GroupStyle.HeaderTemplateSelector Property


Gets or sets a reference to a custom DataTemplateSelector logic class. The DataTemplateSelector returns different DataTemplate values to use for the header area of group item content.

Equivalent WinUI property: Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Controls.GroupStyle.HeaderTemplateSelector.

DataTemplateSelector HeaderTemplateSelector();

void HeaderTemplateSelector(DataTemplateSelector value);
public DataTemplateSelector HeaderTemplateSelector { get; set; }
var dataTemplateSelector = groupStyle.headerTemplateSelector;
groupStyle.headerTemplateSelector = dataTemplateSelector;
Public Property HeaderTemplateSelector As DataTemplateSelector
<GroupStyle HeaderTemplateSelector="dataTemplateSelectorReference" />

Property Value


An object that derives from DataTemplateSelector. The default is null.


For example XAML that references a custom DataTemplateSelector as the HeaderTemplateSelector value, and example code that shows the overrides for HeaderTemplateSelector methods, see How to group items in a list or grid.

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