System Center Operations Manager 1801 已淘汰的功能Features deprecated from System Center Operations Manager 1801


已不再支援此版本的 Operations Manager,建議升級至 Operations Manager 2019This version of Operations Manager has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Operations Manager 2019.

下面所列的特色與功能包含在 System Center Operations Manager 1801 中,但預計在未來的版本中移除。The features and capabilities listed below are included in System Center Operations Manager 1801 but planned to be removed in a future release. 除非另外指定,否則依賴這些功能的應用程式、程式碼或使用方式將繼續在此版本中運作。Applications, code, or usage that depends on these features will continue to function in this release until otherwise specified. 這份清單可能會在後續版本中有所變更,而且可能不會包含每個已淘汰的特性或功能。This list is subject to change in subsequent releases and may not include every deprecated feature or capability.

以 Silverlight 為基礎的 Web 主控台Silverlight based Web console

狀態: 已淘汰。Status: Deprecated.

取代︰ System Center Operations Manager 1801 提供新的 HTML 式 Web 主控台。Replacement: A new HTML based Web console is available with System Center Operations Manager 1801. 您仍然可以用 Internet Explorer 開啟 URL http://<servername><:port>/dashboard 來存取以 Silverlight 為基礎的儀表板。You can still access Silverlight based dashboards with Internet Explorer with the URL http://<servername><:port>/dashboard.

Nano Server 的代理程式Agent for Nano Server

狀態: 已淘汰。Status: Deprecated.

取代:Replacement: None

後續步驟Next Steps

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