Reporting Services 延伸模組程式庫Reporting Services Extension Library

Reporting Services 延伸模組程式庫是一組包括在 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 中的類別、介面和值類型。The Reporting Services Extension Library is a set of classes, interfaces, and value types that are included in Reporting ServicesReporting Services. 此程式庫提供對系統功能的存取,並設計為可以使用MicrosoftMicrosoft .NET Framework.NET Framework應用程式來擴充Reporting ServicesReporting Services元件的基礎。This library provides access to system functionality and is designed to be the foundation on which MicrosoftMicrosoft .NET Framework.NET Framework applications can be used to extend Reporting ServicesReporting Services components.


[!INCLUDE[ssRSnoversion](../../includes/] 延伸程式庫提供下列命名空間。The [!INCLUDE[ssRSnoversion](../../includes/] extension library provides the following namespaces. 包含的類別與介面可讓您建立元件並擴充 [!INCLUDE[ssRSnoversion](../../includes/] 的資料處理功能。Contains classes and interfaces that enable you to build components that extend the data processing capability of [!INCLUDE[ssRSnoversion](../../includes/]. 包含的類別與介面,可讓您透過自己的傳遞延伸模組建構和傳送自訂通知給使用者,並為 [!INCLUDE[ssRSnoversion](../../includes/] 建立自訂安全性延伸模組。Contains classes and interfaces that enable you to construct and send custom notifications to users through your own delivery extensions, and to build custom security extensions for [!INCLUDE[ssRSnoversion](../../includes/]. `Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportRendering` 包含的類別與介面可讓您擴充 [!INCLUDE[ssRSnoversion](../../includes/] 的轉譯功能。Contains classes and interfaces that enable you to extending the rendering capabilities of [!INCLUDE[ssRSnoversion](../../includes/]. 透過使用此命名空間的成員以及 命名空間的成員,就可以為 [!INCLUDE[ssRSnoversion](../../includes/] 建立自己的自訂轉譯延伸模組。Using the members of this namespace along with members of the namespace, you can build your own, custom rendering extensions for [!INCLUDE[ssRSnoversion](../../includes/]. ## 另請參閱See Also [Reporting Services 延伸模組Reporting Services Extensions](