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PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator 可為 .NET 應用程式提供全方位的保護,而且很容易就能夠整合到您的軟體開發生命週期中。PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator provides comprehensive .NET application protection that easily fits into your secure software development lifecycle. 使用它來強化、保護及清理傳統型、行動裝置、伺服器和嵌入式應用程式,以協助保護商業機密和其他智慧財產 (IP)、減少盜版和仿冒,並防止竄改及未經授權的偵錯。Use it to harden, protect, and prune desktop, mobile, server, and embedded applications to help secure trade secrets and other intellectual property (IP), reduce piracy and counterfeiting, and protect against tampering and unauthorized debugging. Dotfuscator 不需要其他程式設計作業,甚至不需要存取原始程式碼,就可以在編譯的組件上執行。Dotfuscator works on compiled assemblies without the need for additional programming or even access to source code.

PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator

為何保護很重要Why protection matters

保護您的「智慧財產」(IP) 非常重要。It's important to protect your intellectual property (IP). 您的應用程式程式碼包含可視為智慧財產的設計和實作詳細資料。Your application's code contains design and implementation details, which can be considered IP. 不過,建基於 .NET Framework 的應用程式包含大量中繼資料與高層級中繼程式碼,因此只要使用眾多免費自動化工具當中的任一種,就能輕易對應用程式進行還原工程。However, applications built on the .NET Framework contain significant metadata and high-level intermediate code, making them easy to reverse engineer, just by using one of many free, automated tools. 藉由中斷並阻止還原工程,您可以防止未經授權的智慧財產公開,並展示您的程式碼包含商業機密。By disrupting and stopping reverse-engineering, you can prevent unauthorized IP disclosure, as well as demonstrate that your code contains trade secrets. Dotfuscator 可以混淆您的 .NET 組件來阻礙還原工程,同時仍維持應用程式原有的行為。Dotfuscator can obfuscate your .NET assemblies to hinder reverse-engineering, while maintaining original application behavior.

「保護應用程式的完整性」也相當重要。It's also important to protect the integrity of your application. 除了還原工程之外,惡意執行者也可能嘗試製作盜版應用程式、改變應用程式在執行階段的行為,或是操控資料。In addition to reverse-engineering, bad actors may attempt to pirate your application, alter the application's behavior at run time, or manipulate data. Dotfuscator 可以在您的應用程式中插入偵測及回應未經授權用途的功能,包括竄改、第三方偵錯與已破解 (Root) 的裝置。Dotfuscator can inject your application with the capability to detect and respond to unauthorized uses, including tampering, third-party debugging, and rooted devices.

如需 Dotfuscator 如何整合到安全軟體開發週期的詳細資訊,請參閱 PreEmptive Solutions 的 SDL App Protection (SDL 應用程式保護) 頁面For more information on how Dotfuscator fits into a secure software development lifecycle, see PreEmptive Solutions' SDL App Protection page.

關於 Dotfuscator CommunityAbout Dotfuscator Community

您的 Microsoft Visual Studio 包含一份 PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator Community,可免費供個人使用。Your copy of Microsoft Visual Studio includes a copy of PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator Community, free for personal use. (這個免費版本先前稱為 Dotfuscator Community Edition 或 Dotfuscator CE。)如需如何安裝 Visual Studio 隨附 Dotfuscator Community 版本的指示,請參閱安裝頁面(This free version was previously known as Dotfuscator Community Edition or Dotfuscator CE.) For instructions on how to install the version of Dotfuscator Community included with Visual Studio, see the Installation page.

Dotfuscator Community 為開發人員、架構設計人員和測試人員提供多種軟體保護及強化服務。Dotfuscator Community offers a range of software protection and hardening services for developers, architects, and testers. Dotfuscator Community 中包含的 .NET Obfuscation 及其他應用程式保護功能的範例:Examples of .NET Obfuscation and other Application Protection features included in Dotfuscator Community are:

  • 為識別碼「重新命名」,使得編譯過的組件較難進行還原工程。Renaming of identifiers to make reverse-engineering of the compiled assemblies more difficult.
  • 「反竄改」會偵測經竄改應用程式的執行,以及終止或回應經竄改的工作階段。Anti-tamper to detect the execution of tampered applications and terminate or respond to tampered sessions.
  • 「反偵錯」會偵測附加到執行中應用程式的偵錯工具,以及終止或回應受偵錯的工作階段。Anti-debug to detect the attachment of a debugger to a running application and terminate or respond to debugged sessions.
  • 「反已破解 (Root) 裝置」會偵測應用程式是否在已破解 (Root) 的 Android 裝置上執行,然後終止或回應這些裝置上的工作階段。Anti-rooted device to detect if the application is running on a rooted Android device and terminate or respond to sessions on these devices.
  • 「應用程式到期行為」會編碼「生命結束」日期,並終止已到期的應用程式工作階段。Application expiration behaviors that encode an "end-of-life" date and terminate expired application sessions.

如需這些功能的詳細資料,包括如何將其整合到您的應用程式保護策略,請參閱功能頁面For details on these features, including how they fit into your application protection strategy, see the Capabilities page.

Dotfuscator Community 提供現成的基本保護。Dotfuscator Community offers basic protection out-of-the-box. Dotfuscator Community 的註冊使用者,以及 PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator Professional (全球頂尖的 .NET Obfuscator) 使用者,將有更多的應用程式保護方法可以使用。Even more application protection measures are available to registered users of Dotfuscator Community, and to users of PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator Professional, the world's leading .NET Obfuscator. 如需增強 Dotfuscator 的相關資訊,請參閱升級頁面For information about enhancing Dotfuscator, see the Upgrades page.

使用者入門Getting started

若要開始從 Visual Studio 使用 Dotfuscator Community,請在 [搜尋方塊] (Ctrl+Q) 中輸入 dotfuscatorTo begin using Dotfuscator Community from Visual Studio, type dotfuscator into the Search Box (Ctrl+Q).

  • 如果您已安裝 Dotfuscator Community,[搜尋方塊]會在 [功能表] 標題下,顯示啟動 Dotfuscator Community 的選項。If Dotfuscator Community is already installed, Search Box will show the option to start Dotfuscator Community under the Menus heading. 如需詳細資料,請參閱完整 Dotfuscator Community 使用者指南的使用者入門頁面For details, see the Getting Started page of the full Dotfuscator Community User Guide.
  • 如果尚未安裝 Dotfuscator Community,[搜尋方塊] 會改為在 [個別元件] 標題下顯示 [安裝 PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator]。If Dotfuscator Community is not yet installed, Search Box will instead show Install PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator under the Individual Components heading. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱安裝頁面See the Installation page for details.

若要開始從 Visual Studio 使用 Dotfuscator Community,請在 [快速啟動] (Ctrl+Q) 搜尋列中輸入 dotfuscatorTo begin using Dotfuscator Community from Visual Studio, type dotfuscator into the Quick Launch (Ctrl+Q) search bar.

您也可以從 上的 Dotfuscator 下載頁面取得最新版本的 Dotfuscator Community。You can also get the latest version of Dotfuscator Community from the Dotfuscator Downloads page on

完整文件Full documentation

本頁面及其子頁面提供 Dotfuscator Community 功能的全面概觀,以及安裝該工具的指示This page and its subpages provide a high-level overview of Dotfuscator Community's features, as well as instructions for installing the tool.

如需詳細的使用指示,請參閱 上的完整 Dotfuscator Community 使用者指南,其中包含如何開始使用 Dotfuscator Community 使用者介面See the full Dotfuscator Community User Guide at for detailed usage instructions, including how to start using the Dotfuscator Community user interface.