Visual Studio for Mac 中的鍵盤流覽Keyboard navigation in Visual Studio for Mac

您可以使用最常見的 macOS 鍵盤快速鍵以及許多特定 Visual Studio for Mac 的鍵盤使用者來存取 Visual Studio for Mac。Visual Studio for Mac is accessible by keyboard users using most common macOS keyboard shortcuts, as well as many that are specific to Visual Studio for Mac. 在此,您將瞭解這兩者的一些基本鍵盤命令,以及如何設定 Visual Studio for Mac 鍵盤快速鍵。Here, you learn about some basic keyboard commands for both, and how to set up Visual Studio for Mac keyboard shortcuts.

使用鍵盤流覽Use keyboard navigation

鍵盤流覽支援已內建在 macOS 中。Keyboard navigation support is built right into macOS. 若要取得最全面的體驗,請設定 macOS 以在 所有控制項之間移動鍵盤焦點。To have the most comprehensive experience, set macOS to move keyboard focus between All controls. 這可讓您在視窗或對話方塊中的所有控制項之間移動。This allows you to move through all controls in a window or dialog box.


自訂鍵盤快速鍵Customize keyboard shortcuts

Visual Studio for Mac 具有各種工作的鍵盤快速鍵範圍。Visual Studio for Mac has a range of keyboard shortcuts for various tasks. 您可以如下所示來查看和編輯這些快速鍵:You can view and edit these shortcuts as follows:

  1. 選取**Visual Studio (] 功能表) ** > **喜好設定 ( # A0、) **。Select Visual Studio (menu) > Preferences (⌘,).

  2. 移至環境 > 金鑰系結。Go to Environment > Key Bindings.

  3. 滾動清單,或搜尋快速鍵或命令。Scroll through the list, or search for the shortcut or command.

  4. 選取命令。Select the command.

  5. 選取 [ 按鍵系結],然後輸入按鍵組合。Select Key Binding, and type a key combination.

  6. 選取 [套用]。Select Apply.


如果您熟悉其他常用的鍵盤快捷 (方式,您可以從按鍵系結配置清單中進行選擇,以最符合您的需求,例如,Windows) 中的 Visual Studio。You can choose from a list of key binding schemes to best suit your needs if you are familiar with other common keyboard shortcuts (for example, Visual Studio in Windows).

實用的鍵盤快速鍵Useful keyboard shortcuts

功能Feature 描述Description 快速鍵Shortcut
流覽 UINavigating UI 移動 UI 的所有元素。Move through all elements of the UI. ⇧⇥, ⇧⇥
互動Interact 選取目前焦點的控制項。Select the control currently in focus.
互動Interact 在螢幕或對話方塊中,選取預設控制項。Select the default control in the screen or dialog box.
切換索引標籤Switch tabs 迴圈流覽開啟的檔案。Cycle through open files. ⌘⇧ [⌘⇧]⌘⇧[, ⌘⇧]
偵錯Debug 開始偵錯。Start debugging. ⌘⏎⌘⏎


查看 鍵盤快速鍵的完整鍵盤命令清單。See a comprehensive list of keyboard commands on Keyboard shortcuts.