sys.pdw_loader_backup_runs & Amp;#40;transact-SQL)sys.pdw_loader_backup_runs (Transact-SQL)

適用於: 否SQL Server 否Azure SQL Database 是Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) 是平行處理資料倉儲 APPLIES TO: noSQL Server noAzure SQL Database yesAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) yesParallel Data Warehouse

包含進行中和已完成的備份和還原作業中的相關資訊SQL 資料倉儲SQL Data Warehouse,以及有關進行中和已完成的備份、 還原及載入作業中的平行處理資料倉儲Parallel Data WarehouseContains information about ongoing and completed backup and restore operations in SQL 資料倉儲SQL Data Warehouse, and about ongoing and completed backup, restore, and load operations in 平行處理資料倉儲Parallel Data Warehouse. 此資訊在系統重新啟動之後會持續存留。The information persists across system restarts.

資料行名稱Column Name 資料類型Data Type 描述Description 範圍Range
run_idrun_id intint 特定的備份、 還原或負載測試的唯一識別碼。Unique identifier for a specific backup, restore, or load run.

此檢視的索引鍵。Key for this view.
namename nvarchar(255)nvarchar(255) 負載是 null。Null for load. 備份或還原的選擇性名稱。Optional name for backup or restore.
submit_timesubmit_time datetimedatetime 已提交要求的時間。Time the request was submitted.
start_timestart_time datetimedatetime 作業開始的時間。Time the operation started.
end_timeend_time datetimedatetime 作業已完成、 失敗或已取消的時間。Time the operation completed, failed, or was cancelled.
total_elapsed_timetotal_elapsed_time intint 經過的時間總計 start_time 和目前的時間,或之間的 start_time 和 end_time 完成、 已取消,或失敗的執行。Total time elapsed between start_time and current time, or between start_time and end_time for completed, cancelled, or failed runs. 如果 total_elapsed_time 超過整數 (以毫秒為單位的 24.8 天) 的最大值,它會具體化失敗,因為溢位。If total_elapsed_time exceeds the maximum value for an integer (24.8 days in milliseconds), it will cause materialization failure due to overflow.

以毫秒為單位的最大值相當於 24.8 天。The maximum value in milliseconds is equivalent to 24.8 days.
operation_typeoperation_type nvarchar(16)nvarchar(16) 載入型別。The load type. [備份],'LOAD',' RESTORE''BACKUP', 'LOAD', 'RESTORE'
modemode nvarchar(16)nvarchar(16) 在執行的型別中模式。The mode within the run type. Operation_type =備份For operation_type = BACKUP

Operation_type =負載For operation_type = LOAD

Operation_type =還原For operation_type = RESTORE
database_namedatabase_name nvarchar(255)nvarchar(255) 這項作業的內容資料庫的名稱Name of the database that is the context of this operation
table_nametable_name nvarchar(255)nvarchar(255) 沒有可使用的資訊。Information not available.
Principal_idPrincipal_id intint 要求作業的使用者識別碼。ID of the user requesting the operation.
session_idsession_id nvarchar(32)nvarchar(32) 執行作業的工作階段識別碼。ID of the session performing the operation. 請參閱中的 session_id sys.dm_pdw_exec_sessions (TRANSACT-SQL)See session_id in sys.dm_pdw_exec_sessions (Transact-SQL).
request_idrequest_id nvarchar(32)nvarchar(32) 執行作業之要求的識別碼。ID of the request performing the operation. 用於載入,這是與此負載關聯的目前或上一個要求...For loads, this is the current or last request associated with this load.. 請參閱中的 request_id sys.dm_pdw_exec_requests (TRANSACT-SQL)See request_id in sys.dm_pdw_exec_requests (Transact-SQL).
statusstatus nvarchar(16)nvarchar(16) 執行的狀態。Status of the run. '已取消',' 已完成 ','FAILED'、 '佇列更新'、 'RUNNING''CANCELLED','COMPLETED','FAILED','QUEUED','RUNNING'
進度progress intint 完成的百分比。Percentage completed. 0 到 100 之間0 to 100
commandcommand nvarchar(4000)nvarchar(4000) 使用者所提交的命令的完整文字。Full text of the command submitted by the user. 如果超過 4000 個字元 (計算空白) 會被截斷。Will be truncated if longer than 4000 characters (counting spaces).
rows_processedrows_processed bigintbigint 這項作業的一部分來處理的資料列數目。Number of rows processed as part of this operation.
rows_rejectedrows_rejected bigintbigint 拒絕此作業的一部分的資料列數目。Number of rows rejected as part of this operation.
rows_insertedrows_inserted bigintbigint 這項作業的一部分,插入資料庫資料表的資料列數目。Number of rows inserted into the database table(s) as part of this operation.

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