URL 存取 (SSRS)URL Access (SSRS)

在 SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 中,報表伺服器的 URL 存取權可讓您透過 URL 要求,傳送命令至報表伺服器。URL access of the report server in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) enables you to send commands to a report server through a URL request. 例如,您可在原生模式報表伺服器或 SharePoint 文件庫中自訂報表的轉譯。For example, you can customize the rendering of a report on a native mode report server or in a SharePoint library. 您可能已使用特定一組報表參數值來檢視過報表,或報表中您感興趣的特定頁面。You may have viewed the report using a specific set of report parameter values, or you may have been viewing a particular page of interest in the report. 您可以使用預先定義的 URL 存取參數,封裝 URL 中的資訊。You can encapsulate this information in the URL using predefined URL access parameters. 您還可以內嵌轉譯格式或調整報表檢視器外觀的參數,以進一步自訂報表伺服器處理報表的方式。You can further customize how the report server processes the report by embedding parameters for rendering formats or for the look and feel of the report viewer. 然後,您可以直接將此 URL 貼入電子郵件或網頁,讓其他人在瀏覽器中用相同方式存取您的報表。You can then paste this URL directly into an email or Web page to let others to access your report in the same manner in the browser.

您還可利用 URL 存取執行下列其他動作:Other actions you can perform through URL access are:

  • 傳送命令至 HTML 檢視器,例如調整其外觀Send commands to the HTML viewer, such as adjusting its look and feel

  • 列出目錄資料夾的子系List the children of a catalog folder

  • 擷取目錄項目的 XML 定義Retrieve the XML definition of a catalog item

  • 轉譯特定的報表記錄快照集Render a specific report history snapshot

  • 管理報表工作階段Manage report sessions

如需透過 URL 存取可用之命令與設定的完整清單,請參閱 URL 存取參數參考For the complete list of commands and settings available through URL access, see URL Access Parameter Reference.

URL 存取概念URL Access Concepts

報表伺服器的 URL 要求包含由報表伺服器處理的參數。URL requests to the report server contain parameters that are processed by the report server. 報表伺服器處理 URL 要求的方法須視 URL 中包含的參數、參數前置詞以及項目類型而定。The way in which the report server handles URL requests depends on the parameters, parameter prefixes, and types of items that are included in the URL. 報表伺服器 URL 會遵循聯合全球資訊網協會 W3C/IETF 草案標準所提議的 URL 格式指導方針。Report server URLs adhere to the URL formatting guidelines as proposed by the joint World Wide Web Consortium W3C/IETF draft standard. Reporting ServicesReporting Services URL 功能與大部分的網際網路瀏覽器或是支援標準 URL 定址的應用程式相容。URL functionality is compatible with most Internet browsers or applications that support standard URL addressing.

URL 存取語法URL Access Syntax

URL 要求可包含以任何順序所列的多個參數。URL requests can contain multiple parameters that are listed in any order. 參數是用連字號 (&) 分隔,而名稱/值組則是由等號 (=) 所分隔。Parameters are separated by an ampersand (&) and name/value pairs are separated by an equal sign (=).


語法描述Syntax Description

報表伺服器 Web 服務 URL。The Web service URL of the report server. 針對原生模式,其為 Reporting Services 設定管理員中設定之報表伺服器執行個體的 Web 服務 URL (請參閱設定報表伺服器 URL (SSRS 設定管理員))。For native mode, it is the Web service URL of the report server instance configured in Reporting Services Configuration Manager (see Configure Report Server URLs (SSRS Configuration Manager)). 例如:For example:


針對 SharePoint 整合模式,其為整合 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 之 SharePoint 網站的 Reporting ServicesReporting ServicesProxy URL。For SharePoint integrated mode, it is the URL of the Reporting ServicesReporting Services proxy at a SharePoint site integrated with Reporting ServicesReporting Services. 例如:For example:



請務必讓 URL 包含 _vti_bin Proxy 語法,以便透過 SharePoint 和 Reporting ServicesReporting Services HTTP Proxy 路由傳送要求。It is important the URL include the _vti_bin proxy syntax to route the request through SharePoint and the Reporting ServicesReporting Services HTTP proxy. 此 Proxy 會將某些內容加入至 HTTP 要求,也就是確保針對 SharePoint 模式報表伺服器正確執行報表所需的內容。The proxy adds some context to the HTTP request, context that is required to ensure proper execution of the report for SharePoint mode report servers.

原生模式報表伺服器資料庫中項目的相對路徑名稱,或 SharePoint 目錄中項目的完整 URL。The relative path name of the item in the native mode report server database, or the fully qualified URL of the item in a SharePoint catalog.

目錄項目的路徑。The path of the catalog item. 針對原生模式,其為報表伺服器資料庫中項目的相對路徑名稱,以斜線 (/) 開頭。For native mode, it is the relative path of the item in the report server database, beginning with a slash (/). 例如:For example:

/AdventureWorks 2008R2/Employee_Sales_Summary_2008R2  

若為 SharePoint 整合模式,其為 SharePoint 文件庫中項目的完整 URL,包括項目延伸模組。For SharePoint integrated mode, it is the fully qualified URL of the item in the SharePoint library, including the item extension. 例如:For example:

http://myspsite/subsite/AdventureWorks 2008R2/Employee_Sales_Summary_2008R2.rdl  

用以分隔 URL 存取參數的名稱與值組。Used to separate name and value pairs of URL access parameters.

選擇性。Optional. URL 存取參數前置詞 (例如 rs:rc:),用以存取在報表伺服器中執行的特定處理序。A prefix for the URL access parameter (for example, rs: or rc:) that accesses a specific process running within the report server.


如果未包括 URL 存取參數的前置詞,報表伺服器會以報表參數來處理參數。If a prefix for a URL access parameter is not included, the parameter is processed by the report server as a report parameter. 報表參數不使用參數前置詞,且有區分大小寫。Report parameters do not use a parameter prefix and are case-sensitive.

參數名稱。The parameter name.

對應至要使用的參數值之 URL 文字。URL text corresponding to the value of the parameter being used.

注意 :如需可用的 URL 存取參數清單,請參閱 URL 存取參數參考Note: For a list of the available URL access parameters, see URL Access Parameter Reference. 如需透過 URL 傳遞報表參數的範例,請參閱 在 URL 內傳遞報表參數For examples passing report parameters on the URL, see Pass a Report Parameter Within a URL.

工作描述Task Descriptions 連結Links
存取報表伺服器項目,如報表、共用資料來源和資源。Access report server items, such as reports, shared data sources, and resources. 使用 URL 存取來存取報表伺服器項目Access Report Server Items Using URL Access
將報表參數傳遞至報表。Pass report parameters to a report. 在 URL 內傳遞報表參數Pass a Report Parameter Within a URL
在 URL 存取字串中設定報表參數的地區設定,以定義特定地區的日期、貨幣等轉換。Set the locale of the report parameters in the URL access string, which defines the locale-specific interpretations of dates, currencies, and so on. 在 URL 中設定報表參數的語言Set the Language for Report Parameters in a URL
傳送可自訂報表轉譯方式的轉譯延伸模組特定設定。Send rendering extension specific settings that customize how the report is rendered. 在 URL 中指定裝置資訊設定Specify Device Information Settings in a URL
不在瀏覽器中檢視,而直接將報表匯出至檔案格式。Export a report directly to a file format without viewing it in the browser. 使用 URL 存取匯出報表Export a Report Using URL Access
開啟報表,並直接導覽至字串位置。Open a report and navigate directly to the location of a string. 使用 URL 存取搜尋報表Search a Report Using URL Access
轉譯特定的報表記錄快照集。Render a specific report history snapshot. 使用 URL 存取轉譯報表記錄快照集Render a Report History Snapshot Using URL Access

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