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什麼是 Live Share?What is Live Share?

Live Share 可讓您即時與其他人以共同作業方式編輯和偵錯,不論您所使用程式設計語言或建置的應用程式類型為何。Live Share enables you to collaboratively edit and debug with others in real time, regardless what programming languages you're using or app types you're building. 它可讓您立即 (且安全地) 分享您目前的專案,然後視需要,共用偵錯工作階段、 終端機執行個體、 localhost web 應用程式,和更多 !It allows you to instantly (and securely) share your current project, and then as needed, share debugging sessions, terminal instances, localhost web apps, and more! 加入您的工作階段的開發人員會收到所有的編輯器內容從您的環境 (例如語言服務,偵錯),以確保它們可以開始有效率地共同作業立即執行,而不需要複製任何存放庫,或安裝任何 Sdk。Developers that join your sessions recieve all of their editor context from your environment (e.g. language services, debugging), which ensures they can start productively collaborating immediately, without needing to clone any repos or install any SDKs.

使用 Live Share 工具需求有哪些?What are the tooling requirements for using Live Share?

核心功能Live Share 的完全支援下列工具:The core capabilities of Live Share are fully supported in the following tools:

我們逐一查看快速回應使用者意見反應。We iterate quickly to respond to user feedback. 這需要我們充分利用 Visual Studio 內的功能和 Visual Studio Code,只會在其各自的預覽/insider 版本中提供。This requires us to take advantage of features within Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code that are only be available in their respective preview/insider releases. 我們會指出哪些功能需要較新版本的 VS 或 VS Code 文件中。We will indicate which features require more recent versions of VS or VS Code in documentation. 比方說,本機復原/取消復原支援需要 Visual Studio 2017 15.7 +。For example, local undo/redo support requires Visual Studio 2017 15.7+.

Live Share 的核心功能有哪些?What are the core capabilities of Live Share?

Live Share 可讓您分享您程式碼基底與您的小組成員透過安全連線。Live Share enables you to share your codebase with your team members via a secure connection. 使用 Live Share,您就能夠以共同作業方式編輯工作區中的多個檔案,並更重要的是偵錯您的應用程式,與小組成員。With Live Share, you are able to collaboratively edit multiple files in a workspace and more importantly debug your application with your teammates. 共同編輯您的編輯期間會立即看見您的小組成員。During co-editing your edits are immediately seen by your teammates. 共同偵錯期間就會共用相同的偵錯工作階段中,您的應用程式。During co-debugging you are sharing the same debug session of your application. 這表示您和小組成員可以控制以中斷點和步驟,在程式執行,但您可以單獨檢查變數、 監看式、 區域變數及 Repl (例如 Visual Studio 中的即時運算視窗)。This means you and your teammates can control the program execution with breakpoints and steps, but you can independently inspect variables, watches, locals, and REPLs (e.g. the Immediate Window in Visual Studio).

即時共用具有各種不同的使用案例,例如: 在一起,調查 bug 顯示不會在另一個人的電腦上重現的問題解決設計問題,配對程式設計、 進行撰寫程式碼面試、 顧問團隊的其他成員或執行特定程式碼檢閱。Live Share has a wide variety of use cases such as: investigating a bug together, showing an issue that won't repro on another person's machine, solving design issues, pair programming, conducting a coding interview, mentoring other members on a team, or performing ad-hoc code reviews.

藉由使用 Live Share,是我的 Microsoft 伺服器上儲存的程式碼?By using Live Share, is my code stored on a Microsoft server?

否,共用程式碼位於單獨的開發人員起始共用的機器。No, the shared code resides solely on the machine of the developer who initiated the share. 它不會存放或上傳至雲端以任何方式。It is not stored or uploaded to the cloud in any way. 相反地,Live Share 只安全之間建立連接,您和小組成員 (也就是加密的端對端),並不會檢查或收集任何資料,在共用的程式碼。Rather, Live Share simply establishes a secure connection between you and your teammates (which is encrypted end-to-end), and doesn't inspect or collect any data on the code that is shared.

這個遠端基礎的模型是否使用任何地方?Does this remote-based model work anywhere? 它是對等項目-嗎?Is it peer-to-peer?

即時共用的唯一要求就是共用的人員和其小組每個能夠存取網際網路。Live Share's only requirement is that the person sharing and their teammate each have internet access. Azure 轉送可促進共同作業工作階段期間的小組成員之間的通訊安全。Secure communication between team members during a collaboration session is facilitated by an Azure relay. 您的工作區 (也就是原始程式檔) 不會儲存在雲端中。Your workspace (i.e. source files) is not stored in the cloud. 沒有特殊的對等連線是必要的不過其中一個可能會用來減少延遲。No special peer-to-peer connection is required though one might be used to reduce latency. 請參閱變更連線模式在我們的文件,如需詳細資訊。See changing the connection mode in our docs for additional details.

什麼是 Live Share 工作階段期間共用?What is shared during a Live Share session?

即時的共用不會傳輸所有的鍵盤和滑鼠輸入。Live Share doesn't transfer all keyboard and mouse inputs. 它只會針對每個小組成員的機器的共同作業活動所需的資料進行通訊。It only communicates the data needed for each collaboration activity to your teammates' machines. 例如,當您共用您的工作區時,會共用您的資料夾結構。For example, when you share your workspace, your folder structure is shared. 當您以共同作業方式編輯檔案時,會共用檔案的內容。When you collaboratively edit a file, that file's contents are shared. 當您以共同作業方式偵錯 (例如逐步執行) 的偵錯動作和狀態 (例如呼叫堆疊和區域變數) 會共用。When you are collaboratively debugging, debug actions (e.g. stepping) and state (e.g. call stack and locals) are shared.

Live Share 將何時發行?When will Live Share be released?

即時共用現已正式推出 !Live Share is now generally available! 您可以開始使用 Live Share今天。You can get started with Live Share today.

將它費用是多少?How much will it cost?

我們致力於實質性免費層次的 Visual Studio Live Share 供開發人員持續使用。We are committed to a substantive free tier of Visual Studio Live Share for developers to use on an ongoing basis. 我們將會評估付費層次,利用進階功能的引進當我們深入了解社群的需求。We will be evaluating the introduction of paid tiers with advanced features as we better understand the needs of the community.

與其他小組成員如何共用我的程式碼?How is my code shared with other teammates?

使用 Live Share,當您進行,小組成員可以存取它透過安全的雲端服務該遠端命令從您的編輯器,正在處理可用的程式碼。When using Live Share, you’re making the code you’re working on available such that your teammates can access it via a secure cloud service that remotes commands from your editor. 小組成員可以開啟和編輯的檔案,而不需要將它們儲存在雲端或永久地將它們儲存在您小組成員的電腦上。Your teammates can open and edit the files without needing to store them in the cloud or permanently store them on your teammate’s machine.

即時共用可讓您立即存取專案樹狀結構、 程式碼巡覽和搜尋等功能。Live Share enables instant access to capabilities like the project tree, code navigation, and search. 它也可讓您的小組成員,才會受益於編輯器增強功能,例如 IntelliSense。It also allows your teammates to benefit from editor enhancements such as IntelliSense.

如果使用者將會離線,或停止共用發生什麼事?What happens if a user goes offline, or stops sharing?

遠端的模型會需要透過 Live Share 和其小組分享開發人員必須連線才能連接。The remote model requires that the developer sharing via Live Share and their teammate must be online to be connected. 如果您小組成員嘗試使用 Live Share,當您離線時,他們將無法加入此工作階段,直到您一次在線上。If your teammate attempts to use Live Share when you are offline, they will be unable to join the session until you are online again. 此外,一旦共同作業停駐點 (例如您關閉編輯器、 離線,或停止共用),然後進一步動作或小組成員所存取的檔案會立即停用。Additionally, once collaboration stops (e.g. you close your editor, go offline, or stop sharing), then further actions or file access by your teammates are immediately disabled.

那麼螢幕共用呢?What about screen sharing?

Live Share 可讓您共用您的專案程式碼和其內容。Live Share lets you share your project's code and its context. 這表示您的小組可以輕鬆地一頭栽進程式碼基底,並使用您使用其熟悉的工具。It means that your teammate can easily jump into your codebase and work with you, using their familiar tool. 您的編輯器或其他應用程式不共用或可檢視依您的小組成員,而且您不需要變更工作型態,或使用網頁型應用程式。Your editor or other apps are not shared or viewable by your teammate, and you don’t have to change your workstyle or use a web-based app.

即時的共用不會取代您可能想要顯示的功能表項目或討論視覺效果,您的應用程式或您編輯器的螢幕共用。Live Share does not replace screen sharing where you may want to show a menu item or discuss visual aspects of your app or your editor. 相反地,您可以選擇使用 Live Share 以及對談、 語音、 視訊和螢幕共用。Instead, you have the option to use Live Share along with chat, voice, video, and screen sharing.

其他共同作業工具呢?What about other collaboration tools?

即時共用可以搭配對談、 立即訊息或電子郵件技術。Live Share can be used with chat, instant messaging, or email technologies. 我們觀察到許多開發人員之間的合作互動開始在這些工具。We’ve observed that many collaborative interactions between developers start in these tools. 不過,當討論與程式碼有關,而且常會收到很直接的點太多個內容需要難說明文字、 程式碼片段或單一檔案-有問題。However, when the discussion is about code, they often get to a point where it’s simply too hard to explain a problem with text, code snippets, or single files - more context is needed.

即時共用可用於許多項目,例如: 搜尋說明問題,解決 bug,配對程式設計、 進行編碼的訪談中,或執行臨機操作之前,請檢視程式碼認可或提取要求。Live Share can be used for many things, such as: seeking help on an issue, resolving a bug, pair programming, conducting a coding interview, or performing an ad-hoc review before a code commit or a pull-request.

其他 web 編輯器呢?What about other web editors?

以 web 為基礎的編輯器,這兩個小組成員必須使用相同的 web 應用程式取得共同作業的優點,可能不到其主要、 日常的編輯器。With web-based editors, both teammates need to use the same web app to get collaborative benefits, which may not be their primary, day-to-day editor. 許多 web 架構的編輯器會假設您是建置和部署到通常裝載在雲端環境中的虛擬機器。Many web-based editors assume that you are building and deploying into a Virtual Machine often hosted in a cloud environment.

雖然這可能是適合許多情況下,開發人員通常會想要在不裝載在 VM 中部署或雲端中的應用程式上共同作業。While this may be desirable for many scenarios, developers often want to collaborate on apps that aren’t hosted in a VM or in the cloud. Live Share,您和您的小組可以使用此工具的生態系統,除了在網頁的編輯器中提供的相同功能的功能。With Live Share, you and your teammate can use the capabilities of the tools’ ecosystem in addition to the same capabilities available in web-based editors.

即時共用更進一步的步驟,並可讓您共用的偵錯工作階段。Live Share goes a step further and enables you to share a debug session. 這可讓您特別適用於登錄其他人來協助您找出您的電腦而不改變他們的開發工作流程,或需要改變應用程式的設計只會發生的問題。This makes it especially useful in enlisting others to help you track down issues that only happen on your machine without altering their development workflow or needing to alter the application design.

將支援哪些語言及平台?Which languages and platforms will be supported?

我們的目標是以支援各種不同的橫向顯示的語言及平台,以確保我們可以啟用豐富的共同作業,無論正在開發的應用程式類型。Our goal is to support the diverse landscape of languages and platforms, to ensure we can enable rich collaboration, regardless of the application type being developed. 請參閱語言和支援的平台如需有關哪些今天的文章。See the language and platform support article for details on what works today.

多少開發人員可以加入共同作業工作階段?How many developers can join a collaboration session?

我們目前支援 30 並行的來賓,除了開發人員 (「 主機 」) 共用其專案。We currently support 30 concurrent guests, in addition to the developer that is sharing ("hosting") their project.

藍圖是什麼?What is the roadmap?

您可以檢視一組已知的問題和藍圖項目此處You can view the set of known issues, and roadmap items here. 如果您想要請參閱僅功能要求,而不是所有的問題,請參閱此處If you'd like to see only feature requests rather than all issues, see here. 我們鼓勵您附議現有的項目,提出新功能要求,並記錄錯誤報告,以協助我們圖形的方向,邁向未來的產品。We encourage you to up-vote existing items, file new feature requests, and log bug reports, in order to help us shape the direction of the product moving forward.

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