How to Configure a Product Connector Subscription (如何設定產品連接器訂閱)How to configure a product connector subscription


已不再支援此版本的 Operations Manager,建議升級至 Operations Manager 2019This version of Operations Manager has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Operations Manager 2019.

System Center - Operations Manager 支援使用產品連接器來與其他應用程式 (例如其他管理系統) 同步處理警示資料。System Center - Operations Manager supports the ability to synchronize alert data with other applications, such as other management systems, using product connectors. 當產品連接器安裝後,所有的警示將預設為透過產品連接器轉寄。After a product connector is installed, by default, all alerts are forwarded through the product connector. 在下列程序中,使用 [產品連接器訂閱精靈] 指定您要產品連接器轉寄的警示。In the following procedure, you use the Product Connector Subscription Wizard to specify which alerts you want the product connector to forward.


執行此程序之前必須先安裝產品連接器。You must have a product connector installed prior to beginning this procedure. 請依照產品連接器廠商的安裝指示進行產品連接器的安裝。Install the product connector according to the product connector vendor's installation instructions.

若要設定產品連接器訂閱To configure a subscription for a product connector

  1. 使用屬於 Operations Manager 系統管理員使用者角色成員的帳戶登入電腦。Log on to the computer with an account that is a member of the Operations Manager Administrators user role.

  2. 在 Operations 主控台中,按一下 [系統管理] 。In the Operations console, click Administration.

  3. 在 [系統管理] 窗格中,按一下 [產品連接器] 。In the Administration pane, click Product Connectors. 在 [產品連接器] 窗格中,在產品連接器上按一下滑鼠右鍵,然後按一下 [內容] 。In the Product Connectors pane, right-click the product connector and then click Properties. 會出現 [產品連接器內容] 對話方塊。The Product Connector Properties dialog box displays. 在 [訂閱] 區段中,按一下 [新增] 按鈕。In the Subscriptions section, click the Add button. [產品連接器訂閱精靈] 即會啟動。The Product Connector Subscription Wizard starts.


    Operations Manager 內部產品連接器會列在 Operations 主控台中。Operations Manager internal product connectors are listed in the Operations console. 這些連接器用於探索工作流程。These connectors are used for discovery workflows. 請勿建立這些內部產品連接器的訂閱。Do not create subscriptions for these internal product connectors.

  4. 在 [一般] 頁面中,為您正在建立的訂閱輸入名稱和簡短描述,然後按一下 [下一步] 。On the General page, type a name and a short description for the subscription you are creating, and then click Next.

  5. 在 [群組] 頁面中,可根據群組篩選要讓此連接器轉寄到外部管理系統的警示。On the Groups page, you can filter which alerts this connector forwards to an external management system based on groups. 依預設,所有的核取方塊均已選取,表示轉寄所有群組中的警示。By default, all check boxes are selected, so alerts from all groups are forwarded. 若要啟用子核取方塊,請清除頂層的核取方塊。To enable the child check boxes, clear the top-level check box. 選取完畢後,按一下 [下一步] 。After you make your selections, click Next.

  6. 在 [目標] 頁面中,可根據物件類型篩選要讓此連接器轉寄的警示。On the Targets page, you can filter which alerts this connector forwards based on object type. 依預設,警示將接受來自所有管理組件中的所有物件類型。By default, alerts are accepted from all object types in all management packs. 您可以指定要從中轉寄警示的特定管理組件或特定受監視物件。You can specify particular management packs or certain monitored objects from which you want to forward alerts. 若只要接受來自指定物件類型的警示,按一下 [會核准明確地新增至 [核准的目標] 資料格的目標轉寄警示] ,然後按一下 [新增] 按鈕選取個別目標。To accept alerts from only specified types of objects, click Forward alerts from targets explicitly added to the 'Approved targets' grid are approved and then click the Add button to select individual targets.

  7. 在 [準則] 頁面中,可根據警示的嚴重性、優先順序、解決狀態和類別篩選要讓此連接器轉寄的警示。On the Criteria page, you can filter which alerts this connector forwards based on the severity, priority, resolution state, and category of the alert. 依預設將會選取所有準則,表示轉寄所有的警示。By default, all criteria are selected, so all alerts are forwarded. 不過,您可以個別選取所要轉寄的警示。However, you can individually select which alerts you want forwarded. 選取完畢後按一下 [建立] ,以建立產品連接器訂閱。After you make your selections, click Create to create the product connector subscription. 您可以在詳細資料窗格中檢視新建立的訂閱。You can view the newly created subscription in the details pane.

後續步驟Next steps

檢閱連接 Operations Manager 與其他管理系統,以了解如何使用以 Operations Manager SDK 開發的產品連接器來整合 Operations Manager 與其他監視平台或 ITSM 系統。Review Connecting Operations Manager With Other Management Systems to learn how to integrate Operations Manager with another monitoring platform or ITSM system using a product connector developed using the Operations Manager SDK.