Reporting Services 開發人員文件Reporting Services Developer Documentation

SQL ServerSQL ServerReporting ServicesReporting Services 提供一些可在自己的應用程式中利用的程式設計介面。Reporting ServicesReporting Services offers several programming interfaces that you can leverage in your own applications. 您可以使用 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 的現有功能和能力,將自訂報表與管理工具建立到網站和 Windows 應用程式中,或是可以延伸 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 平台。You can use the existing features and capabilities of Reporting ServicesReporting Services to build custom reporting and management tools into Web sites and Windows applications, or you can extend the Reporting ServicesReporting Services platform.

擴充 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 平台包括建立可用於資料存取、報表傳遞等的新元件與資源。Extending the Reporting ServicesReporting Services platform includes creating new components and resources that can be used for data access, report delivery and more. 您可以將這些元件與資源行銷到在其組織中使用 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 的公司。You can market these components and resources to companies that are using Reporting ServicesReporting Services in their organization.


Reporting ServicesReporting Services 包括程式設計範例與教學課程以協助您開始。include programming samples and tutorials to help you get started. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Reporting Services 範例開發人員手冊: 教學課程 (Reporting Services)For more information, see Reporting Services Samples and Developer's Guide: Tutorials (Reporting Services).

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將 Reporting Services 整合到應用程式Integrating Reporting Services into Applications
提供如何使用 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 將報表整合到自訂應用程式的概觀。Provides an overview of how to use Reporting ServicesReporting Services to integrate reporting into custom applications. 描述何時使用直接的 URL 存取,以及何時使用 Web 服務存取報表伺服器。Describes when to use direct URL access and when to use the Web service to access the report server. 和傳統應用程式的報表伺服器 Web 服務Report Server Web Service for and traditional applications
報表伺服器 Web 服務提供報表伺服器的完整功能存取。The Report Server Web service provides access to the full functionality of the report server. Web 服務透過 HTTP 使用 SOAP,並設計成做為用戶端程式與報表伺服器之間的通訊介面。The Web service uses SOAP over HTTP and is designed to act as a communications interface between client programs and the report server. Web 服務及其方法會公開報表伺服器的功能,並可讓您為任何部分的報表生命週期建立從管理到執行的自訂工具。The Web service and its methods expose the functionality of the report server and allow you to create custom tools for any part of the report life cycle, from management to execution.

使用現代應用程式的 REST API 進行開發Develop with REST APIs for modern applications
Reporting Services REST API 透過程式設計方式存取 Reporting Services 報表伺服器目錄中的物件。The Reporting Services REST APIs provide programmatic access to the objects in Reporting Services report server catalog. 使用 REST API 時,您可以巡覽至資料夾階層、探索資料夾內容,或下載報表定義。When using the REST APIs, you can navigate to a folder hierarchy, discover the contents of a folder, or download a report definition. 您也可以建立、更新及刪除物件。You can also create, update, and delete objects.

URL 存取 (SSRS)URL Access (SSRS)
Reporting ServicesReporting Services 支援一組完整且以 URL 為基礎的要求,讓您得以使用快速且輕鬆的存取點來進行報表導覽和檢視。supports a complete set of URL-based requests that you can use as a quick and easy access point for report navigation and viewing. 您可以和報表伺服器 Web 服務搭配使用這項技術,將完整的報表方案整合到自訂商務應用程式。You can use this technology in conjunction with the Report Server Web service to integrate a complete reporting solution into your custom business applications. 當將報表整合為 Web 入口網站的一部分時,或是當從網頁瀏覽器檢視報表時,URL 存取將特別有用。URL access is particularly useful when integrating reports as part of a Web portal or when viewing reports from a Web browser.

Reporting Services 延伸模組Reporting Services Extensions
Reporting ServicesReporting Services 的模組化架構是針對擴充性所設計。The modular architecture of Reporting ServicesReporting Services is designed for extensibility. 現在可以使用 Managed 程式碼 API,這樣您就可以輕鬆地開發、安裝和管理許多 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 元件取用的延伸模組。A managed code API is available so that you can easily develop, install, and manage extensions consumed by many Reporting ServicesReporting Services components. 您可以使用 MicrosoftMicrosoft.NET Framework.NET Framework 建立組件,並新增新的 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 轉譯、安全性、傳遞和資料處理功能,以滿足不斷成長的業務需求。You can create assemblies using the MicrosoftMicrosoft .NET Framework.NET Framework and add new Reporting ServicesReporting Services rendering, security, delivery, and data processing functionality to meet your evolving business needs.

自訂報表項目Custom Report Items
描述如何建立自訂報表項目,將功能加入現有控制項的 RDL 或是擴充功能。Describes how to create Custom Report Items to add functionality to RDL or extend functionality of existing controls.

將自訂組件與報表搭配使用Using Custom Assemblies with Reports
描述如何在報表定義中包括程式碼參考,將自訂組件與報表搭配使用。Describes how to use custom assemblies with Reports by including code references within the report definition.

存取 Reporting Services WMI 提供者Access the Reporting Services WMI Provider
描述如何使用 Reporting ServicesReporting Services WMI 提供者來管理報表伺服器部署。Describes how to use the Reporting ServicesReporting Services WMI Provider to manage report server deployments.

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