Reporting Services SharePoint 模式安裝 (SharePoint 2010 和 SharePoint 2013)Reporting Services SharePoint Mode Installation (SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013)

Reporting ServicesReporting Services 在 SharePoint 模式是伺服器元件,可提供報表產生及傳遞,根據集合MicrosoftMicrosoft[SQL Server]SQL ServerMicrosoftMicrosoftSharePoint 產品。in SharePoint mode is a collection of server components that provide report generation and delivery, based on MicrosoftMicrosoft [SQL Server]SQL Server and MicrosoftMicrosoft SharePoint products.

在 SharePoint 模式中執行 Reporting ServicesReporting Services,可提供 Power ViewPower View 與資料警示功能。Running Reporting ServicesReporting Services in SharePoint mode provides the Power ViewPower View and data alerting features. 如需有關 SharePoint 模式中功能的詳細資訊,請參閱"功能支援與行為差異的伺服器模式 > 一節中Reporting Services 報表伺服器For more information regarding features in SharePoint mode, see the section "Feature Support and Behavior Differences by Server Mode" in Reporting Services Report Server

SharePoint 模式中的 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 需要兩項基本安裝:There are two fundamental installations needed for Reporting ServicesReporting Services in SharePoint mode:

安裝Installation 描述Description
MicrosoftMicrosoft [SQL Server]SQL Server Reporting ServicesReporting Services增益集適用於 SharePoint 產品。The MicrosoftMicrosoft [SQL Server]SQL Server Reporting ServicesReporting Services add-in for SharePoint products. 增益集會在 SharePoint 網站前端伺服器上,安裝 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 使用者介面 (UI) 頁面與功能。The add-in installs the Reporting ServicesReporting Services user interface (UI) pages and features on a SharePoint web front-end server. 使用者介面包含 Power ViewPower View、SharePoint 管理中心內的管理頁面、SharePoint 文件庫中使用的功能頁面,以及 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 資料警示頁面。The UI features include Power ViewPower View, administration pages in SharePoint Central Administration, feature pages used within SharePoint document libraries, and Reporting ServicesReporting Services Data Alerting pages.
MicrosoftMicrosoft [SQL Server]SQL Server Reporting ServicesReporting Services以 SharePoint 模式安裝的報表伺服器The MicrosoftMicrosoft [SQL Server]SQL Server Reporting ServicesReporting Services report server installed in SharePoint Mode 報表伺服器處理資料與報表的處理程序、訂閱的呈現方式,以及資料警示處理程序。The report server handles the data and report processing and rendering as well subscription and Data Alert processing. SharePoint 模式報表伺服器會架構與安裝為 SharePoint 共用服務。The SharePoint mode report server is architected and installed as a SharePoint Shared Service.

使用 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 安裝媒體,安裝 SQL Server 2014SQL Server 2014To install Reporting ServicesReporting Services, use the SQL Server 2014SQL Server 2014 installation media.

如需進階的部署案例的指示,請參閱部署檢查清單:Reporting Services、 Power View 及 PowerPivot for SharePoint部署檢查清單:將 Reporting Services 安裝至現有的 SharePoint 伺服器陣列For instructions on advanced deployment scenarios, see Deployment Checklist: Reporting Services, Power View, and PowerPivot for SharePoint and Deployment Checklist: Install Reporting Services into an Existing SharePoint Farm.

本節內容In This Section

支援的 SharePoint 與 Reporting Services 伺服器與增益集組合(SQL Server 2014)Supported Combinations of SharePoint and Reporting Services Server and Add-in (SQL Server 2014)

安裝適用於 SharePoint 2013 的 Reporting Services SharePoint 模式Install Reporting Services SharePoint Mode for SharePoint 2013

安裝適用於 SharePoint 2010 的 Reporting Services SharePoint 模式Install Reporting Services SharePoint Mode for SharePoint 2010

安裝或解除安裝 Reporting Services 增益集,適用於 SharePoint (SharePoint 2010 和 SharePoint 2013)Install or Uninstall the Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint (SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013)

尋找適用於 SharePoint 產品之 Reporting Services 增益集的位置Where to find the Reporting Services add-in for SharePoint Products

將其他報表伺服器加入至伺服器陣列 (SSRS 向外延展)Add an Additional Report Server to a Farm (SSRS Scale-out)

將其他 Reporting Services Web 前端加入至伺服器陣列Add an Additional Reporting Services Web Front-end to a Farm

設定 Reporting Services 服務應用程式的電子郵件 (SharePoint 2010 和 SharePoint 2013)Configure E-mail for a Reporting Services Service Application (SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013)

SSRS 服務應用程式的佈建訂閱及警示Provision Subscriptions and Alerts for SSRS Service Applications

Claims to Windows Token 服務的(C2WTS)和 Reporting ServicesClaims to Windows Token Service (C2WTS) and Reporting Services

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