SharePoint 移轉識別對應工具:SharePoint 識別掃描SharePoint Migration Identity Mapping Tool: SharePoint Identity Scan


SharePoint 身分識別掃描器負責尋找在所掃描的 SharePoint 伺服器陣列中列出為作用中的使用者和群組。The SharePoint Identity scanner is responsible for finding users and groups that are listed as active in the SharePoint farm being scanned. 這項掃描的結果是一組不同的身分識別,具有來源 SharePoint 環境中的許可權。The result of this scan is a set of distinct identities that have permissions in the source SharePoint environment. 會捕獲一組不同的身分識別。A distinct set of identities is captured. 例如,如果 contoso\bobsmith 列在多個網站集合的許可權中,則產生的輸出中會有一個 contoso\bobsmith 專案。For example, if contoso\bobsmith is listed in permissions for multiple site collections, there will be one entry for contoso\bobsmith in the resulting output.

工具會讀取每個 SharePoint 內容資料庫,如果有可用的 User Profile Service,它會收集與身分識別相關的電子郵件和「我的網站」資訊。The tool will read each SharePoint Content Database and if the User Profile Service is available, it will gather the email and My Site information related to the identity.

您可以使用此掃描,因為位於 SharePoint 中的資料會用於進行的身分識別掃描。This scan is required for identity mapping as the data located in SharePoint is used for the resultant identity scans.