Web 專案的屬性頁設定Property Pages Settings for Web Projects

您可以在 [屬性頁] 對話方塊中使用偵錯和發行組態中所討論的方法,變更網站偵錯組態的屬性設定。You can change the property settings for a web site debug configuration in the Property Pages dialog box, as discussed in Debug and Release Configurations. 下表顯示 [屬性頁] 對話方塊中與偵錯工具相關的設定位置。The following tables show where to find debugger-related settings in the Property Pages dialog box.

開始選項分類Start Options category

設定Setting 說明Description
啟動執行Start Action 標題,用以分類與應用程式啟動相關的選項。Heading that groups options related to application startup.
使用目前的頁面Use current Page 指定目前的頁面為偵錯的起始點。Specifies the current page as the starting point for debugging.
特定的頁面:Specific page: 指定您要開始偵錯的網頁。Specifies the Web page where you want to begin debugging.
啟動外部程式:Start external program: 指定用來啟動您要偵錯的應用程式之命令。Specifies the command for launching the program you want to debug.
命令列引數:Command line arguments: 指定上述指定命令的引數。Specifies arguments for the command specified above.
工作目錄:Working directory: 指定為程式偵錯時的工作目錄。Specifies the working directory of the program being debugged. Visual C#Visual C# 中,工作目錄預設為啟動應用程式的來源目錄:\bin\debug。In Visual C#Visual C#, the working directory is the directory the application is launched from, \bin\debug by default.
起始 URLStart URL 指定您要偵錯的 Web 應用程式之位置。Specifies the location of the Web application you want to debug.
不要開啟頁面。等候來自外部應用程式的要求Don't open a page. Wait for a request from an external application 等候來自外部應用程式的要求。Says to wait for a request from an external application. 這個選項不會啟動 Internet Explorer 或其他應用程式。This option does not launch Internet Explorer or another application. 只會在應用程式呼叫時準備進行偵錯。It just prepares for debugging when called by an application.
伺服器Server 標題,用以分類與使用的伺服器相關的選項。Heading that groups options related to the server to be used.
使用預設網頁伺服器Use default Web server 使用預設的 Web 伺服器。Says to use the default Web server.
使用自訂伺服器Use custom server 允許您輸入基礎 URL 用以做為伺服器。Allows you to enter the Base URL to use as the server.
偵錯工具Debuggers 標題,用以分類與要進行之偵錯類型相關的選項。Heading that groups options related to type of debugging to be done.
ASP.NET 偵錯ASP.NET debugging 啟用為 ASP.NETASP.NET 開發平台所撰寫的伺服器頁面偵錯。Enables debugging of server pages written for the ASP.NETASP.NET development platform. 您必須在 [起始 URL] 中指定 URL。You must specify a URL in Start URL.
機器碼偵錯Native code debugging 讓您可以從 Managed 應用程式偵錯原生 (Unmanaged) Win32 程式碼的呼叫。Enables you to debug calls to native (unmanaged) Win32 code from your managed application.
SQL Server 偵錯SQL Server debugging 允許 SQL Server 資料庫物件偵錯。Allows debugging of SQL Server database objects.
Silverlight 調試Silverlight debugging 允許偵錯 Silverlight 元件。Allows debugging of Silverlight components.

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