System Center-Service Manager 的部署案例Deployment scenarios for System Center - Service Manager


此版本的 Service Manager 已達到終止支援,建議您 升級至 Service Manager 2019This version of Service Manager has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Service Manager 2019.

System Center-Service Manager 提供許多部署案例。System Center - Service Manager provides for many deployment scenarios. 不過,請記住,您無法在同一部電腦上部署 Service Manager 管理伺服器和資料倉儲管理伺服器。However, remember that you cannot deploy a Service Manager management server and a data warehouse management server on the same computer. 事實上,安裝程式禁止您將以上兩者安裝在一部伺服器上。In fact, Setup prevents you from installing both on a single server. 其原因與資料倉儲的 Service Manager 架構、整體效能及 Operations Manager 健全狀況服務的使用有關。The reason has to do with Service Manager architecture of the data warehouse, overall performance, and usage of the Operations Manager health service. 資料倉儲的設計是為了快速進行資料抓取,並在單一伺服器上裝載 Service Manager 管理伺服器和資料倉儲管理伺服器,對兩者的效能產生負面的影響。The data warehouse was designed for quick data retrieval and hosting both the Service Manager management server and the data warehouse management server on a single server will negatively impact performance for both. 此外,單一伺服器不會隨著 Service Manager 使用量和資料儲存空間的成長而相應放大。Additionally, a single server doesn't scale out as Service Manager usage and data storage grow.

您也會指定裝載 SQL   server Reporting Services SSRS 的伺服器 ( ) 。You will also specify the server that hosts SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). 請勿嘗試將同一個 SSRS 執行個體同時用於 Operations Manager 和 Service Manager。Do not attempt to use the same SSRS instance for both Operations Manager and Service Manager.


建議您將英文作為 SQL 使用者登入帳戶的預設語言。We recommend English as the default language for the SQL users' login accounts.

因為日期格式是以語言為基礎,所以如果 SQL 使用者登入帳戶的語言不是英文,則會有一些資料倉儲工作,特別是使用 SQL SET_DateFormat 函式的作業失敗。As date format is based on the language, if the language of SQL user login accounts is not English, then, a few data warehouse jobs, especially the jobs that use SQL SET_DateFormat function, fail. 這些作業不會從 Service Manager 將資料推送至資料倉儲,或可能會將不正確的資料傳送到資料倉儲,而導致資料倉儲中的資料損毀。These jobs do not push the data into the data warehouse from Service Manager or might send incorrect data into the data warehouse, leading to data corruption in the data warehouse.

您可以為新的 SQL 登入帳戶將預設語言設定為英文,或變更現有帳戶的預設語言。You can set the default language as English for a new SQL login account or change the default language for an existing account. 深入了解Learn more.

部署案例Deployment scenarios

此部署指南描述下列三種部署案例:在 一部電腦上安裝 Service Manager、在兩部電腦上 安裝 Service Manager,以及 在四部電腦上安裝 Service ManagerThe deployment guide describes the following three deployment scenarios: installing Service Manager on one computer, installing Service Manager on two computers, and installing Service Manager on four computers.


針對   裝載 Service Manager 資料庫的電腦、裝載資料倉儲資料庫的電腦,以及裝載 Reporting Services 資料庫的電腦,MICROSOFT SQL Server 的定序設定必須相同。The collation settings for Microsoft SQL Server must be the same for the computers that host the Service Manager database, the computers that host the data warehouse databases, and the computers that host the Reporting Services database. 如果您想要從 Operations Manager 匯入資料,Service Manager 和 Operations Manager 之間的資料庫定序必須相符。If you intend to import data from Operations Manager, then the database collations must match between Service Manager and Operations Manager.

雖然 ( 基於效能考慮,我們不建議您這麼做 ) ,但如果您想要在同一部電腦上裝載 Service Manager 管理伺服器和 Self-Service 入口網站,則必須先部署 Service Manager 管理伺服器,然後再部署 Self-Service 入口網站。While we do not recommend it (for performance reasons), if you want to host the Service Manager management server and the Self-Service Portal on the same computer, you must deploy the Service Manager management server before you deploy the Self-Service Portal.

不支援從 technical preview 版本的 Service Manager 執行升級。Performing an upgrade from technical preview versions of Service Manager is not supported. 此外,在此版本中,如果您已安裝舊版的 Service Manager,Service Manager 安裝程式會將檔案安裝在可能已存在的預先定義資料夾中。Furthermore, for this release, Service Manager setup installs files in predefined folders that might already exist if you have a previous version of Service Manager installed.

安裝 Service Manager 的使用者可以存取 Active Directory 中 Service Manager 的服務連接點 ( SCP ) 物件。The user installing Service Manager has access to the Service Connection Point (SCP) object of Service Manager in the Active Directory. 此 SCP 會儲存服務的相關資訊。This SCP stores the information about the service. 用戶端應用程式(例如 Service Manager)可以使用 SCP 連接至服務。Client applications, such as Service Manager, can connect to services using the SCP. 如需服務連接點 (SCP) 的詳細資訊,請參閱 Publishing Services in Active Directory (在 Active Directory 中發佈服務)For more information about service connection points, see Publishing Services in Active Directory.

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