DatagramSocketInformation.LocalAddress Property


The local IP address associated with a DatagramSocket object.

 property HostName ^ LocalAddress { HostName ^ get(); };
HostName LocalAddress();
public HostName LocalAddress { get; }
var hostName = datagramSocketInformation.localAddress;
Public ReadOnly Property LocalAddress As HostName

Property Value


The local hostname or IP address.

Windows 10 requirements

App capabilities


The LocalAddress property represents the local IP address bound to the DatagramSocket object.

An app can set the local hostname or IP address to use by calling the BindEndpointAsync , ConnectAsync(EndpointPair) , or GetOutputStreamAsync(EndpointPair) methods on the DatagramSocket. The bind or connect operation will bind the socket to the specific local IP address and local UDP port number. After the bind or connect operation completes, LocalAddress property contains the IP address and the LocalPort property contains the local UDP port number that the local hostname and service name resolved to.

If the local hostname or IP address passed to the BindEndpointAsync , BindServiceNameAsync, ConnectAsync(EndpointPair) , or GetOutputStreamAsync(EndpointPair) methods is null or the ConnectAsync(HostName, String) or GetOutputStreamAsync(HostName, String) method is called, the system will determine the local IP address to bind to the DatagramSocket object.

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