Mover 傳輸記錄Mover Transfer logs

檢視記錄Viewing your logs

檢視您的記錄是解決傳輸問題的絕佳方式。Viewing your logs is an excellent way to troubleshoot transfer issues. 記錄可讓您知道我們在每個檔案和資料夾執行的每個動作。They inform you about each action we performed on each file and folder. 如果遇到任何問題,您會在檔案旁收到錯誤訊息,其中提供發生錯誤的相關說明。If we run into any problems, you receive an error message next to the file with a description about what happened.

在移轉過程中,檔案有時候會無法下載或上傳。During a migration, a file sometimes fails to download or upload. 所有失敗都會完整記錄以便您處理。All failures are fully logged so you may address them.


我們會先嘗試複製檔案三次,才認定為失敗。We attempt to copy a file three times before considering it a failure. 只有在嘗試三次依然無法正常傳輸時,我們才會記錄錯誤。We only log a failure if we are unable to properly transfer it after three attempts.

您可以執行下列其中一項操作來檢視使用者的傳輸記錄:You can view a user's transfer logs by doing one of the following:

  1. 選取某個使用者列。Select the user row. 此動作會開啟 [傳輸記錄]**** 提要欄位。This action opens the Transfer Logs sidebar. 您可在其中選取 [檢視記錄]****,以檢視所選使用者的任何先前傳輸記錄。From here, select View Log on any previous transfer log for the selected user.



若要在網頁瀏覽器中使用內建排序與篩選功能開啟 [傳輸記錄],選取 [檢視記錄]****。To open a Transfer log in your web browser with built-in sorting and filter features, select View Log.

  1. 若要選取多個使用者,請在 [使用者動作]**** 下拉式功能表或側邊索引標籤中的 [動作]**** 功能表中,選取 [下載記錄 (Zip 檔)]****。To select multiple users, from the User Actions dropdown menu or the Actions menu in the side tab, select Download Logs (zip file). 如同標籤的含義,系統會將多個記錄檔案壓縮後下載。As the label implies, multiple log files are zipped together for download.



ZIP 壓縮檔案只提供每位使用者最新傳輸的 CSV 和 HTML 格式記錄。The zipped file provides logs in both CSV and HTML formats for only the most recent transfer of each user.

檢視 CSV 記錄範例或在您的瀏覽器中檢視:View an example CSV log or in your browser here:


解釋記錄檔Interpreting a log file

  • 狀態:動作是成功或失敗。Status: Whether an action was a success or a failure.
  • 大小:檔案大小 (以位元組為單位),或是建立/執行中的資料夾。Size: File size in bytes, or that it's a folder being created/operated on.
  • 名稱:正在處理的檔案、資料夾或動作。Name: File, folder, or action being acted upon.
  • 其他資訊:更多有關執行特定動作的資訊。Additional Info: More information about the particular action performed. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱下表。For more info, see the following table.
訊息Message 定義Definition
無法成功下載檔案Failed to download file successfully 來源連接器發生問題。An issue occurred with the Source Connector.
無法成功上傳檔案Failed to upload file successfully 目的地連接器發生問題。An issue occurred with the Destination Connector.
類型 400 的未知錯誤Unknown error of type 400 「錯誤的要求」錯誤。A 'bad request' error. 這可能是來源 (檔案下載) 或目的地 (檔案上傳) 的問題。It could be a problem with the Source (File Download) or Destination (File Upload). 通常,這表示某個東西變更了用戶端或伺服器端,而且在下次執行傳輸時可能得以解決。Typically, this means that something has changed client-side or server-side and could be resolved the next time you run the transfer.
類型 404 的未知錯誤Unknown error of type 404 此為「找不到伺服器」** 錯誤。This is a server not found error. 通常,這表示來源 (檔案下載) 或目的地 (檔案上傳) 伺服器無法運作或遇到暫時中斷。Typically, this means that the Source (File Download) or Destination (File Upload) server is down or experiencing a temporary outage.
驗證失敗:嘗試更新驗證成功Auth failure: attempt to renew authentication successful 來源 (檔案下載) 或目的地 (檔案上傳) 連接器上的授權失敗。Authorization is failing either on the Source (File Download) or Destination (File Upload) Connector.
已使用輪詢:#Backoff used: # 通常在動作被列為「節流」之後看到。Generally seen after an action listed as 'throttle.' 這表示我們已對該連接器做了太多要求,必須等一下後再嘗試完成動作。This means we've made too many requests of that Connector, and must wait before trying whatever action we were trying to complete again.
資料夾已存在Folder Already Exists 我們嘗試建立資料夾,但該資料夾已在先前的傳輸中建立,或已存在於目的地中。We attempted to create the folder, but we've already created it in a previous transfer, or it already exists in the destination.
由於增量因此略過Skipping because of incremental 依定義而言這並不是錯誤,只是我們的增量程序在正常工作。Not an error by definition; it's just our incremental process at work.
已掃描Scanned 依定義而言這並不是錯誤,只是我們的掃描器在計算您的資料。Not an error by definition; it's just our scanner counting your data.