MediaCaptureInitializationSettings.RecordMediaDescription Property


Gets or sets the media description for video recording.

 property MediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription ^ RecordMediaDescription { MediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription ^ get(); void set(MediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription ^ value); };
MediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription RecordMediaDescription();

void RecordMediaDescription(MediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription value);
public MediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription RecordMediaDescription { get; set; }
var mediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription = mediaCaptureInitializationSettings.recordMediaDescription;
mediaCaptureInitializationSettings.recordMediaDescription = mediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription;
Public Property RecordMediaDescription As MediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription

Property Value


The media description for video capture.

Windows 10 requirements

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An instance of MediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription defines a group of capture settings that are supported by a video profile. For example, one MediaCaptureVideoProfileMediaDescription object could represent settings for recording 720p video at 30 fps with HDR video and another could represent settings for recording 1080p video at 30 fps without HDR video support. A MediaCaptureVideoProfile object contains separate lists of supported media descriptions for photo capture, preview, and video recording that are supported for that profile. For more information on video profiles, see MediaCaptureVideoProfile.

The way the system uses the RecordMediaDescription property depends on the value of the VideoProfile property.

  • If you set VideoProfile to a non-null value and you set RecordMediaDescription to a value in the video profile's SupportedRecordMediaDescription list, the system will use your provided media description and will provide optimization hints to the driver based on the profile you specify.
  • If you set VideoProfile to a non-null value and the value of RecordMediaDescription is not set, then the system will use the first entry in the video profile's SupportedRecordMediaDescription list as the media description.
  • If the value of VideoProfile is not set at all then the system ignores the value of RecordMediaDescription and reverts to the legacy behavior before these APIs were introduced.

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