Security Warning: Debugger Must Execute Untrusted CommandSecurity Warning: Debugger Must Execute Untrusted Command

這個警告對話方塊會在您使用來源伺服器時出現。This warning dialog box appears when you are using Source Server. 它會指出,偵錯工具需要執行以取得原始程式碼的命令不在 srcsvr.ini 檔中所包含來源伺服器的受信任命令清單中。It indicates that the command the debugger needs to execute to obtain source code is not in the list of trusted commands for Source Server contained in the srcsvr.ini file. 如果這是有效的命令,您可將它加入至 srcsvr.ini 檔。If this is a valid command, you can add it to the srcsvr.ini file. 否則,您不應該執行該命令。Otherwise, you should not run it. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 指定符號 ( .pdb) 和原始程式檔。For more information, see Specify Symbol (.pdb) and Source Files.

訊息文字Message Text

偵錯工具必須執行下列未受信任的命令,才能從來源伺服器取得原始程式碼。The debugger must execute the following untrusted command to obtain source code from the source server.

如果偵錯符號檔 (*.pdb) 不是來自已知且受信任的來源,這個命令可能無效,或者執行這個命令會帶來危險。If the debug symbol file (*.pdb) is not from a known and trusted source, this command could be invalid or dangerous to run.

要執行這個命令嗎?Do you want to run this command?

UIElement 清單UIElement List

要執行的 .pdb 檔案中的文字方塊命令。Text Box Command from the .pdb file to run.

執行可讓命令執行。Run Allow the command to run.

請勿執行命令的停止執行,並從來源伺服器下載檔案。Don't Run Stop execution of command and downloading of the file from Source Server.

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