System Center-Service Manager 版本System Center - Service Manager editions


此版本的 Service Manager 已達到終止支援,建議您 升級至 Service Manager 2019This version of Service Manager has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Service Manager 2019.

System Center-Service Manager 提供零售版和精選版。System Center - Service Manager is available as both a retail edition and a select edition. 兩種版本皆提供相同功能。Both editions offer the same functionality. 零售版為個別購買的版本,其中包含在安裝期間輸入的產品金鑰。The retail edition is purchased separately, and it includes a product key that you enter during setup. 選用版是在大量授權計劃中提供的版本,而且不需要產品金鑰。The select edition is delivered as part of a Microsoft Volume Licensing plan, and a product key is not required.

在安裝 System Center-Service Manager 零售版期間,您可以選擇在不使用產品金鑰的情況下執行安裝,而改為將 Service Manager 安裝為評估版。During setup of the retail edition of System Center - Service Manager, you have the option of performing the installation without a product key and instead installing Service Manager as an evaluation edition. 評估版會在安裝後的 180 天到期。The evaluation edition times out 180 days after installation. 如果您從評估版 Service Manager 開始,然後重新執行安裝程式並安裝零售版或選取 [版本],並決定使用原本所建立的現有資料庫,則您的安裝將會在原始到期日之後到期。If you start with an evaluation version of Service Manager and you rerun Setup and install the retail edition or select edition, and you decide to use the existing databases that you created originally, your installation will time out after the original expiration date.

下表說明各種不同版本的 Service Manager 之間的互動。The following table describes the interactions between the various editions of Service Manager.

如果您開始使用   .。。If you started with ... 然後重新執行安裝程式以安裝   .。。And then rerun Setup to install ... 新安裝是否到期?Will the new installation time out?
Evaluation EditionEvaluation Edition 零售版Retail Edition Yes
Evaluation EditionEvaluation Edition 選用版Select Edition Yes
零售版Retail Edition Evaluation EditionEvaluation Edition No
零售版Retail Edition 選用版Select Edition No
選用版Select Edition 零售版Retail Edition No

後續步驟Next steps

  • 請參閱 支援的設定,以瞭解 Service Manager 的硬體和軟體設定。Review supported configurations, to learn about the hardware and software configurations for Service Manager. 包含伺服器支援 Service Manager 所需記憶體的特定考慮。Specific considerations about the memory that servers need to support Service Manager are included.