SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集安裝SQL Server Failover Cluster Installation

若要安裝 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集,您必須執行 [SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝程式來建立及設定容錯移轉叢集執行個體。To install a [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster, you must create and configure a failover cluster instance by running [SQL Server]SQL Server Setup.

安裝容錯移轉叢集Installing a Failover Cluster

若要安裝容錯移轉叢集,您必須使用具有本機系統管理員權限的網域帳戶,而且在容錯移轉叢集的所有節點上具有權限,能夠登入為服務以及做為作業系統的一部分。To install a failover cluster, you must use a domain account with local administrator rights, permission to log on as a service, and to act as part of the operating system on all nodes in the failover cluster. 若要使用 [SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝程式安裝容錯移轉叢集,請遵循下列步驟:To install a failover cluster by using the [SQL Server]SQL Server Setup program, follow these steps:

  1. 若要安裝、設定和維護 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集,請使用 [SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝程式。To install, configure, and maintain a [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster, use [SQL Server]SQL Server Setup.

    • 確認建立容錯移轉叢集執行個體 (例如:叢集磁碟資源、IP 位址和網路名稱) 以及可用於容錯移轉之節點所需的資訊。Identify the information you need to create your failover cluster instance (for example, cluster disk resource, IP addresses, and network name) and the nodes available for failover. 如需詳細資訊:For more information:

    • 您必須先完成組態設定步驟,才能執行 [SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝程式;請使用 [Windows 叢集系統管理員] 執行這些步驟。針對您所要設定的每個容錯移轉叢集執行個體,都必須要有一個 WSFC 群組。The configuration steps must take place before you run the [SQL Server]SQL Server Setup program; use the Windows Cluster Administrator to carry them out. You must have one WSFC group for each failover cluster instance you want to configure.

    • 您必須確定系統符合最低需求。You must ensure that your system meets minimum requirements. 如需 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集之特定需求的詳細資訊,請參閱 安裝容錯移轉叢集之前For more information on specific requirements for a [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster, see Before Installing Failover Clustering.

  2. 新增或移除容錯移轉叢集組態中的節點並不會影響其他叢集節點。Add or remove nodes from a failover cluster configuration without affecting the other cluster nodes. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱在 SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集中新增或移除節點 (安裝程式)For more information, see Add or Remove Nodes in a SQL Server Failover Cluster (Setup).

    • 容錯移轉叢集中的所有節點必須為相同平台 (即 32 位元或 64 位元),而且必須在相同的作業系統版本上執行。All nodes in a failover cluster must be of the same platform, either 32-bit or 64-bit, and must run the same operating system edition and version. 此外,您必須將 [SQL Server]SQL Server 64 位元版本安裝在執行 Windows 64 位元版本作業系統的 64 位元硬體上。Also, 64-bit [SQL Server]SQL Server editions must be installed on 64-bit hardware running the 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems. 這一版沒有容錯移轉叢集的 WOW64 支援。There is no WOW64 support for failover clustering in this release.
  3. 為每個容錯移轉叢集執行個體指定多個 IP 位址。Specify multiple IP addresses for each failover cluster instance. 您可以為每個子網路指定多個 IP 位址。You can specify mutiple IP addresses for each subnet. 若在相同的子網路上有多重 IP 位址, [SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝程式會將相依性設定為 AND。If the mutiple IP addresses are on the same subnet, [SQL Server]SQL Server Setup sets the dependency to AND. 若正跨多重子網路進行節點的叢集作業, [SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝程式會將相依性設定為 OR。If you are clustering nodes across multiple subnets, [SQL Server]SQL Server Setup sets the dependency to OR.

[SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集安裝選項Failover Cluster Installation options

選項 1:整合式安裝與加入節點Option 1: Integrated installation with Add Node

[SQL Server]SQL Server 整合式容錯移轉叢集安裝包含兩個步驟:integrated failover cluster installation consists of two steps:

  1. 建立並設定單一節點的 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集執行個體。Create and configure a single-node [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster instance. 節點設定完成時,您就擁有可完整運作的容錯移轉叢集執行個體。At the completion of a successful configuration of the node, you have a fully functional failover cluster instance. 此時,它仍沒有高可用性,因為容錯移轉叢集只有單一節點。At this time it does not have high-availability because there is only one node in the failover cluster.

  2. 在要加入至 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集的每個節點上,使用「加入節點」功能來執行安裝程式,以便加入該節點。On each node to be added to the [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster, run Setup with Add Node functionality to add that node.

選項 2:進階/企業型安裝Option 2: Advanced/Enterprise installation

[SQL Server]SQL Server 進階/企業型容錯移轉叢集安裝包含兩個步驟:Advanced/Enterprise failover cluster installation consists of two steps:

  1. 在即將成為 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集一部分的每個節點上,使用「準備容錯移轉叢集」功能來執行安裝程式。On each node that will be part of the [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster, run Setup with Prepare Failover Cluster functionality. 雖然這個步驟會準備即將建立叢集的節點,不過在這個步驟結束時,不會提供任何可運作的 [SQL Server]SQL Server 執行個體。This step prepares the nodes ready to be clustered, but there is no operational [SQL Server]SQL Server instance at the end of this step.

  2. 備妥要建立叢集的節點之後,請在擁有共用磁碟的節點上,使用「完成容錯移轉叢集」功能來執行安裝程式。After the nodes are prepared for clustering, run Setup on the node that owns the shared disk with the Complete Failover Cluster functionality. 這個步驟會設定並完成容錯移轉叢集執行個體。This step configures and completes the failover cluster instance. 在這個步驟結束時,您將擁有可運作的 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集執行個體。At the end of this step, you will have an operational [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster instance.


    兩種安裝選項都允許多節點 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集安裝。Either installation option allows for multi-node [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster installation. 已經建立 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集之後,「加入節點」可用來針對任何一個選項加入其他節點。Add Node can be used to add additional nodes for either option after a [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster has been created.


    [SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝位置的作業系統磁碟機代號在加入至 [SQL Server]SQL Server 容錯移轉叢集的所有節點上都必須符合。The operating system drive letter for [SQL Server]SQL Server install locations must match on all the nodes added to the [SQL Server]SQL Server failover cluster.

安裝期間的 IP 位址組態IP Address Configuration During Setup

[SQL Server]SQL Server 安裝程式可在執行下列動作時,設定或變更 IP 資源的相依性設定:Setup lets you set or change the IP resource dependency settings during the following actions:

備註 :支援 IPV6 IP 位址。Note IPV6 IP addresses are supported. 如果您同時設定了 IPV4 和 IPV6,而且兩者被視為不同子網路,則 IPV6 預期會先上線。If you configure both IPV4 and IPV6 there are treated like different subnets, and IPV6 is expected to come online first.

[SQL Server]SQL Server 多重子網路容錯移轉叢集Multi-Subnet Failover Cluster

當叢集中的節點位於不同的子網路時,您可以設定 OR 相依性。You can set OR dependencies when the nodes on the cluster are on different subnets. 但是, [SQL Server]SQL Server 多重子網路容錯移轉叢集中的每一個節點,必須至少是一個已指定之 IP 位址的可能擁有者。However, each node in the [SQL Server]SQL Server multi-subnet failover cluster must be a possible owner of at least one of IP address specified.

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