什麼是新的 SDS?What's New With SDS?

歡迎使用 School Data Sync 「 What's New 」 頁面。Welcome to the School Data Sync “What’s New” page. 我們會持續改善服務的新功能和更新,讓您更容易設定及使用學校資料同步 (SDS)。We are continuously improving the service with new features and updates that make School Data Sync (SDS) easy to set up and use. 書籤此頁面,以便您可以隨時掌握最新改進功能,在 SDS 中狀態。Bookmark this page so you can stay on top of the latest improvements in SDS.

最新功能和更新Latest Features and Updates

2019 年 4 月日April, 2019

2019 年 1 月日January, 2019

2018 年 12 月日December, 2018

2018 年 10 月日October, 2018

2018 年 7 月日July, 2018

2018 年 5 月日May, 2018

2018 年 4 月日April, 2018

2018 年 2 月日February, 2018

2018 年 1 月日January, 2018

2017 年 10 月日October, 2017

2017 年 9 月日September, 2017

2017 年 6 日June, 2017

2017 年 5 月日May, 2017

2019 年 4 月日April, 2019

SDS 建立安全性群組SDS Created Security Groups

SDS 現在可以建立 O365 安全性群組,以方便管理使用者。SDS will now be able to create O365 Security Groups to make managing users easier. 使用此更新,SDS 可以建立和更新兩個安全性群組包含所有同步處理的學生和教師也可以建立的每個學校的三個安全性群組。With this update, SDS can create and update two security groups containing all synced Students and Teachers and can also create three security groups for each school. 一個用於 「 學生-學校名稱 」 和 「 教師-學校名稱 」 包含所有的學生和教師已同步處理至學校相關聯。One for "Students - School Name" and "Teachers - School Name" that contain all students and teachers synced that are associated to the school. 與最後一個 「 學校名稱 」 巢狀與其他安全性群組。And finally one for "School Name" that is nested with the other security groups.

2019 年 1 月日January, 2019

改良的效能與同步處理Improved Performance and Sync Processing

SDS 對如何我們同步處理資料,導致大規模的效能改進 SDS 系統管理員進行一些重大的變更。SDS is making some significant changes to how we sync data, resulting in a massive performance improvement for SDS admins. 降低同步處理時間及 SIS 提供者的端點的通話數目確保來源系統的最少的效能影響,當提取資料至 O365。Reduced sync times and number of calls to SIS providers' endpoints, ensure minimal perf impact to the source system when pulling the data to O365. 我們的測試有最大同步處理時間的 20%改進,並且降低 「 同步處理循環延遲 」 從 40 分鐘到 20 分鐘。Our testing has demonstrated 20% improvement on Max Sync time and reduced “sync cycle delay” from 40 mins to 20 mins.



新增支援使用 OneRoster API 完全自動化的 API 同步處理的 SIS 提供者New SIS Providers supporting fully automated API sync using OneRoster API

SDS 剛剛發行 OneRoster API 同步處理和 inLogic、 Aeries,及 eSchoolData 學生資訊系統的支援。SDS just released OneRoster API sync and support for inLogic, Aeries, and eSchoolData Student Information Systems. 如果您正在執行這些 Sis,您可以啟用直接 API 連線,並建立小組、 群組、 OneNote 課程筆記本,您 SIS 與 Office 365 之間的同步處理資料,並輕鬆地管理 Intune 原則。If you’re running these SISes, you can enable a direct API connection and sync data between your SIS and Office 365, to create Teams, Groups, OneNote Class Notebooks, and manage Intune Policy with ease. 這會新增到我們已經部署包括 Infinite Campus、 Classlink、 和 Capita SIMS 的 SIS 協力廠商的清單。This adds to our list of already deployed SIS partners including Infinite Campus, Classlink, and Capita SIMS.


2018 年 12 月日December, 2018

簡化版結構描述在 SDS 中Simplifying Student Schema in SDS

2018 年 12 月 5 日,SDS 同步處理至 Office 365 學生的簡化其結構描述。On December 5, 2018, SDS simplified its schema for Students synced to Office 365. SDS 停止寫入某些屬性至 Azure Active Directory (AAD)。SDS stopped writing certain attributes to Azure Active Directory (AAD). 如需詳細資訊,請參閱簡化版結構描述See Simplifying Student Schema for more information.

2018 年 10 月日October, 2018

SDS 啟動新的檔案上傳及同步處理程序使用 Microsoft FlowSDS launches a new file upload and sync process using Microsoft Flow

學校資料同步 (SDS) 小組剛宣佈新的且更簡單的方式,sds 上載您的檔案,並讓它們保持同步的可用性。我們已自動化 SDS,將從 Windows 排定的工作的程序移至 Microsoft Flow 中的 CSV 同步處理。The School Data Sync (SDS) team just announced the availability of a new, simpler way to upload your files to SDS and keep them in sync. We have automated CSV synchronization in SDS, moving the process from a Windows scheduled task into Microsoft Flow. 新的程序可使管理和監視檔案上傳更容易為流程可以視覺化的檔案上傳及上傳程序的每個階段的結果歷程記錄。The new process makes managing and monitoring file uploads easier as Flow visualizes a history of file uploads and the results of each stage of the upload process. 按一下這裡以試試看吧 !Click here to try it!

2018 年 7 月日July, 2018

SDS 啟動支援字詞轉換和過期的類別管理的新功能SDS launched new features that support Term Transition and Expired Class Management

SDS 啟動數個功能,可讓大量管理及清除的同步處理的所有類別。SDS launched several features that enable bulk management and cleanup of all classes synced. 本文說明這些功能包括執行清除,類別重新命名、 移除存取和類別小組詳細資料中的封存。This article explains those features including running cleanup, class renaming, removing access,and class team archiving in detail.

2018 年 5 月日May, 2018

對篩選物件進行透過 PowerSchool SIS 和 OneRoster Api 進行同步處理Changes to Filtering Objects for Syncing with PowerSchool SIS and OneRoster APIs

  1. SDS 現在可讓 IT 系統管理員選擇不同步處理 「 不在作用中 」 學生在 PowerSchool 中透過它們的同步處理進行篩選的新選項。下面參照的變更,PowerSchool SIS API 的預設狀態會同步處理所有學生包括非使用中的類別 」 漸層 」,「 中斷,」,因此請 」 轉出 」 作為之前。SDS now allows IT admins to choose not to sync “inactive” students in PowerSchool through a new option to filter them of the sync. Before the changes, the default state of the PowerSchool SIS API would sync all students including the inactive categories of “graduated”, “dropped out,” and “transferred out” as referenced below. 如需詳細資訊,請閱讀本參考文章For more information, please read this reference article.

  2. SDS 現在可讓 IT 系統管理員選擇不同步處理 」 來刪除 「 學生、 教師、 類別及透過新的選項來加以同步處理篩選的 OneRoster API 中的學校。變更前 OneRoster API 的預設狀態會同步處理所有物件包括類別的 「 作用中 」 和 「 要刪除。 」SDS now allows IT admins to choose not to sync “to be deleted” students, teachers, classes, and schools in the OneRoster API through a new option to filter them of the sync. Before the changes, the default state of the OneRoster API would sync all objects including the categories of “active” and “to be deleted.” 如需詳細資訊,請閱讀本參考文章For more information, please read this reference article

2018 年 4 月日April, 2018

使用 OneRoster API 標準的 SIS/MIS 提供者現在可以直接使用 SDS 連線SIS/MIS providers that use the OneRoster API standard can now connect directly with SDS

SDS 發行新的連接器,可啟用已採用 OneRoster API 標準,任何 SIS/MIS 直接 API 連線並將它同步處理到 Azure AD 直接和 Office 365。SDS released a new connector that can enable a direct API connection from any SIS/MIS that has adopted the OneRoster API standard, and synchronize it directly to Azure AD and Office 365. 在啟動時,使用連接器的協力廠商是 Infinite Campus、 Classlink、 和 Capita SIMS。At launch, partners that work with the connector are Infinite Campus, Classlink, and Capita SIMS.

SDS CSV 檔案驗證程序變更Changes to the SDS CSV file Validation Process

SDS 已修改其 CSV 檔案驗證程序,以讓使用者更有效率。SDS has modified its CSV file validation process to make it more efficient for users. SDS 將會透過後面接著進階的驗證程序的基本放置 CSV 檔案。SDS will put CSV files through a basic followed by an advanced validation process.

檔案上傳時發現錯誤的基本驗證,同時是與相關的檔案格式。Basic validation errors are found as soon as files are uploaded and are related to format of files. 在檔案上傳] 對話方塊會顯示這些錯誤。These errors will show up on the file upload dialog box. 如果找不到的基本驗證錯誤,SDS 將不會接受檔案。If basic validation errors are found, SDS will not accept the files. 使用者會提供一份需要修正的錯誤。Users are provided with a list of errors that need to be fixed. 如果沒有任何錯誤,可接受的檔案和進階的驗證,就會觸發。If there are no errors, files are accepted and advanced validation is triggered.

進階驗證期間 SDS 會尋找檔案中的資料錯誤。During advanced validation, SDS looks for data errors in the files. 例如,如果學生參照 studentenrollment 檔案中,但是學生中不存在的學生檔案,這會顯示為進階的驗證錯誤。For example, if a student is referenced in the studentenrollment file but the student is not present in the student file, this would show up as an advanced validation error. 這些類型的錯誤會顯示在 [設定檔詳細資料] 頁面上為 「 重大錯誤封鎖同步處理 」。These types of errors will show up on the profile details page as “Critical errors blocking sync”. 如果進階發現錯誤的驗證,SDS 不接受檔案。If advanced validation errors are found, SDS does not accept the files. 使用者會提供一份需要修正的錯誤。Users are provided a list of errors that need to be fixed. 如果沒有任何錯誤,檔案會接受並同步處理,就會觸發。If there are no errors, files are accepted and the sync is triggered.

如需詳細資訊,請按一下這裡For more details, please click here

2018 年 2 月日February, 2018

對 CSV 同步處理狀態更新Changes to CSV sync status update

同步處理已完成之後的第一次,如果使用者將上傳新的 CSV 檔案,透過 SDS 使用者介面,使用者不再就會通過經歷預覽階段,並將直接前往進行資料同步處理到其目錄。Once sync has completed for the first time, if users upload new CSV files through the SDS user interface, users will no longer go through the preview stage and will go straight to syncing data into their directory. 請注意 「 重設同步處理 」 將會清除的後續同步處理狀態,並會造成要再次經過 preview 的設定檔。Please note that “Reset Sync” will clear the subsequent sync state and causes the profile to go through preview again.

2018 年 1 月日January, 2018

您現在可以自訂您的電子郵件通知設定。You can now customize your e-mail notification settings.

其中一個設定] 頁面上,您可以選擇是否要在表單的同步處理狀態快照集,以及哪些頻率、 每日或每週接收電子郵件通知。One the Settings page, you can choose whether to receive e-mail notifications in the form of sync status snapshots, and with what frequency, daily or weekly.


2017 年 10 月日October, 2017

節群組已新增至學校管理單位Section groups have been added to School Administrative Units

我們已新增至學校的系統管理單位 (AU)] 區段中為基礎的群組建置章節與學校之間的關聯。We have added section-based groups to a school's administrative unit (AU), building an association between sections and schools. 如果您使用 Powershell 或圖形總管] 中,您現在會看到 [成員資格] 清單中的節群組。If you use Powershell or Graph Explorer, you will now see section groups within the membership list. 您也可以查詢 AU 的成員資格,且其現在會傳回除了教師和學生的章節。You can also query for the AU’s memberships,and it will now return sections in addition to teachers and students.

2017 年 9 月日September, 2017

OneRoster API 現在是在預覽:OneRoster API is now in Preview:

SDS 現在提供 OneRoster API 同步處理方法。SDS now offers the OneRoster API sync method. OneRoster 是學生資訊系統 (SIS) 格式化標準的 SIS 廠商實作的 API 存取,且從各種不同的解決方案,一樣 SDS 連線。OneRoster is a Student Information System (SIS) formatting standard, which SIS vendors implement for API access and connectivity from various solutions like SDS. 任何 OneRoster API 具備 SIS 現在可以設定其 SIS 與 Office 365 之間的直接連線,並開始匯入學生、 教師、] 區段中和名冊登記供我們 1st 廠商及 3rd 廠商的應用程式的資料。Any OneRoster API capable SIS can now configure a direct connection between their SIS and Office 365, and begin importing student, teachers, section, and rostering data for use by our 1st party and 3rd party applications. 您不再需要使用和管理匯入並與 Azure AD 同步處理資料的 CSV 檔案。You will no longer need to use and manage CSV files to import and synchronize data with Azure AD.

SDS 現在支援註冊檔案最多 2 百萬個資料列:SDS now supports enrollment files up to 2 million rows:

SDS 現在支援 CSV 檔案中的單一同步處理設定檔的最多 2 百萬個資料列。SDS now supports CSV files up to 2 million rows within a single sync profile. 之前,您需要分割 CSV 檔案,作為您達到 1 百萬個列數限制。Previously, you would be required to split your CSV files up as you reached the 1 million row limit. 現在 SDS 支援透過進行同步處理 csv 所最多 2 百萬個資料列,每個檔案。Now SDS supports syncing with CSVs up to 2 million rows per file. 這有助於大型學區 CSV 檔案集以他們已匯出並減少的同步處理其整個學,可能會增加同步處理效能所需的設定檔數目的數目限制。This helps large districts limit the number of CSV file sets they have to export and reduces the number of profiles required to sync their entire district, potentially increasing sync performance.

SDS 現在會自動啟用 Intune 教育版:SDS now automatically enables Intune for Education:

SDS 現在會自動建立以學校為基礎的安全性群組進行同步處理設定檔中的每個學校如果您有至少 1 Intune 教育版租用戶中存在的授權。SDS now automatically creates School-based security groups for each School within the sync profile, if you have at least 1 Intune for Education license present in your tenant. 這些安全性群組可用於 Intune 教育版學校型原則設定,除了 O365 核心服務之間的各種其他用途。These security groups can be used within Intune for Education for school based policy configurations, in addition to various other uses across O365 core services. 您不再需要檢查的 Intune 教育版] 核取方塊的設定檔設定精靈,完成此動作。You are no longer required to check the Intune for Education checkbox in the profile setup wizard to complete this action. 核取方塊已雖然仍存在內設定檔設定精靈。The checkbox is still present within the profile setup wizard though. 藉由選取此核取方塊,您將會自動授權給每個學生和教師內同步處理設定檔的 Intune 教育版。By selecting this checkbox, you will automatically license every student and teacher within the sync profile for Intune for Education.

是什麼-新-與-SDS-1.png whats-new-with-SDS-1.png

SDS 立即自動取代特殊字元以底線為:SDS now auto-replaces special characters with an underscore:

SDS 將現在會自動取代類別的 SIS 識別碼中與 「 _ 」 中的群組名稱的特殊字元] 按鈕的 click。SDS will now automatically replace special characters in class SIS IDs with an “ _” in the group name with the click of a button. 先前,您必須手動修正類別的 SIS 識別碼和具有特殊字元的名稱。Previously, you had to manually correct the class SIS ID and names with special characters.

2017 年 6 日June, 2017

School Data Sync 現在適用於 Microsoft Teams:School Data Sync now works with Microsoft Teams:

School Data Sync 現在會建立Microsoft Teams 教育版的 Office 365 中,有許多改進透過教室預覽類別。School Data Sync now creates classes for Microsoft Teams in Office 365 for Education, which has many improvements over Classroom Preview. 很容易開始 – 剛建立新的同步處理設定檔,並 SDS 將自動同步處理類別小組。It’s easy to get started – just create a new sync profile, and SDS will automatically sync classes for Teams. 當教師登入 microsoft Teams 時,小組會自動顯示其同步處理的類別,並準備她學生。When a teacher signs in to Teams, Teams will automatically display her synced classes and prepare them for her students. 教室預覽類別不相容於 Microsoft Teams,並於下列日期解除委任教室預覽:Classes for Classroom Preview are not compatible with Microsoft Teams, and Classroom Preview will be decommissioned on the following dates:

  • 2017 年 7 月 31日日北半球的客戶July 31st, 2017 for customers in the Northern Hemisphere
  • 2018 年 1 月 31日日 Southern 半球的客戶January 31st, 2018 for customers in the Southern Hemisphere

在這些日期,School Data Sync 也將一併停止現有的同步處理設定檔同步處理的 Microsoft 教室,但 SDS 將不會刪除這些類別中的內容。On these dates, School Data Sync will also stop syncing existing sync profiles for Microsoft Classroom, but SDS will not delete the content in these classes. 教室預覽內容仍可存取群組網站和群組收件匣中後解除委任教室預覽。Classroom Preview content will remain accessible in the Group Sites and Group inboxes after Classroom Preview is decommissioned.

按一下這裡註冊免費的協助來開始或轉換從教室到 Teams。Click here to sign up for free help to get started or transition from Classroom to Teams.

School Data Sync 中移除未使用的類別與新的工具:Remove unused classes with new tools in School Data Sync:

許多客戶喜歡使用 School Data Sync 會自動建立它們線上的類別。Many customers love using School Data Sync to automatically create all their online classes. 不過,它們也已要求的功能,讓他們移除未使用的類別。But they’ve also asked for a feature to let them remove the classes that haven’t been used. 現在您可能會產生包含清單中的所有類別,包括沒有由 Microsoft 教室用過的檔案。Now you can generate a file that contains a list of all your classes, including the ones that have not been used by Microsoft Classroom. 您接著可以使用 PowerShell 指令碼移除未使用的類別。You can then use a PowerShell script to remove the classes that haven’t been used.

是什麼-新-與-SDS-2.png whats-new-with-SDS-2.png
按一下這裡註冊免費的協助來管理您的類別。Click here to sign up for free help to manage your classes.

匯入 Clever 格式 CSV 檔案:Import CSV files in Clever format:

許多客戶使用 Clever,協力廠商的解決方案,建立及同步處理的類別。Many customers use Clever, a third-party solution, to create and sync classes. School Data Sync 現在會匯入 Clever CSV 格式的檔案。School Data Sync now imports files in Clever CSV format. 如果您已經有 Clever CSV 格式的檔案,您可以現在輕鬆地匯入它們 School Data Sync。If you already have files in Clever CSV format, you can now conveniently import them to School Data Sync.

按一下這裡註冊免費開始使用 Clever 格式的 CSV 檔案的說明。Click here to sign up for free help to get started with CSV files in Clever format.

Clever 同步處理的變更:Changes to Clever sync:

使用 School Data Sync 的 clever API 整合已解除委任。Clever API integration with School Data Sync has been decommissioned. 如果您先前會在使用 SDS 的 Clever,Microsoft 會提供您免費、 1 諮詢可協助您轉換到另一個同步處理方法。If you previously used Clever with SDS, Microsoft will provide you with free, one-on-one consulting to help you transition to another sync method.

按一下這裡註冊免費轉換說明從 Clever API 同步處理至另一個同步處理方法。Click here to sign up for free help to transition from Clever API sync to another sync method.

改良的同步處理狀態與健全狀況指標:Improved sync status and health indicators:

許多客戶所要求的改善,檢視同步狀態。Many customers requested improvements to view sync status. School Data Sync 現在會顯示的同步處理的階段,以便您能進行同步時才會完成的較佳預估。School Data Sync now displays the stages of a sync, so you can get a better estimate of when a sync will complete. SDS 也會顯示您同步處理已完成或需要注意的時。SDS also shows you when a sync is complete or needs attention.


計劃的下一個字詞與延遲的 sync 註冊: School Data Sync 現在包含下列其中一個我們最要求的功能 !Plan for the next term with delayed sync enrollments: School Data Sync now includes one of our most requested features! 許多客戶喜歡使用 School Data Sync 建立它們線上的類別。Many customers love using School Data Sync to create all their online classes. 但是,客戶通常想要建立這些類別數週或數月之前學校年度開始。But customers typically like to create these classes weeks or even months before the school year begins. 在過去,若要取得其類別和同學偷預覽學生允許使用 SDS 字詞之前。In the past, using SDS before the term allowed students to get a sneak peek of their classes and classmates.
現在,您可以使用 SDS 延遲同步處理學生註冊,以便學生無法檢視他們班級事先。Now, you can use SDS to delay syncing student enrollments, so that students cannot view their classes ahead of time. 只要選取日期時建立新的同步處理設定檔。Just select a date when creating a new sync profile.


2017 年 5 月日May, 2017

預先同步驗證 CSV 檔案現在會檢查之前執行同步處理的錯誤:Pre-sync validation for CSV files now does error checking before running sync:

School Data Sync 現在提供內嵌預先同步驗證透過 SDS 正在匯入的資料。School Data Sync now offers inline pre-sync validation for data being imported through SDS. 您不再需要使用 SDS 工具組來驗證您的資料匯入之前。You no longer need to use the SDS Toolkit to validate your data before importing. 現在 SDS 將完成前啟用同步處理的資料驗證程序。如果偵測到錯誤,您將在 UI 中,會收到可下載錯誤報告,並有機會可修正匯入之前執行實際的同步處理的資料。您也必須選擇忽略在我們的驗證程序中的前的同步處理錯誤,並要繼續使用同步處理。Now SDS will complete the data validation process prior to enabling sync. If errors are detected, you will receive a downloadable error report in the UI, and have an opportunity to correct the data being imported before running the actual sync. You will also have the option to ignore the pre-sync errors in our validation process and continue with sync anyway.