TCP 連接埠範本TCP port template


已不再支援此版本的 Operations Manager,建議升級至 Operations Manager 2019This version of Operations Manager has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Operations Manager 2019.

TCP 連接埠範本可讓您監視可透過 TCP 存取之應用程式的可用性。The TCP Port template lets you monitor the availability of an application that is accessible over TCP.

接受測試的應用程式可以位於任何電腦上,不論該電腦是否有安裝適用於 Operations Manager 的代理程式。The application that is being tested can reside on any computer whether an agent for Operations Manager installed or not. 每個監看員節點都必須安裝 Operations Manager 代理程式。Each watcher node must have an Operations Manager agent installed.


在應用程式依賴透過 TCP 存取之服務的情節中,請使用 TCP 連接埠範本。Use the TCP Port template in scenarios where applications rely on a service accessible over TCP. 您可以將每個用戶端定義為監看員節點。You can define each client as a watcher node. 範本所建立的監視器會嘗試依定義的間隔,從每個用戶端連接到應用程式。The monitors created by the template attempt to connect to the application from each client at the defined interval. 監視會確認每個用戶端都可以成功連線。The monitors verify that each client can connect successfully. 除了驗證應用程式本身的可用性之外,也會驗證監看員節點與應用程式之間的任何網路連線和其他必要功能。In addition to validating the availability of the application itself, any network connections and other required features between the watcher node and the application are also validated.

TCP 連接埠範本所執行的監視Monitoring performed by the TCP port template

透過 TCP 埠範本建立的監視和規則所執行的監視可以包含下列任何設定。The monitoring performed by the monitors and rules created by the TCP Port template can include any of the following settings.

類型Type DescriptionDescription 已啟用?Enabled?
監視Monitors 目標主機可連線Target host reachable 啟用Enabled
已接受連線Connection accepted 啟用Enabled
連線逾時Connection timeout 啟用Enabled
DNS 解析DNS resolution 啟用Enabled
集合規則Collection Rules 連線時間Connection time 啟用Enabled

檢視監視資料Viewing monitoring data

TCP 連接埠範本所收集的所有資料,都可在位於 [綜合交易] 資料夾中的 [TCP 連接埠檢查狀態] 檢視中取得。All data collected by the TCP Port template is available in the TCP Port Checks State view located in the Synthetic Transaction folder. 在此檢視中,物件代表每個監看員節點。In this view, an object represents each of the watcher nodes. 每個物件的狀態代表該節點上執行的 TCP 連接埠監視集合的最差狀態。The state of each object represents the worst state of the set of TCP Port monitors running on that node. 如果一或多個節點顯示錯誤,但至少有一個其他節點狀況良好,則可能表示存取指定電腦的特定節點發生問題,例如網路問題。If one or more of the nodes is shown with an error while at least one other node is healthy, it could indicate a problem with that particular node accessing the specified computer, for example, a network issue. 如果所有節點的狀況不良,可能表示應用程式本身有問題,可能是電腦離線,或指定的連接埠上的應用程式沒有回應。If all of the nodes are unhealthy, it could indicate a problem with the application itself, either the computer being offline or the application not responding on the specified port.

您可以開啟每個物件的 Operations Manager 健全狀況總管,來檢視個別 TCP 連接埠監視的狀態。You can view the state of the individual TCP Port monitors by opening the Operations Manager Health Explorer for each object. 您可以開啟每個物件的效能檢視來檢視效能資料。You can view performance data by opening the Performance view for each of these objects.

精靈選項Wizard options

當您執行 TCP 連接埠範本時,必須為下列表格中的選項提供值。When you run the TCP Port template, you have to provide values for options in the following tables. 每個表格代表精靈中的一個頁面。Each table represents a single page in the wizard.

一般選項General Options

下列選項位於精靈的 [一般選項] 頁面。The following options are available on the General Options page of the wizard.

選項Option DescriptionDescription
名稱Name 用於範本的名稱。The name used for the template. 此名稱會顯示在 Operations 主控台中。This name is displayed in the Operations console.
DescriptionDescription 服務的選擇性描述。Optional description of the service.
管理組件Management Pack 用來儲存範本所建立之類別和監視的管理組件。Management pack to store the class and monitors that the template created. 如果您是以目標類別的形式使用此服務建立任何其他監視或規則,您必須將它們儲存在相同的管理組件中。如需管理組件的相關資訊,請參閱選取管理組件檔案If you create any additional monitors or rules by using the service as a target class, you must store them in the same management pack.For more information about management packs, see Selecting a Management Pack File.

目標及連接埠Target and Port

下列選項位於精靈的 [目標及連接埠] 頁面。The following options are available on the Target and Port page of the wizard.

選項Option DescriptionDescription
電腦或裝置名稱Computer or device name 要連接的電腦或裝置名稱。The name of the computer or device to connect to. 這可以是名稱或 IP 位址。This can be a name or an IP address. 它必須由您指定的每個監看員節點解析,並可存取。It must be resolved by and accessible to each watcher node that you specify.
PortPort 應用程式正在接聽的連接埠號碼。The number of the port on which the application is listening.

監看員節點Watcher Nodes

下列選項位於精靈的 [監看員節點] 頁面。The following options are available on the Watcher Nodes page of the wizard.

選項Option DescriptionDescription
選取一或多個代理程式管理的電腦Select one or more agent managed computers 指定一或多部電腦來執行監視和規則。Specify one or more computers to run the monitors and rules. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱監看員節點For more information, see Watcher Nodes.
每隔多久執行此查詢Run this query every 嘗試連線至指定電腦和連接埠的頻率。The frequency to attempt the connection to the specified computer and port.

建立和修改 TCP 連接埠範本Creating and modifying TCP port templates

若要執行 TCP 連接埠資料來源精靈To run the TCP Port data source wizard

  1. 使用在管理群組中具有作者認證的帳戶啟動 Operations 主控台。Start the Operations console with an account that has Author credentials in the management group.

  2. 開啟 [撰寫中] 工作區。Open the Authoring workspace.

  3. 在 [撰寫] 瀏覽窗格中,以滑鼠右鍵按一下 [管理組件範本] ,然後選取 [加入監視精靈] 。In the Authoring navigation pane, right-click Management Pack Templates , and then select Add Monitoring Wizard.

  4. 在 [選取監視類型] 頁面上選取 [TCP 連接埠] ,然後按一下 [下一步] 。On the Select Monitoring Type page, select TCP Port , and then click Next.

  5. 在 [一般內容] 頁面上,於 [名稱] 和 [描述] 方塊中,輸入名稱和選擇性描述。On the General Properties page, in the Name and Description boxes, type a name and an optional description.

  6. 選取要儲存監視的管理組件,或是按一下 [新增] 以建立新管理組件。Select a management pack in which to save the monitor, or click New to create a new management pack. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱選取管理組件檔案 (機器翻譯)。For more information, see Selecting a Management Pack File.

  7. 按一下 [下一步] 。Click Next.

  8. 在 [電腦或裝置名稱] 方塊中,輸入您要連線的電腦或裝置的名稱或 IP 位址。In the Computer or device name box, type the name or IP address of the computer or device to connect to.

  9. 在 [連接埠] 方塊中,輸入應用程式正在接聽的連接埠號碼。In the Port box, type the port number on which the application is listening.

  10. 按一下 [測試] ,使用您剛才提供的連接字串和查詢來執行測試連線。Click Test to perform a test connection by using the connection string and query that you just provided.


    測試會在您用來執行範本的工作站上執行。The test is performed on the workstation that you are using to run the template. 如果此工作站無法存取電腦或裝置,此測試就會失敗。If this workstation cannot access the computer or device, this test fails. 當範本完成時,就會從您指定的監看員節點執行測試。When the template is completed, the test is run from the watcher nodes that you specify.

  11. 當您驗證連線之後,按一下 [下一步] 。Click Next when you have validated your connection.

  12. 選取一或多個監看員節點執行監視。Select one or more Watcher Nodes to run the monitor.

  13. 在 [執行此查詢] 方塊中指定執行監視的頻率。Specify the frequency to run the monitor in the Run this query box. 按一下 [下一步] 。Click Next.

  14. 檢閱監視的摘要,然後按一下 [建立] 。Review the summary of the monitor, and then click Create.

若要修改現有的 TCP 連接埠範本To modify an existing TPC Port template

  1. 使用具有作者認證的使用者帳戶開啟 Operations 主控台。Open the Operations console with a user account that has Author credentials.
  2. 開啟 [撰寫中] 工作區。Open the Authoring workspace.
  3. 在 [撰寫] 瀏覽窗格中,展開 [管理組件範本] ,然後選取 [TCP 連接埠] 。In the Authoring navigation pane, expand Management Pack Templates , and then select TCP Port.
  4. 在 [TCP 連接埠] 窗格中,找出要變更的範本。In the TCP Port pane, locate the template to change.
  5. 以滑鼠右鍵按一下監視,然後選取 [內容] 。Right-click the monitor, and then select Properties.
  6. 輸入您想要的變更,然後按一下 [確定] 。Enter the changes that you want, and then click OK.

檢視 TCP 連接埠監視和收集的資料Viewing TCP port monitors and collected data

若要檢視所有 TCP 連接埠監視To view all TCP port monitors

  1. 開啟 Operations 主控台。Open the Operations console.
  2. 開啟 [監視] 工作區。Open the Monitoring workspace.
  3. 在 [監視] 瀏覽窗格中,選取 [綜合交易] ,然後按一下 [TCP 連接埠檢查狀態] 。In the Monitoring navigation pane, select Synthetic Transaction , and then click TCP Port Checks State.

若要檢視每個監視的狀態To view the state of each monitor

  1. 在 [TCP 連接埠檢查狀態] 窗格中,以滑鼠右鍵按一下物件。In the TCP Port Checks State pane, right-click an object. 選取 [開啟] ,然後按一下 [健全狀況總管] 。Select Open , and then click Health Explorer.
  2. 展開 [可用性] 和 [效能] 節點,以檢視個別監視。Expand the Availability and Performance nodes to view the individual monitors.

若要檢視針對監視收集的效能To view the performance collected for a monitor

  1. 在 [TCP 連接埠檢查狀態] 窗格中,以滑鼠右鍵按一下物件。In the TCP Port Checks State pane, right-click an object. 選取 [開啟] ,然後按一下 [效能] 。Select Open , and then click Performance.
  2. 在 [圖例] 窗格中,選取您要檢視的計數器。In the Legend pane, select the counters you want to view.
  3. 使用 [動作] 窗格中的選項來修改 [效能] 檢視。Use options in the Actions pane to modify the Performance view.

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