SQL Server 2014 安裝Installation for SQL Server 2014

下載 SQL Server 2014 ExpressDownload SQL Server 2014 Express

感謝Scott Hanselman收集的所有安裝程式套件連結在同一個地方 !Thank you to Scott Hanselman for collecting all of the installer package links in one place!

[SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝精靈提供了安裝所有 [SQL Server]SQL Server 元件的單一功能樹狀目錄:The [SQL Server]SQL Server Installation Wizard provides a single feature tree to install all [SQL Server]SQL Server components:

  • Database EngineDatabase Engine

  • Analysis ServicesAnalysis Services

  • Reporting ServicesReporting Services

  • Integration ServicesIntegration Services

  • Master Data ServicesMaster Data Services

  • Data Quality ServicesData Quality Services

  • 管理工具Management tools

  • 連接元件Connectivity components

您可以個別安裝每個元件,也可以選取上面所列出元件的組合。You can install each component individually or select a combination of the components listed above. 在中提供版本及元件之間最好的選擇[SQL Server]SQL Server,請參閱版本和 SQL Server 2014 元件支援的 SQL Server 2014 的版本功能To make the best choice among the editions and components available in [SQL Server]SQL Server, see Editions and Components of SQL Server 2014 and Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2014. SQL Server 2014SQL Server 2014 有 32 位元和 64 位元兩種版本。is available in 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

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不論您是使用 [SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝精靈或命令提示字元來安裝 [SQL Server]SQL Server,安裝程序都包括下列步驟:Regardless of whether you use the [SQL Server]SQL Server Installation Wizard or the command prompt to install [SQL Server]SQL Server, Setup involves the following steps:

規劃 SQL Server 安裝Planning a SQL Server Installation
描述如何準備您的電腦安裝 [SQL Server]SQL ServerDescribes how to prepare your computer for [SQL Server]SQL Server:

  • 硬體及軟體需求。Hardware and software requirements.

  • 系統組態檢查需求和封鎖問題。System Configuration Checker requirements and blocking issues.

  • 安全性考量。Security considerations.

安裝 SQL Server 2014Install SQL Server 2014
說明 [SQL Server]SQL Server的安裝選項。Describes installation options for [SQL Server]SQL Server.

升級到 SQL Server 2014Upgrade to SQL Server 2014
說明用以升級至 [SQL Server]SQL Server的選項。Describes options for upgrading to [SQL Server]SQL Server.

解除安裝 SQL Server 2014Uninstall SQL Server 2014
說明解除安裝 [SQL Server]SQL ServerMaster Data ServicesMaster Data Services的程序。Describes procedures to uninstall [SQL Server]SQL Server and Master Data ServicesMaster Data Services.

SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集安裝SQL Server Failover Cluster Installation
[SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝程式文件集中的這一節將說明如何安裝及設定 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集。This section of the [SQL Server]SQL Server Setup documentation explains how to install, and configure [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster.

安裝 SQL Server 2014 BI 功能Install SQL Server 2014 BI Features
[SQL Server]SQL Server 屬於 Microsoft BI 平台的功能包括 Analysis ServicesAnalysis ServicesIntegration ServicesIntegration ServicesReporting ServicesReporting Services,以及用來建立或處理分析資料的數種用戶端應用程式。features that are part of the Microsoft BI platform include Analysis ServicesAnalysis Services, Integration ServicesIntegration Services, Reporting ServicesReporting Services, and several client applications used for creating or working with analytical data. [SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝程式文件中的這一節將說明如何安裝 Analysis ServicesAnalysis ServicesReporting ServicesReporting ServicesThis section of the [SQL Server]SQL Server Setup documentation explains how to install Analysis ServicesAnalysis Services and Reporting ServicesReporting Services.

安裝的使用說明主題Installation How-to Topics
提供如何從安裝精靈、從命令提示字元、使用組態檔及使用 SysPrep 安裝 SQL Server 2014SQL Server 2014 的程序性主題連結。Provides links to procedural topics for installing SQL Server 2014SQL Server 2014 from the installation wizard, from the command prompt, by using configuration files, and by using SysPrep.

安裝具有 SharePoint 的 SQL Server BI 功能(PowerPivot 和 Reporting Services)Install SQL Server BI Features with SharePoint (PowerPivot and Reporting Services)
本節說明如何在 SharePoint 環境中安裝 [SQL Server]SQL Server 功能,This section explains how to install [SQL Server]SQL Server features in a SharePoint environment. 同時也會列出特定版本 SharePoint 能使用的 [SQL Server]SQL Server 功能。It identifies which [SQL Server]SQL Server features are available given a specific version and edition of SharePoint. 除此之外還會提供 PowerPivot for SharePoint 及 SharePoint 模式下的 Reporting Services 安裝程序。It also includes installation procedures for PowerPivot for SharePoint and Reporting Services in SharePoint mode.

安裝 SQL Server 範例和範例資料庫Installing SQL Server Samples and Sample Databases
描述如何安裝及設定 [SQL Server]SQL Server 範例與範例資料庫。Describes how to install and configure [SQL Server]SQL Server samples and sample databases.

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