Visual Studio 客戶經驗改進計畫Visual Studio Customer Experience Improvement Program

Visual Studio 客戶經驗改進計畫 (VSCEIP) 是設計來協助 Microsoft 隨著時間改善 Visual Studio for Mac 的計畫。The Visual Studio Customer Experience Improvement Program (VSCEIP) is a program designed to help Microsoft improve Visual Studio for Mac over time. 此計畫會收集有關電腦硬體以及使用者如何使用 Visual Studio for Mac 的資訊,而不會中斷使用者在電腦上的工作。This program collects information about computer hardware and how people use Visual Studio for Mac, without interrupting the users in their tasks at the computer. 所收集的資訊可協助 Microsoft 找出應改善的功能。The information that is collected helps Microsoft identify which features to improve. 本文描述如何加入或退出 VSCEIP。This article describes how to opt in or out of the VSCEIP.

如需 VSCEIP 收集、處理或傳輸之資訊的詳細資訊,請參閱 Microsoft 隱私權聲明For more information about the information collected, processed, or transmitted by the VSCEIP, see the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

Visual Studio 客戶經驗改進計畫的選擇與控制Choice and control over the Visual Studio Customer Experience Improvement Program

VSCEIP 預設為開啟。The VSCEIP is turned on by default. 您可以依照下列指示來將它關閉或重新開啟。You can turn it off, or back on again, by following the instructions below.

  1. 開啟 Visual Studio for Mac。Open Visual Studio for Mac.

  2. 從功能表列中,選擇 [Visual Studio] > [喜好設定] > [其他] > [意見反應]。From the menu bar, choose Visual Studio > Preferences > Other > Feedback.

  3. 選取您的參與意願:Select your preference for participation:



如果您想要檢視或刪除個人資料,請檢閱 GDPR 的 Windows 資料主體要求中的 Microsoft 指引。If you’re interested in viewing or deleting personal data, please review Microsoft's guidance at Windows Data Subject Requests for the GDPR. 如果您要尋找 GDPR 的一般資訊,請參閱 服務信任入口網站的 GDPR 一節。If you’re looking for general information about GDPR, see the GDPR section of the Service Trust Portal.

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