Visual Studio Icon 安裝舊版 Visual Studio 2017Installing an Earlier Release of Visual Studio 2017

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這不是 Visual Studio 的最新版本。This is not the latest version of Visual Studio. 若要下載最新版本,請參閱 Visual Studio 2019 的最新版本資訊To download the latest release, please visit the current release notes for Visual Studio 2019.

我們時常更新 Visual Studio,以便讓您擁有最新且最佳化的功能。We update Visual Studio often so that you get the most current, optimized features. 這些更新有時候可能會變更您的開發環境。Sometimes this may include changes which alter your development environment. 如果您需要回到先前的版本,則必須將目前的安裝解除安裝,然後使用下列連結來還原 Visual Studio 的狀態。If you need to go back to the previous release, then you must uninstall your current installation and use the link below to revert your Visual Studio state. 本文說明如何執行這項操作。This article describes how to do so.


嘗試修改 Visual Studio 2017 的目前安裝之前,請參閱我們的支援原則,其中概述了支援的版本。Before attempting to modify your current installation of Visual Studio 2017, refer to our support policy, which outlines supported versions. Microsoft 不保證支援此原則之外的版本。Microsoft does not guarantee support outside of this policy.


此頁面一律會包含目前產品的 N-1 版本連結。例如,發行 15.6 時,此頁面上的連結會導向 15.5 的最新服務版本。This page will always contain links to the N-1 version of our current product - for example, when 15.6 is released, the links on this page will direct to the latest servicing release of 15.5. 如需這些連結預期更新頻率的資訊,請參閱 Visual Studio 2017 發行節奏For information on how often you can expect these links to be updated, see the Visual Studio 2017 Release Rhythm.

將目前版本解除安裝Uninstalling the current release

  • 在 Windows 桌面電腦上,開啟 Visual Studio 安裝程式。On your Windows desktop machine, open the Visual Studio Installer.
  • 針對 Visual Studio 安裝程式中目前已安裝且可見的 Visual Studio 2017 所有執行個體,將每個執行個體解除安裝。Uninstall every instance of Visual Studio 2017 that you currently have installed and visible in the Visual Studio Installer.
  • 從 [新增或移除程式] 中,找出 "Microsoft Visual Studio 2017" 並將之解除安裝。From Add or Remove Programs, find "Microsoft Visual Studio 2017" and uninstall it.

如果由於損毀的安裝而無法遵循上述任一步驟,請改為執行下列步驟:If you are unable to follow any of the steps above due to a corrupted install, do the following instead:

  • 在 Windows 桌面電腦上,移至 [新增或移除程式]。On your Windows desktop machine, go to Add or Remove Programs.
  • 尋找 "Microsoft Visual Studio 2017"。Find "Microsoft Visual Studio 2017".
  • 選取 [解除安裝]。Select Uninstall. 完成解除安裝之後,必須再次執行 Visual Studio 啟動載入器,以便存取 InstallCleanup 工具。Once uninstallation is complete, you will need to run the Visual Studio Bootstrapper once more so that you can access the InstallCleanup tool. 此工具會移除先前 Visual Studio 執行個體的所有殘留資訊,這是安裝先前版本的必要條件。This tool removes all traces of your previous Visual Studio instance, which is necessary for installing the earlier release.
  • 移至 並選取要下載的版本。Go to and select a version to download.
  • 當提示您選取要安裝的工作負載時,請關閉該視窗 (不要安裝任何項目)。When prompted to select a workload to install, close the window (do not install anything).
  • 然後關閉 Visual Studio 安裝程式視窗 (不要安裝任何項目)。Then close the Visual Studio Installer window (do not install anything).
  • 您現在應該可以從 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer\resources\app\layout\ 存取 InstallCleanup.exe。You should now have access to InstallCleanup.exe from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer\resources\app\layout\.
  • 在系統管理員模式中使用命令提示字元,移至此目錄並執行 InstallCleanup.exe -fUsing Command Prompt in administrator mode, go to this directory and run InstallCleanup.exe -f.

請注意,解除安裝不會移除獨立程式項目,例如,.NET、SQL、IIS、VC++ 可轉散發檔案與其他 SDK。Please note, uninstallation will not remove standalone program entries, such as .NET, SQL, IIS, VC++ Redistributables and other SDKs. 若有需要,可能要從 [新增或移除程式] 來手動移除這些程式。If required, these may need to be removed manually from Add or Remove Programs.

安裝先前版本Installing the earlier release

您可以建立並使用離線安裝,或是直接下載並啟動下列安裝程式。You can either create and use an offline installation, or you can download and launch the installer below directly.

若要建立離線安裝,請遵循建立 Visual Studio 2017 的離線安裝中的指示,並以下列版本取代文件中所參考的啟動載入器檔案。To create an offline installation, follow the instructions at Create an offline installation of Visual Studio 2017, replacing the bootstrapper files referenced in the document with the versions below.

產品Product 版本Version 安裝連結Installation link
ProfessionalProfessional 15.8.915.8.9 Professional.exeProfessional.exe
企業Enterprise 15.8.915.8.9 Enterprise.exeEnterprise.exe
建置工具Build Tools 15.8.915.8.9 BuildTools.exeBuildTools.exe
ProfessionalProfessional 15.7.615.7.6 Professional.exeProfessional.exe
企業Enterprise 15.7.615.7.6 Enterprise.exeEnterprise.exe
建置工具Build Tools 15.7.615.7.6 BuildTools.exeBuildTools.exe
ProfessionalProfessional 15.6.715.6.7 Professional.exeProfessional.exe
企業Enterprise 15.6.715.6.7 Enterprise.exeEnterprise.exe
建置工具Build Tools 15.6.715.6.7 BuildTools.exeBuildTools.exe

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