SharePoint Server 的 Visio Services 概觀Overview of Visio Services in SharePoint Server

摘要: Visio Services 可讓使用者共用並檢視 Visio 圖表。此服務也會從各種資料來源重新整理及更新資料連線的 Visio 圖表。Summary: Visio Services lets users share and view Visio diagrams. It also enables data-connected Visio diagrams to be refreshed and updated from various data sources.

Visio Services 會當作 SharePoint Server 服務應用程式來執行。其會使用以前端伺服器角色執行的 Visio Graphics Service。Visio Services runs as a SharePoint Server service application. It uses the Visio Graphics Service which runs under the Front-end server role.

Visio Services 的用途及效益Use and benefits of Visio Services

您可以透過使用 Visio Services,在 Web 瀏覽器中轉譯 Visio 圖表。這讓使用者可在本機電腦沒有 Visio 或沒有安裝 Visio 檢視器的情況下也可以檢視 Visio 文件。圖表也可以在行動裝置上檢視。Using Visio Services, you can render Visio diagrams in a Web browser. This lets users view Visio documents without having Visio or the Visio Viewer installed on the local computer. This also allows diagrams to be viewed on mobile devices.

您可在 Visio Web Access 網頁組件內對這些轉譯的圖表進行基本探索及導覽。頁面設計人員可以設定網頁組件的使用者介面和功能。Basic exploration and navigation of these rendered diagrams are supported within the Visio Web Access Web Part. Page designers can configure the user interface and functionality of the Web Part.

Visio Services 也可重新整理及重新計算Visio SharePoint 網站上的圖表的視覺效果。如此可讓已發佈的圖表得以重新整理與不同資料來源的連線,也得以更新受影響資料的圖形及文字欄位。Visio Services can also refresh the data and recalculate the visuals of a Visio diagram hosted on a SharePoint site. This enables published diagrams to refresh connections to various data sources and to update affected data graphics and text fields.

使用 Visio Professional、Visio Premium 或 Visio Pro for Office 365,可將 Visio 圖表發佈到 SharePoint Server。Visio diagrams can be published to SharePoint Server by using Visio Professional, Visio Premium, or Visio Pro for Office 365.

Visio Services 支援的資料來源Data sources supported by Visio Services

以下所列的資料來源連線,可使用 Visio Services 重新整理。初始資料連線必須使用 Visio 設定。並不支援重新整理透過任何其他機制匯入 Visio 圖表的資料。Connections to the data sources listed here may be refreshed by using Visio Services. The original data connection must be configured using Visio. Refresh of data through any other mechanism into a Visio diagram is not supported.

  • SQL Server 7.0SQL Server 7.0

  • SQL Server 2000SQL Server 2000

  • SQL Server 2005 (32- & 64 位元)SQL Server 2005 (32- & 64-bit)

  • SQL Server 2008 (32- & 64 位元)SQL Server 2008 (32- & 64-bit)

  • SQL Server 2008 R2 (32- & 64 位元)SQL Server 2008 (32- & 64-bit)

  • SQL Server 2012 (32- & 64 位元)SQL Server 2008 (32- & 64-bit)

  • 從 Office Excel 2007、Excel 2010、Excel 2013 或 Excel 2016 (託管於同個 SharePoint Server伺服器陣列中) 所發佈之 Excel 活頁簿 (.xlsx 檔案) 上儲存的工作表資訊。Sheet information that is stored in Excel workbooks (.xlsx files) published from Office Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, or Excel 2016 hosted on the same SharePoint Server farm

  • 架設在同一伺服器陣列中的 SharePoint Server 清單SharePoint Server lists that are hosted on the same farm

  • 透過 Microsoft Business Connectivity Services 將外部清單公開在 SharePoint Server。External lists exposed in SharePoint Server through Microsoft Business Connectivity Services.


  • 實作為 .NET Framework 組件的自訂資料提供者Custom Data Providers implemented as .NET Framework assemblies

相容於 Visio Services 的 Visio 版本Compatible Visio versions for Visio Services

Visio Services 可轉譯下列服務中建立的圖表:Visio Services can render diagrams created in:

  • Visio 2010 ProfessionalVisio 2010 Professional

  • Visio 2010 PremiumVisio 2010 Premium

  • Visio 2013 ProfessionalVisio 2013 Professional

  • Visio 2013 PremiumVisio 2013 Premium

  • Visio 2016 ProfessionalVisio 2016 Professional

  • Visio Pro for Office 365Visio Pro for Office 365

建立在 Visio 2010 中的 Visio 圖表必須作為 Visio Web 繪圖 (*.vdw) 檔案發佈至 SharePoint 網站。標準 Visio 2010 圖表 (.vsd 檔案) 不會由 Visio Services 轉譯,需有 Visio 2010 才可加以檢視。Visio diagrams created in Visio 2010 must be published to a SharePoint site as a Visio Web drawing (*.vdw) file. Standard Visio 2010 diagrams (.vsd files) are not rendered by Visio Services and require Visio 2010 to be viewed.

較新版 Visio (*.vsdx 檔案) 中的標準圖表格式可以由 Visio Services 及 Web 繪圖 (.vdw) 格式轉譯。我們建議您使用.vsdx 格式,除非您需要與舊版 Visio 相容。The standard diagram format in later versions of Visio (*.vsdx files) can be rendered by Visio Services, along with the Web drawing (.vdw) format. We recommend that you use the .vsdx format unless you require compatibility with previous versions of Visio.

設定 Visio ServicesConfiguring Visio Services

設定 Visio Services 之前,請先檢閱在 SharePoint Server 2013 中規劃 Visio Services 部署在 SharePoint Server 2013 中規劃 Visio Services 安全性以及 SharePoint Server 2013 的 Visio Services 資料驗證。這些文章包含有關規劃 Visio Services 基礎結構的重要資訊。Before you configure Visio Services, be sure to review Plan Visio Services deployment in SharePoint Server, Plan Visio Services security in SharePoint Server, and Data authentication for Visio Services in SharePoint Server. These articles contain important information about planning your Visio Services infrastructure.

若要開始部署 Visio Services,請參閱<設定 Visio Services>。To get started deploying Visio Services, see Configure Visio Services.