C 程式庫參考C library reference

本節包含並行視覺化檢視 SDK 的參考資訊。This section contains reference information for the Concurrency Visualizer SDK.


C 語言標準針對程式庫等實作,保留使用開頭為底線 (_) 字元的識別項。The C language standard reserves the use of identifiers that begin with an underscore (_) character for implementations such as libraries. 請勿在程式碼中使用開頭為底線的名稱。Do not use names beginning with an underscore in your code. 我們不保證名稱遵循這個慣例之程式碼項目的行為,而且未來的發行版本可能會變更。The behavior of code elements whose names follow this convention are not guaranteed and are subject to change in future releases. 因此,本文件中將省略這類程式碼項目。For these reasons, such code elements are omitted from this documentation.