System Center 中的詞彙詞彙-Service ManagerGlossary of terms in System Center - Service Manager


此版本的 Service Manager 已達到終止支援,建議您 升級至 Service Manager 2019This version of Service Manager has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Service Manager 2019.

詞彙Term 定義Definition
動作記錄action log 在事件存留期為解決事件所採取之行動的記錄。A record of the actions that have been taken during the lifetime of an incident to resolve the incident. 範例包括分析師的註解、使用者的通訊、附件,以及工作輸出。Examples include comments by the analyst, communications from the user, attachments, and task outputs.
activityactivity 工作的單位,該工作是在管理問題、解決事件、完成變更要求或任何其他工作項目時所執行的動作。A unit of work that is performed as part of managing a problem, resolving an incident, or completing a change request or any other work item.
活動實施者activity implementer 已被指派活動實施者角色並負責實作指派之手動活動的使用者。A user who has been assigned the Activity Implementer role and who implements an assigned manual activity.
自動化活動automated activity 由 Service Manager 自動完成的活動。An activity that is automatically completed by Service Manager.
上班時間business hours 行事曆中定義的工作時間和假期時間。Working hours and holiday hours that are defined in a calendar.
商務服務business service 啟用商務程序的特性及功能集合,包括設定項目、中繼資料,以及與該程序相關聯的人員。A collection of features and functions that enable a business process, including configuration items, metadata, and the people associated with the process.
變更建立者change creator 建立新變更要求的使用者。The user who creates a new change request.
變更管理員change manager 協調變更要求的使用者。A user who coordinates change requests. 其中部分工作包括新增或移除活動、代表變更諮詢委員會投票、推翻投票結果,或者暫停變更要求。Some of the tasks include adding or removing activities, voting on behalf of the change advisory board, overriding votes, or putting change requests on hold.
變更要求change request 一種方法,用於針對 IT 基礎結構的任何元件或 IT 服務的任何層面提議變更。A means of proposing a change to any component of an IT infrastructure or any aspect of an IT Service. 可能是輸入提議變更之特性和詳細資料,以及理由和授權的文件或記錄。It may be a document or record in which the nature and details of and the justification and authorization for the proposed change are entered.
子記錄child record 隸屬在父系之下的工作項目。A work item that is subordinate to a parent.
Class - 類別class 一種具名描述元,適用於共用相同屬性、運算、方法、關聯性和行為的一組物件。A named descriptor for a set of objects that share the same attributes, operations, methods, relationships, and behaviors.
分類classification 將事件置入描述階層中,用於指出該事件的一般資訊。The placement of an incident into a hierarchy of descriptors that indicate what the incident is generally about. 例如,您可以將事件分類為與軟體相關,然後再分類為 Microsoft,然後再分類為 Word。For example, an incident could be classified as being related to software, and then to Microsoft, and then to Word.
組合類別combination class Service Manager 中的一種功能,大多用在報表和檢視中,以顯示來自 Service Manager 中定義之多個類別的資訊。A feature in Service Manager that is used mostly in reports and in views to display information from multiple classes that are defined in Service Manager.
設定項目configuration item 需要受到管理以傳送服務的任何元件。Any component that needs to be managed to deliver a service. 在 Service Manager 中,設定項目可能包括服務、硬體、軟體、建築物、人員,以及處理文件和服務等級協定 (SLA) 等正式文件。In Service Manager, configuration items might include services, hardware, software, buildings, people, and formal documentation, such as process documentation and service level agreements (SLA).
設定項目類別configuration item class 設定項目的集合。A collection of configuration items. 群組可以包含不同設定項目類別的成員 (例如電腦和使用者)。Groups can contain members of different configuration items classes (for example, a computer and a user).
連接器connector 一種軟體元件,為 Service Manager 和外部系統之間的整合機制。A software component that is the integration mechanism between Service Manager and an external system. 用於從這些外部系統傳輸資料至 Service Manager。It is used for data transfers from these external systems to Service Manager.
相依的變更管理活動dependent change management activity 用於連結變更要求和發行記錄的變更管理活動。A change management activity that is used to link change requests to a release record.
DWDataMart 資料庫DWDataMart database 包含長期儲存之報表資料的資料庫。The database that includes the reporting data, stored for the long-term.
DWRepository 資料庫DWRepository database 包含來自 DWStagingAndConfig 資料庫之轉換資料的資料庫。The database that includes the transformed data from the DWStagingAndConfig database.
DWStagingAndConfig 資料庫DWStagingAndConfig database 包含管理組件、設定項目和工作項目之複本的資料庫。The database that includes copies of management packs, configuration items, and work items.
擷取、轉換和載入extraction, transformation, and loading 從各種來源擷取資料、將資料轉換成一致的類型,並載入轉換過的資料以供應用程式使用的行為。The act of extracting data from various sources, transforming data to consistent types, and loading the transformed data for use by applications.
篩選的檢視filtered view 一種檢視,其中套用了一組條件,以減少所顯示的物件數目。A view to which a set of conditions have been applied to reduce the total number of displayed objects.
清理groom 從資料倉儲永久移除資料。To permanently remove data from the data warehouse.
historyhistory 物件的屬性和關聯性之所有變更的記錄 ™ 。A record of all the changes to an object™s properties and relationships. 所有物件都有歷程,例如設定項目和工作項目。History exists for all objects, such as configuration items and work items."
事件incident 一種追蹤方法,用於追蹤任何不屬於標準服務作業,因而導致或可能導致服務品質中斷或降低的事件。A way of tracking any event that is not part of the standard operation of a service and that causes, or may cause, an interruption to, or a reduction in, the quality of that service.
知識knowledge 能夠協助使用者或分析師解決問題的資訊。Information that can help an end-user or analyst solve a problem.
listlist 系統管理員定義的自訂作業,能讓使用者將物件分類為事件、變更要求、活動或設定項目。An administrator-defined customization that enables users to classify objects such as incidents, change requests, activities, or configuration items. 例如,清單可能是「位置」或「組織」。For example, a list might be "Location" or "Organization."
清單項目list item 一種選項,用於限制使用者能夠輸入的特定清單值。An option that constrains the values that users can enter for a specific list. 例如,「Redmond」可能是「位置」的清單項目。For example, "Redmond" might be a list item for "Location."
管理組件management pack 類別、工作流程、檢視、表單、報表及知識的群組,能藉由實作所有或部分服務管理程序所需的資訊擴充 Service Manager。A grouping of classes, workflows, views, forms, reports, and knowledge that extends Service Manager with the information necessary to implement all or part of a service management process. 例如,「事件」管理組件所提供的必要資訊即可讓 Service Manager 實作事件管理程序。For example, the Incident management pack provides the necessary information to enable Service Manager to implement the incident management process.
通知訂閱者notification subscriber 會接收到通知的使用者。The user who receives notifications.
通知訂閱者位址notification subscriber address 一種套件,其中包含如何連線至特定使用者的資訊。A package that contains information about how to reach a particular user. 此套件包括欲使用的通訊協定和目標位址等項目。It includes items such as the protocol to use and the target address.
通知訂閱notification subscription 一種套件,其中包含通知訂閱者、通知訂閱者位址,以及任何其他資訊,例如傳送特定類型通知的時間A package that contains the notification subscriber, the notification subscriber address, and any additional information, such as when to send specific types of notifications
父記錄parent record 一或多個工作項目的高階層容器,其中包含新增和變更的設定項目。The highest-level container of one or more work items that includes new and changed configuration items.
問題管理problem management 定義一個或多個事件之根本原因,同時找到解決方法或永久修正程式的程序。The process by which the root cause of one or more incidents is identified and by which a workaround or a permanent fix is found.
問題記錄problem record 用於追蹤根本原因之識別、調查及解決方式的記錄。A record that tracks the identification, investigation, and resolution of a root cause.
queuequeue 工作項目的保存容器。A holding container for work items. 佇列的成員必須屬於相同的工作項目類別 (例如只有事件)。Members of a queue must be of the same work item class (for example, only incidents).
週期性通知recurring notification 以指定時間間隔為基礎的重複型通知。A repeating type of notification that is based on a specified time interval.
發行活動release activity 屬於發行記錄一部分的活動類型,包含相依、手動、平行、檢閱和序列活動。A type of activity that is part of a release record, including dependent, manual, parallel, review, and sequential activities.
檢閱活動review activity 檢閱程序中的步驟,使用者會在此步驟當中核准或拒絕變更要求。A step in a review process in which users approve or deny change requests.
檢閱者reviewer 完成核准活動的使用者。The user who completes an approval activity.
角色型安全性role-based security 限制存取 Service Manager 主控台的方法。A method of limiting access to the Service Manager console.
Runbookrunbook 協調電腦和網路上之動作的活動順序。The sequence of activities that orchestrate actions on computers and networks.
自助入口網站Self-Service Portal 系統管理員所設定的 Web 介面,使用者能夠透過此介面搜尋知識、建立要求及讀取 IT 宣告。A Web interface that is configured by an administrator so that end users can search knowledge, create requests, and read IT announcements.
服務類別目錄service catalog 已發佈的服務供應項目清單。The list of published service offerings.
服務元件service component 一組用於傳送商務服務的設定項目,例如電腦、網站、資料庫,以及其他應用程式元件。The set of configuration items that are used to deliver a business service, such as computers, Web sites, databases, and other application components.
服務相依項service dependent 企業中依賴商務服務的人員或服務。The person or service in an enterprise that relies on a business service. 這些人員和服務會受商務服務的輸出和停機而影響。These people and services are affected by the output and downtime of the business service.
Service Manager 主控台Service Manager console 服務中心分析師和系統管理員所使用的主控台,用於進行變更、事件、問題及設定管理等服務中心功能。The console that is used by help desk analysts and administrators for help desk functions such as change, incident, problem, and configuration management.
Service Manager 資料倉儲管理伺服器Service Manager data warehouse management server 執行資料倉儲管理功能的 Service Manager 管理伺服器。The Service Manager management server that performs the management functions for the data warehouse.
Service Manager 資料庫Service Manager database 一種資料庫,其中包含所有工作項目、設定項目,以及產品的系統管理設定。A database that includes all the work items, configuration items, and administrative settings for the product.
Service Manager IT 入口網站Service Manager IT portal 專為資訊技術 (IT) 管理員及 IT 專業人員而設計的 Web 介面,可讓他們透過此介面檢視和管理事件、變更及資產。A Web interface designed for information technology (IT) managers and IT professionals so that they can view and manage incidents, changes, and assets. 此介面同時可用於檢查計量和報表。It can also be used to examine metrics and reports.
Service Manager 管理伺服器Service Manager management server 裝載 System Center 資料存取服務和 Microsoft Office SharePoint 網站的伺服器。The server that hosts the System Center Data Access Service service and Microsoft Office SharePoint sites.
Service Manager 報表伺服器Service Manager reporting server 主控 Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 的伺服器。The server that hosts Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
服務對應service map 一種服務表示法,從企業和使用者的觀點顯示關鍵性的相依性、設定,以及責任範圍。A representation of a service from the perspective of the business and user that shows critical dependencies, settings, and areas of responsibility.
服務供應項目service offering 客戶可透過服務類別目錄中自助服務入口網站使用的項目或工作內容。The item or work effort that is available to customers through the Self-Service Portal in the service catalog.
服務要求service request 用於要求所提供現有 IT 服務的工作項目。A work item that is used to request an existing IT service that is being offered.
服務要求履行service request fulfillment 管理服務要求的程序。The process for managing service requests.
SLASLA 詳訂於 Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 和 Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) 中業界普遍採用的專有名詞。An industry-wide term that is detailed in the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) 定義:IT 組織和使用者社群之間的協定,用於定義所有參與方的責任,並且用於規範 IT 管理必須依雙方協定之特定品質和和數量提供特定服務。Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) definition: An agreement between an IT organization and the user community that defines the responsibilities of all participating parties and that binds IT management to provide a particular service of a specific agreed-on quality and quantity. SLA 限制使用者對於服務的要求必須在協定所界定的範圍內。An SLA limits the demands that users may place on the service to the limits that are defined by the agreement.
SLA 度量SLA metric Service Manager 所算出事件及服務要求中各日期和時間欄位的時間間隔。A calculated time interval that Service Manager determines between the date and time fields in incidents and service requests. 例如,SLA 度量的解決時間會定義為事件建立日期與事件解決日期之間的差異。For example, the SLA metric resolution time is defined as the difference between the Incident Created Date and the Incident Resolved Date.
SLA 目標SLA target IT 組織必須回應或解決事件或服務要求的指定時間長度。The specified duration of time in which the IT organization must respond to or resolve an incident or service request.
SQL Server 分析服務 CubeSQL Server Analysis Services cube (簡稱為分析服務 Cube)。概念式檢視,由描述性類別 (維度) 和數量值 (量值) 組成。(Analysis Services cube for short.) A conceptual view, consisting of descriptive categories (dimensions) and quantitative values (measures). 通用的業界用詞為「OLAP 資料 Cube」。The generic industry term is "OLAP data cube."
工作 (task)task 使用者運用影響非 Service Manager 物件之 [動作] 窗格及內容相關功能表所完成的動作。An action that a user accomplishes by using the Actions pane and the context-sensitive menu that affects non-Service Manager objects.
工作窗格Tasks pane Service Manager 主控台中的窗格,其中包含使用者能夠執行的工作。A pane in the Service Manager console that contains tasks that a user can perform.
templatetemplate 用於在變更要求或事件等類別中填入初始值的方法。A method that is used to populate initial values in a class, such as a change request or incident.
使用者角色user role 將資料群組權限授予特定使用者的方法。A method of granting permissions to specific users for groups of data. 這些權限的依據是使用者角色設定檔。These permissions are based on a user role profile.
使用者角色設定檔user role profile 一組已允許的作業和資料類別,使用者需要存取這些作業和資料類別,才能執行特定工作責任。A set of permitted operations and classes of data that users need access to so they can perform specific job duties.
工作流程workflow 在自動化商務程序中用來傳遞文件或項目的一系列活動、動作或工作。A sequence of activities, actions, or tasks through which documents or items are passed as part of an automated business process.