MacOS 的協助工具功能Accessibility features of macOS

macOS 是可存取的作業系統,有許多功能可協助使用者進行不同的能力。macOS is an accessible operating system, with a number of features to assist users of varying abilities. 這些功能包括高對比模式、鍵盤導覽和 VoiceOver (macOS 螢幕讀取器) 。These features include a high-contrast mode, keyboard navigation, and VoiceOver (the macOS screen reader).

啟用協助工具功能Enable accessibility features

在 Visual Studio for Mac 中,輔助技術的支援預設為關閉。In Visual Studio for Mac, support for assistive technologies is turned off by default. 啟用協助工具支援:To enable accessibility support:

  1. 移至 Visual Studio (] 功能表) > 喜好 設定 > ****,然後選取 [協助工具]。Go to Visual Studio (menu) > Preferences > Other, and select Accessibility.

  2. 選取 [ 啟用協助工具 ] 核取方塊。Select the Enable Accessibility check box.

    協助工具喜好設定的螢幕擷取畫面,其中已選取 [啟用協助工具]

  3. 選取 [ 重新開機 Visual Studio ],以啟用 Apple 輔助技術的支援。Select Restart Visual Studio to enable support for the assistive technologies of Apple.

或者,您可以使用命令列來啟用協助工具功能。Alternatively, you can use the command line to enable accessibility features. 做法是在終端機中輸入下列命令:To do this, enter the following command in terminal:

defaults write com.monodevelop.AccessibilityEnabled 1

透過命令列變更此設定之後,您將需要重新開機 Visual Studio。After changing this setting via the command line, you will need to restart Visual Studio.

增加 macOS 中的對比Increase the contrast in macOS

Visual Studio for Mac 在 macOS 中支援更高的對比,增加 UI 元素的對比,並讓大綱更明確地定義。Visual Studio for Mac supports increased contrast in macOS, increasing the contrast of UI elements and making outlines more defined. 若要啟用:To enable this:

  1. 開啟 [ 系統偏好 設定]。Open System Preferences.

  2. 移至 [ 協助工具],然後選取 [ 顯示]。Go to Accessibility, and select Display.

  3. 選取 [ 提高對比 ] 核取方塊。Select the Increase contrast check box.