Reporting Services 錯誤的原因和解決方案Cause and Resolution of Reporting Services Errors

本主題包含數個與 Reporting ServicesReporting Services相關之錯誤的原因和解決方案資訊。This topic contains cause and resolution information for a number of errors related to Reporting ServicesReporting Services. 本節中的錯誤訊息主題提供錯誤訊息的說明、可能的原因,以及您可以採取哪些動作以更正問題。The error message topics in this section provide an explanation of the error message, possible causes, and any actions you can take to correct the problem.

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錯誤Error 訊息Message
rsAccessedDenied - Reporting Services 錯誤rsAccessedDenied - Reporting Services Error 授與使用者 'mydomain\myAccount' 的權限不足,無法執行此作業。The permissions granted to user 'mydomain\myAccount' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) (ReportingServicesLibrary)。(rsAccessDenied) (ReportingServicesLibrary).
rsInternalError - Reporting Services 錯誤rsInternalError - Reporting Services Error 報表伺服器發生內部錯誤。An internal error occurred on the report server. 請參閱錯誤記錄以取得更多詳細資料。See the error log for more details.
rsModelGenerationError - Reporting Services 錯誤rsModelGenerationError - Reporting Services Error 產生模型時發生錯誤。An error occurred while generating model. (rsModelGenerationError) (ReportingServicesLibrary) %1。(rsModelGenerationError) (ReportingServicesLibrary) %1.
rsProcessingError - Reporting Services 錯誤rsProcessingError - Reporting Services Error 報表處理時發生錯誤。Errors have occurred in report processing.
rsServerConfigurationError - Reporting Services 錯誤rsServerConfigurationError - Reporting Services Error 報表伺服器發生組態錯誤。The report server has encountered a configuration error.
rrRenderingError - Reporting Services 錯誤rrRenderingError - Reporting Services Error 轉譯報表期間發生錯誤。An error occurred during rendering of the report. (rrRenderingError) %1。(rrRenderingError) %1.
報表伺服器 Windows 服務 (MSSQLServer) 107Report Server Windows Service (MSSQLServer) 107 報表伺服器 Windows 服務 (MSSQLSERVER) 無法連接到報表伺服器資料庫。Report Server Windows service (MSSQLSERVER) cannot connect to the report server database.

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