Operations Manager 中網路監視的執行身分帳戶Run As accounts for network monitoring in Operations Manager


已不再支援此版本的 Operations Manager,建議升級至 Operations Manager 2019This version of Operations Manager has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Operations Manager 2019.

System Center - Operations Manager 會使用執行身分帳戶來探索及監視網路裝置。System Center - Operations Manager uses Run As accounts to discover and monitor network devices. 執行身分帳戶中包含的資訊可讓管理伺服器與網路裝置通訊。The information you include in the Run As account enable management servers to communicate with the network devices. 您可以監視使用 SNMP v1、v2 及 v3 的裝置。You can monitor devices that use SNMP v1, v2, and v3.

使用 SNMP v1 或 v2 的網路裝置需要有指定社群字串的執行身分帳戶,這個社群字串的作用就像密碼一樣,可提供裝置的唯讀存取權。Network devices that use SNMP v1 or v2 require a Run As account that specifies a community string, which acts like a password to provide read-only access to the device.

使用 SNMP v3 的每個網路裝置都需要唯一的執行身分帳戶,以提供下列認證:Each network device that uses SNMP v3 requires a unique Run As account that provides the following credentials:

  • 使用者名稱:從裝置組態取得。User name: Obtained from device configuration.

  • 內容:此名稱與使用者名稱共同決定傳送到 SNMPv3 代理程式之要求的存取權限。Context: Name that together with the user name determines the access permissions of a request sent to the SNMPv3 agent.

  • 驗證通訊協定:MD5 (Message Digest 5)、SHA (安全雜湊演算法) 或 NONEAuthentication protocol: MD5 for Message Digest 5, SHA for Secure Hash Algorithm, or NONE

  • 驗證金鑰:包含 1 到 64 個字元的字串;驗證通訊協定是 MD5 或 SHA 時的必要選項Authentication key: String consisting of 1 to 64 characters; required if the authentication protocol is MD5 or SHA

  • 隱私通訊協定:DES (資料加密標準)、AES (進階加密標準) 或 NONEPrivacy protocol: DES for Data Encryption Standard, AES for Advanced Encryption Standard, or NONE

  • 隱私金鑰:包含 1 到 64 個字元的字串;隱私通訊協定是 DES 或 AES 時的必要選項Privacy key: String consisting of 1 to 64 characters; required if the privacy protocol is DES or AES


    驗證金鑰和隱私金鑰在輸入時都會加上遮罩。The authentication key and privacy key are masked as you enter them.

您可以在建立網路裝置探索規則時建立必要的執行身分帳戶,或是事先建立執行身分帳戶,然後在建立探索規則時選取適當的帳戶。You can create the required Run As accounts when you create a network devices discovery rule, or you can create the Run As accounts beforehand and then select the appropriate account when you create the discovery rule.

安裝 Operations Manager 時會建立兩個「執行身分」設定檔:SNMP 監視帳戶和 SNMPv3 監視帳戶。Two Run As profiles are created when you install Operations Manager: SNMP Monitoring Account and SNMPv3 Monitoring Account. 在建立探索規則時,您為網路裝置探索建立的執行身分帳戶會自動與適當的執行身分設定檔關聯。When you create a discovery rule, the Run As accounts you create for network device discovery are automatically associated with the appropriate Run As profile.

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