed below. 請注意,檔案和欄標頭是區分大小寫的。Note that the files and column headers are case sensitive. 若要複查及下載 SDS V2 CSV 檔案的範例集,請參閱 SDS GitHub 存放庫To review and download sample set of SDS V2 CSV files, see the SDS GitHub Repository.


每個 CSV 檔案都必須包含以綠色反 白顯示 的所有必要欄位。Each CSV file must contain all required fields highlighted in green below. 不會反白顯示的欄位是選用的。The fields not highlighted are optional. 雖然某些屬性的內容可能是選用的,但必須是資料行標題。While the content of certain attributes may be optional, the column headers are required. 此外,在 [類型] 欄中標示為已定義之列舉值的屬性,都有其所支援的特定值集。Additionally, the attributes with a defined Enum values as marked in the Types column have a specific set of values they support. 請參閱下一節中每個 enum 屬性的支援列舉值集。See the support set of enumerated values for each enum attribute in the next section.





支援列舉的值 (列舉) Enumerated Values (Enum) Supported

在新的 SDS V2 格式中,有數個屬性定義為列舉值,這表示您只能在 CSV 檔案中提供一組選取的值。In the new SDS V2 format, there are several attributes defined as Enumerated values, which means you can only provide a selected set of values within the CSV files. 除了所指定的值以外,將會在同步處理過程中導致錯誤。Anything other than values specified will result in an error during sync processing. 下列區段定義 SDS V2 格式支援的列舉值。The section below defines the enum values supported in the SDS V2 Format.

users.csv包含的「role」屬性支援下列列舉值。The users.csv contains the “role” attribute supports the enum values below.


users.csv包含 "年級" 屬性,且支援下列列舉值。The users.csv contains the “grade” attribute and supports the enum values below.


orgs.csv包含 "type" 屬性,且支援下列列舉值。The orgs.csv contains the “type” attribute and supports the enum values below.


enrollments.csv包含「role」屬性,且支援下列列舉值。The enrollments.csv contains the “role” attribute and supports the enum values below.