Visual Studio for Mac 的服務Servicing for Visual Studio for Mac

Visual Studio for Mac 從全球發行 (RTW) 主要產品版本的日期開始,即遵循 Microsoft 現代化生命週期原則Visual Studio for Mac follows the Microsoft Modern Lifecycle Policy, starting with the date the major product version is released to the world (RTW).

該服務透過「更新」執行,即產品中新功能和現有功能之累計修正程式的套件。Servicing is performed via “Updates” which are packages of new features and cumulative fixes for existing features in the product.

在下列情況下,您會維持在「受支援的狀態」:You are in a 'supported state' as long as:

  • 您使用的是透過穩定通道散發的最新版產品。You are using the latest release of the product distributed via the Stable channel.
  • 您保有使用產品的授權。You remain licensed to use the product.
  • Microsoft 會繼續提供此產品的支援。Microsoft continues to offer support for this product.


Visual Studio for Mac 提供穩定、搶鮮版 (Beta) 和 Alpha 通道的訂閱選項。Visual Studio for Mac offers the option to subscribe to Stable, Beta, and Alpha channels. 穩定通道是唯一支援的通道。The Stable channel is the only supported channel.

搶鮮版 (Beta) 和 Alpha 視為預覽通道,可讓客戶針對仍在開發的發行前版本提供意見反應及收到早期預覽。Beta and Alpha are considered preview channels for customers to provide feedback for and receive early previews of pre-release features that are still under development. 不支援搶鮮版 (Beta) 和 Alpha 通道。Beta and Alpha channels are not supported.

如何取得更新How to Get Updates

您可以藉由依照產品中的提示進行,或是從 下載最新版本,來取得更新。You can get updates by following in-product prompts or by downloading the latest from or

如果您選擇將通道切換至預先發行的搶鮮版 (Beta) 和 Alpha 通道,則安裝 Visual Studio for Mac 後不會提供任何支援。If you choose to switch channels to either the pre-release Beta or Alpha channel, then no support is provided on that installation of Visual Studio for Mac.

Mono Framework 的支援Support for the Mono Framework

Visual Studio for Mac 是使用 Mono 所建立,這是以 Microsoft 贊助的 .NET Framework 為基礎的開放原始碼開發平台。Visual Studio for Mac is created using Mono, an open source development platform based on the .NET Framework sponsored by Microsoft. 我們對 Mono 的支援只會延伸到 Visual Studio for Mac 產品,而不會延伸到您可能在 Visual Studio for Mac 中使用 Mono Framework 建立的任何產品。Our support of Mono extends only to the Visual Studio for Mac product, but not to any projects you might create within Visual Studio for Mac using the Mono Framework.

**範例 1:**如果 Visual Studio for Mac 中出現因使用 Mono Framework 所產生的 Bug,我們可能會提供您修正程式或因應措施支援,讓 Visual Studio for Mac 能夠再次運作。Example 1: If there is a bug in Visual Studio for Mac resulting from use of the Mono Framework, we may support you with a fix or workaround to get Visual Studio for Mac working again.

**範例 2:**您想要開發利用 Mono Framework 的應用程式,而且在 Mono 中遇到導致應用程式以未預期方式運作的問題。Example 2: You are developing an application utilizing the Mono Framework and encounter an issue in Mono which is causing your application to behave in an unexpected fashion. Microsoft 不會為您提供任何修正程式或因應措施,或因此對 Mono Framework 進行任何修正。Microsoft will not provide any fixes or workarounds to you or make any fixes to the Mono Framework as a result.

如需 Mono 的更多協助,請前往 Mono 專案社群登陸頁面For more assistance with Mono, please visit the Mono Project community landing page.

Visual Studio 服務未涵蓋的元件Components not Covered by Visual Studio Servicing

Visual Studio for Mac 包含一組編譯器、語言、執行階段、環境和其他資源或工具,可針對許多平台進行開發。Visual Studio for Mac includes a collection of compilers, languages, runtimes, environments, and other resources or tools that enable development for many platforms. 這些元件可能會隨 Visual Studio for Mac 安裝,但會受到其本身的授權以及支援和生命週期原則所規範。These components may be installed with Visual Studio for Mac but are subject to their own license and support & lifecycles policies.

除了元件之外,Visual Studio for Mac 也會使用多個專案及專案項目範本。In addition to components, Visual Studio for Mac also uses several projects and project item templates. 這些範本的支援由提供這些範本的元件所管理。The support for these templates is governed by the component that provides those templates.