SQL Server 2016 的報表產生器Report Builder in SQL Server 2016

報表產生器Report Builder 是撰寫分頁報表的工具,適合喜歡在獨立的環境中工作,而不是使用 Visual Studio 報表設計師的商務使用者。 is a tool for authoring paginated reports, for business users who prefer to work in a stand-alone environment instead of using Report Designer in Visual Studio. 當您設計分頁報表時,您建立的報表定義會指定資料的取得位置、要取得的資料,以及資料的顯示方式。When you design a paginated report, you're creating a report definition that specifies where to get the data, which data to get, and how to display the data. 當您執行報表時,報表處理器會採用已指定的報表定義、擷取資料,然後將它與報表配置結合,以便產生報表。When you run the report, the report processor takes the report definition you have specified, retrieves the data, and combines it with the report layout to generate the report. 您可以在 報表產生器Report Builder 中預覽報表,然後將報表發行至原生模式或 SharePoint 整合模式的 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 報表伺服器,讓其他人執行報表。You can preview your report in 報表產生器Report Builder and publish your report to a Reporting ServicesReporting Services report server in native mode or in SharePoint integrated mode, where others can run it.


這份分頁報表提供一個矩陣,內含資料列和資料行群組、走勢圖、指標以及位於邊角資料格的摘要圓形圖,並附有一份地圖,地圖中具有兩組以色彩和圓形大小呈現的地理資料。This paginated report features a matrix with row and column groups, sparklines, indicators, and a summary pie chart in the corner cell, accompanied by a map with two sets of geographic data represented by color and by circle size.

開始建立報表Jump-Start Report Creation

  • 從共用資料集開始Start with a shared dataset. 共用資料集是以共用資料來源為基礎的查詢,儲存在原生模式或 SharePoint 整合模式的 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 報表伺服器。Shared datasets are queries based on a shared data source and saved to a Reporting ServicesReporting Services report server in native mode or in SharePoint integrated mode.

  • 從資料表、矩陣或圖表精靈開始Start with the Table, Matrix, or Chart wizard. 您可以選擇資料來源連接、拖放欄位以建立資料集查詢、選取配置和樣式,以及自訂報表。Choose a data source connection, drag and drop fields to create a dataset query, select a layout and style, and customize your report.

  • 從地圖精靈開始 ,以建立根據地理或幾何背景顯示彙總資料的報表。Start with the Map wizard to create reports that display aggregated data against a geographic or geometric background. 地圖資料可能是來自 Transact-SQLTransact-SQL 查詢或環境系統研究協會 (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.) 的空間資料。(ESRI) 形狀檔。Map data can be spatial data from a Transact-SQLTransact-SQL query or an Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) shapefile. 您也可以加入 MicrosoftMicrosoft Bing 地圖底圖背景。You can also add a MicrosoftMicrosoft Bing map tile background.

  • 使用報表組件啟動您的報表Start your report with report parts. 報表組件是個別發行到原生模式或 SharePoint 整合模式的 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 報表伺服器的報表項目。Report parts are report items that have been published separately to a Reporting ServicesReporting Services report server in native mode or in SharePoint integrated mode. 報表組件可以在其他報表中重複使用。Report parts can be reused in other reports. 諸如資料表、矩陣、圖表和影像等報表項目都可以發行為報表組件。Report items such as tables, matrices, charts, and images can be published as report parts.

設計報表Design Your Report

  • 建立含有資料表、矩陣、圖表和自由形式報表配置的分頁報表。Create paginated reports with table, matrix, chart, and free-form report layouts. 針對以資料行為基礎的資料建立資料表報表、針對摘要資料建立矩陣報表 (例如交叉分析或樞紐分析表報表)、針對地理資料建立圖表報表,以及針對其他資料建立自由形式的報表。Create table reports for column-based data, matrix reports (like cross-tab or PivotTable reports) for summarized data, chart reports for graphical data, and free-form reports for anything else. 報表可以內嵌其他報表和圖表,連同動態網路架構應用程式的清單、圖形和控制項。Reports can embed other reports and charts, together with lists, graphics, and controls for dynamic Web-based applications.

  • 從各種資料來源建立報表。Report from a variety of data sources. 使用具有 MicrosoftMicrosoft .NET Framework.NET Framework管理的資料提供者、OLE DB 提供者或 ODBC 資料來源之任何資料來源類型中的資料建立報表。Build reports using data from any data source type that has a MicrosoftMicrosoft .NET Framework.NET Framework-managed data provider, OLE DB provider, or ODBC data source. 您可以建立使用 SQL ServerSQL ServerAnalysis ServicesAnalysis Services、Oracle、Hyperion 及其他資料庫中關聯式和多維度資料的報表。You can create reports that use relational and multidimensional data from SQL ServerSQL Server and Analysis ServicesAnalysis Services, Oracle, Hyperion, and other databases. 您可以使用 XML 資料處理延伸模組,從任何 XML 資料來源擷取資料。You can use an XML data processing extension to retrieve data from any XML data source. 您可以使用資料表值函數來設計自訂資料來源。You can use table-valued functions to design custom data sources.

  • 修改現有的報表。Modify existing reports. 使用 報表產生器Report Builder,您可以自訂及更新在 SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)報表設計師中建立的報表。By using 報表產生器Report Builder, you can customize and update reports that were created in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)Report Designer.

  • 透過篩選、分組和排序資料,或是加入公式和運算式,修改您的資料Modify your data by filtering, grouping, and sorting data, or by adding formulas or expressions.

  • 加入圖表、量測計、走勢圖和指標 ,以視覺化格式摘要列出資料,並且一次展示大量的彙總資訊。Add charts, gauges, sparklines, and indicators to summarize data in a visual format, and present large volumes of aggregated information at a glance.

  • 加入互動式功能 ,例如文件引導模式、顯示/隱藏按鈕,以及子報表和鑽研報表的鑽研連結。Add interactive features such as document maps, show/hide buttons, and drillthrough links to subreports and drillthrough reports. 您可以使用參數和篩選來篩選自訂檢視表的資料。Use parameters and filters to filter data for customized views.

  • 內嵌或參考影像與其他資源 ,包括外部內容。Embed or reference images and other resources, including external content.

管理報表Manage Your Report

  • 將報表定義儲存 至電腦或報表伺服器,以便管理報表以及與其他人共用報表。Save the definition of the report to your computer or to the report server, where you can manage it and share it with others.

  • 在開啟報表時或開啟報表後,選擇呈現格式Choose a presentation format when you open the report, or after you open the report. 您可以選取 Web 導向、頁面導向,以及桌面應用程式的格式。You can select Web-oriented, page-oriented, and desktop application formats. 格式包括 HTML、MHTML、PDF、XML、CSV、TIFF、Word 及 Excel。Formats include HTML, MHTML, PDF, XML, CSV, TIFF, Word, and Excel.

  • 設定訂閱。Set up subscriptions. 當您將報表發行至報表伺服器或處於 SharePoint 整合模式的報表伺服器之後,就可以將報表設定成在特定時間執行、建立報表記錄,以及設定電子郵件訂閱。After you publish the report to the report server or a report server in SharePoint integrated mode, you can configure your report to run at a specific time, create a report history, and set up e-mail subscriptions.

  • 使用 Reporting Services Atom 轉譯延伸模組,從報表產生資料摘要Generate data feeds from your report by using the Reporting Services Atom rendering extension.


報表伺服器管理員會在報表伺服器或處於 SharePoint 整合模式的報表伺服器上管理已發行的報表。Published reports are managed on a report server or a report server in SharePoint integrated mode by a report server administrator. 報表伺服器管理員可以定義安全性、設定屬性以及排程作業,例如報表記錄和電子郵件報表傳遞。Report server administrators can define security, set properties, and schedule operations such as report history and e-mail report delivery. 他們可以建立共用排程和共用資料來源,讓它們可供一般使用。They can create shared schedules and shared data sources and make them available for general use. 管理員也會管理所有報表伺服器資料夾。Administrators also manage all of the report server folders. 執行管理工作的能力需視使用者權限而定。The ability to perform management tasks depends on user permissions.

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