MSBuild 參考MSBuild reference

MSBuildMSBuild 是適用於 Visual StudioVisual Studio 的建置系統。is the build system for Visual StudioVisual Studio. 下列連結會引導至包含 MSBuildMSBuild 參考資訊的主題。The following links lead to topics that contain MSBuildMSBuild reference information.

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說明組成 MSBuildMSBuild 檔案格式的 XML 項目。Describes the XML elements that make up the MSBuildMSBuild file format.

說明一些 MSBuildMSBuild 隨附的一般工作。Describes some of the typical tasks that are included with MSBuildMSBuild.

說明可在 MSBuildMSBuild 檔案中使用的條件。Describes the conditions that are available in MSBuildMSBuild files.

說明如何使用 ChooseWhenOtherwise 項目。Describes how to use the Choose, When, and Otherwise elements.

說明 MSBuildMSBuild 的保留屬性。Describes the MSBuildMSBuild reserved properties.

說明通用於所有專案類型的專案屬性,也會說明通常是供特定專案類型使用的屬性。Describes project properties that are common to all project types, and also properties that are often used by particular project types.

說明通用於所有專案類型的專案項目,也會說明通常是供特定專案類型使用的項目。Describes project items that are common to all project types, and also items that are often used by particular project types.

說明可以與 MSBuildMSBuild.exe 搭配使用的引數和參數。Describes the arguments and switches that can be used with MSBuildMSBuild.exe.

描述 MSBuildMSBuild 內含的 .Targets 檔案。Describes the .Targets file that is included in MSBuildMSBuild.

列出與每個項目一起建立的中繼資料。Lists the metadata that is created together with every item.

說明包含命令列參數的 .rsp 檔案。Explains the .rsp files that contain command-line switches.

包含適用於 Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 的 MSBuildMSBuild 目標和工作參考。Contains an MSBuildMSBuild targets and task reference for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

列出可能必須「逸出」才能正確解譯的字元。Lists the characters that may have to be "escaped" to be interpreted correctly. 逸出序列是一系列的字元,表示隨之而來的是替代的解譯。An escape sequence is a series of characters that signifies that what follows is an alternative interpretation.

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