Web 應用程式交易監視範本Web Application Transaction Monitoring template


已不再支援此版本的 Operations Manager,建議升級至 Operations Manager 2019This version of Operations Manager has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Operations Manager 2019.

「Web 應用程式交易監視」 範本可讓您測試網站或 Web 應用程式,方法是透過 HTTP 傳送要求、驗證其回應,以及測量其效能。The Web Application Transaction Monitoring template lets you test a website or web-based application by sending requests over HTTP, validating their response, and measuring their performance. 這可以是簡單的測試,以判斷網站是否有回應,或者是一組複雜的要求,以模擬正在登入網站和瀏覽一組頁面等動作的使用者。This can be a simple test to determine if the website is responding, or it can be a complex set of requests to simulate a user who is performing such actions as logging on to the site and browsing through a set of pages.

HTTP 要求是從一或多個監看員節點傳送。The HTTP requests are sent from one or more Watcher Nodes. 受監視的網站可以位於任何電腦上,不論該電腦是否有安裝適用於 Operations Manager 的代理程式。The website that is being monitored can reside on any computer whether it has an agent for Operations Manager installed. 它可以是外部網站,但必須可以從監看員節點存取該網站。It can be an external website, but it must be accessible from the watcher nodes. 每個監看員節點都必須安裝 Operations Manager 代理程式。Each watcher node must have an Operations Manager agent installed.


使用 Web 應用程式轉換監視範本,監視任何網站或 Web 應用程式的可用性和效能,以測試一般可用性和功能。Use the Web Application Transition Monitoring template for monitoring the availability and performance of any website or web-based application to test both general availability and functionality. 針對內部網站,您可以在不同網路區段中使用監看員節點,以確保每個區段都可以使用該網站。For internal websites, you can use watcher nodes in different network segments to ensure that the site is available to each segment.

除了一般可用性以外,您還可以藉由測試不同頁面和功能,來檢查網站的功能。In addition to general availability, you can check the functionality of the website by testing different pages and features. 例如,您可以使用測試使用者帳戶,每隔幾分鐘就執行一次測試登入,以檢查登入程序。For example, you could check a logon process by performing a test logon with a test user account every few minutes. 您可以在測試使用者帳戶登入之後執行範例搜尋,藉以測試搜尋頁面的功能。You could test the functionality of a search page by performing a sample search after the test user account is logged on. 接著,您可以分析從這些頁面傳回的 HTML,以確認頁面是否如預期般運作。You can then analyze the HTML that is returned from these pages to verify whether the page functioned as expected. 除了測試此功能,您還可以分析填滿要求所花費的時間,以測量效能。In addition to testing this functionality, you can analyze the time it takes to fill the request to measure the performance.

Web 應用程式交易監視範本主題Web Application Transaction Monitoring template topics

Web 應用程式交易監視比其他管理組件範本更複雜,而且支援各種監視情節。The Web Application Transaction Monitoring is more complex than the other management pack templates and supports a variety of monitoring scenarios. 下列主題提供不同工具和程序的詳細資料,您可以將它們用於不同情節。The following topics provide details on the different tools and procedures that you can use for different scenarios.

  • 如何建立單一 URL Web 應用程式監視 (機器翻譯)How to Create a Single URL Web Application Monitor

    此程序說明如何執行 _Web 應用程式交易監視_精靈,以建立監視單一 URL 的簡易 Web 應用程式交易監視範本。This procedure explains how to run the Web Application Transaction Monitoring wizard to create a simple Web Application Transaction Monitoring template that monitors a single URL. 完成此簡易監視之後,您可以使用它而不進行修改,或插入其他要求。You can either use this simple monitor with no modification or insert additional requests once it is completed.

  • 如何擷取 Web 應用程式記錄 (機器翻譯)How to Capture Web Application Recording

    此程序說明如何使用 Web 錄製器來記錄有多個要求的瀏覽器工作階段。This procedure explains how to use the Web Recorder to record a browser session with multiple requests. 您可以使用此工作階段而不修改,或在完成之後編輯應用程式和要求設定。You can either use this session with no modification or edit the application and request settings once it is completed.

  • 如何編輯 Web 應用程式中的設定或要求How to Edit Settings or Requests in a Web Application

    此主題包含編輯 Web 應用程式和它所包含要求的程序,以及在現有範本中建立其他要求的程序。This topic includes procedures for editing a web application and its contained requests and for creating additional requests in an existing template.

  • 如何取代 URL 要求中的參數How to Replace Parameters in a URL Request

    此主題包含的方法可從一個要求中抓取資訊,並在後續要求中使用它。This topic includes a method to retrieve information from one request and use it in a subsequent request.