什麼是 SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)?What is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)?

適用於:APPLIES TO: 是SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services 和更新版本SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and later 否Power BI 報表伺服器Power BI Report Server適用於:APPLIES TO: 是SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services 和更新版本SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and later 否Power BI 報表伺服器Power BI Report Server

尋找 Power BI 報表伺服器嗎?Looking for Power BI Report Server? 請參閱什麼是 Power BI 報表伺服器?See What is Power BI Report Server?.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 提供了一組內部部署工具和服務,可用於建立、部署及管理行動與分頁報表。SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) provides a set of on-premises tools and services that create, deploy, and manage mobile and paginated reports.

SQL Server Reporting Services 整合一切SQL Server Reporting Services all together

建立、部署和管理行動及分頁報表Create, deploy, and manage mobile and paginated reports

SSRS 解決方案會以彈性方式提供正確的資訊給需要的使用者。The SSRS solution flexibly delivers the right information to the right users. 使用者可以透過下列方式取用報表:網頁瀏覽器、自己的行動裝置,或電子郵件。Users can consume the reports via a web browser, on their mobile device, or via email.

SQL Server Reporting Services 提供更新產品套件:SQL Server Reporting Services offers an updated suite of products:

  • 「傳統」分頁報表已經過更新,因此您可以建立具有現代化外觀的報表,並提供更新工具和新功能來建立這些報表。"Traditional" paginated reports brought up to date, so you can create modern-looking reports, with updated tools and new features for creating them.
  • 新的行動報表 具有可配合不同裝置和不同保留方式調整的回應式配置。New mobile reports with a responsive layout that adapts to different devices and the different ways you hold them.
  • 您可以在任何新式瀏覽器中檢視的新式入口網站A modern web portal you can view in any modern browser. 在新的入口網站,您可以組織並顯示行動與分頁的 Reporting Services 報表和 KPI。In the new portal, you can organize and display mobile and paginated Reporting Services reports and KPIs. 您也可以在入口網站上儲存 Excel 活頁簿。You can also store Excel workbooks on the portal.

請繼續閱讀以深入了解各項內容。Read on for more about each.

Reporting Services 的新功能What's new in Reporting Services

這些資訊來源可讓您持續掌握最新的 SQL Server Reporting Services 新功能。These sources will keep you up to date on new features in SQL Server Reporting Services.

分頁報表Paginated reports


Reporting Services 與「傳統」分頁報表相關聯,適用於已針對列印最佳化的固定版面配置文件,例如 PDF 和 Word 檔案。Reporting Services is associated with "traditional" paginated reports, ideal for fixed-layout documents optimized for printing, such as PDF and Word files.

該核心 BI 工作負載至今仍然存在,因此我們已將它現代化。That core BI workload still exists today, so we've modernized it. 您現在可以使用報表產生器或 SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) 中的報表設計師,建立具有現代化外觀和更新功能的報表。Now you can create modern-looking reports with updated new features, using Report Builder, or Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

  • 我們已更新所有預設樣式和調色盤,因此根據預設,您可以使用新的極簡現代樣式來建立報表。We updated all the default styles and color palettes, so by default you create reports with a new minimalist modern style.
  • 我們已更新 [參數] 窗格,因此您可以視需要排列參數。We updated the Parameter pane, so you can arrange parameters however you want.
  • 您可以匯出成新的格式,例如 PowerPoint。You can export to new formats such as PowerPoint. PowerPoint 中的 Reporting Services 視覺效果是即時且可供編輯的,而不只是螢幕擷取畫面。Reporting Services visualizations in PowerPoint are live and editable, not just screenshots.
  • 您可以建立混合式 Power BI/Reporting Services 體驗︰您可以從這些報表將視覺效果釘選到您的 Power BI 儀表板,而不需要在 Power BI 中重新建立內部部署 Reporting Services 報表。You can create a hybrid Power BI/Reporting Services experience: Rather than recreating your on-premises Reporting Services reports in Power BI, you can pin visuals from those reports to your Power BI dashboards. 然後您可以在 Power BI 儀表板上集中監視所有項目。Then you can monitor everything in one place on your Power BI dashboard.

行動報表Mobile reports


行動運算改變了我們需要使用的裝置,這表示今日的使用者有不同的報告需求。Mobile computing has shifted the devices we need to work, meaning people today have a different reporting need. 當您採用平板電腦和手機時,並不適合使用固定式配置報表體驗。The fixed-layout report experience doesn't work well when you introduce tablets and phones. 針對寬螢幕電腦所設計的內容並不適合用於小型手機螢幕,此螢幕不僅更小,而且還有直向或橫向。Something designed for a wide PC screen isn't the optimal experience on a small phone screen that's not just smaller but a portrait or landscape orientation.

針對這些各式各樣的螢幕板型規格,您需要的是可配合這些不同的螢幕尺寸和顯示方向的回應式版面配置。What you need with these widely different screen form factors is a responsive layout that adapts to these different screen sizes and orientations. 我們為此新增了一個報表類型,那就是行動報表;該報表是以我們約在一年前整合到產品的 Datazen 技術為基礎。For that we've added a new report type: mobile reports, based on the Datazen technology we acquired about a year ago and integrated into the product. 您可以使用 SQL Server Migration Assistant for Datazen,將現有的 Datazen 報表移轉至 Reporting Services。You can migrate your existing Datazen reports to Reporting Services with the SQL Server Migration Assistant for Datazen.

您可以在新的 行動報表發行工具 應用程式中建立這些行動報表。You create these mobile reports in the new Mobile Report Publisher app. 接著可以在適用於 Windows 10、iOS、Android 和 HTML5 的行動裝置適用原生 Power BI 應用程式中,存取您存放在 Power BI、雲端,或 SSRS 中的資料。Then in the native Power BI apps for mobile devices for Windows 10, iOS, Android, and HTML5, you can access the data you have in Power BI, the cloud, or SSRS.

當您建立視覺效果時,行動報表發行工具會自動產生範例資料。As you create visualizations, Mobile Report Publisher automatically generates sample data. 此功能可讓您看到資料的視覺效果,並了解每種視覺效果適用的資料類型。This feature allows you to see how the visualization will look with your data, and what kind of data works well in each visualization.

入口網站Web portal


原生模式 Reporting Services 使用者的首頁,就是您可以在大部分瀏覽器中檢視的新式入口網站。For end users of native-mode Reporting Services, the front door is a modern web portal you can view in most browsers. 您可以在新的入口網站中存取您所有的 Reporting Services 行動裝置、分頁報表和 KPI。You can access all your Reporting Services mobile, paginated reports, and KPIs in the new portal. KPI 可以在瀏覽器中呈現關鍵業務指標概覽,而不必開啟報表。KPIs can surface key business metrics at a glance in the browser, without having to open a report.

新的入口網站完全是報表管理員的重寫。The new web portal is a complete rewrite of Report Manager. 現在它是單一頁面的標準式 HTML5 應用程式,並已針對下列新式瀏覽器最佳化︰Microsoft Edge、Internet Explorer 10 和 11、Chrome、Firefox、Safari,以及所有主要瀏覽器。Now it's a single-page, standards-based HTML5 app, which modern browsers are optimized for: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and all the major browsers.

入口網站的內容依類型組織:The content on the web portal is organized by type:

  • 分易報表paginated reports
  • 行動報表mobile reports
  • Excel 活頁簿Excel workbooks
  • 共用資料集shared datasets
  • 共用資料來源shared data sources

您可以在這裡用安全的方式,以傳統資料夾階層儲存並管理它們。You can store and manage them securely here, in the traditional folder hierarchy. 標記您最愛的報表以便快速存取。Tag your favorites reports for quick access. 擁有適當權限的人員可以管理 SSRS 內容。Those with appropriate permissions are able to manage and administer SSRS content.

您仍然可以在新的入口網站中,為報表處理進行排程、視需要存取報表,以及訂閱已發行的報表。And you can still schedule report processing, access reports on demand, and subscribe to published reports in the new web portal.

深入了解 入口網站More about the Web portal.

SharePoint 整合模式的 Reporting ServicesReporting Services in SharePoint integrated mode

您可以將報表發行至 SharePoint 整合模式的 Reporting Services。You publish reports to Reporting Services in SharePoint integrated mode. 您可以為報表處理進行排程、視需要存取報表、訂閱已發行的報表,並將報表匯出至 Microsoft Excel 之類的其他應用程式。You can schedule report processing, access reports on demand, subscribe to published reports, and export reports to other applications such as Microsoft Excel. 在發行到 SharePoint 網站的報表上建立資料警示,並在報表資料變更時,接收電子郵件訊息。Create data alerts on reports published to a SharePoint site and receive email messages when report data changes.

深入了解 SharePoint 整合模式下的 Reporting Services 報表伺服器More about Reporting Services Report Server in SharePoint integrated mode.

Reporting ServicesReporting Services 程式設計功能programming features

妥善運用 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 程式設計功能,您就能夠擴充及自訂報表功能。Take advantage of Reporting ServicesReporting Services programming features so you can extend and customize your reporting functionality. 請使用 SSRS API 整合或擴充自訂應用程式中的資料和報表處理功能。Use the SSRS APIs to integrate or extend data and report processing in custom applications.

更多 Analysis Services 開發人員文件More Reporting Services Developer Documentation.

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