Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1 版本資訊Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1 Release Notes

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這不是最新版的 Team Foundation Server。This is not the latest version of Team Foundation Server. 若要下載最新版本,請瀏覽 Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 3 的最新版本資訊To download the latest release, please visit the current release notes for Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 3. 若要變更此頁面的語言,請按一下頁尾的地球圖示,然後選取您想要的語言。You can change the language of this page by clicking the globe icon in the page footer and selecting your desired language.

本文提供 Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1 的相關資訊。In this article, you will find information regarding Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1.

若要深入了解 Team Foundation Server 2015,請參閱 Team Foundation Server 的需求與相容性 (英文) 頁面。To learn more about Team Foundation Server 2015, see the Team Foundation Server Requirements and Compatibility page.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 TFS 安裝頁面。Please see the TFS Install page for more information.

Release Notes Icon 發行日期:2015 年 11 月 30 日Release Date: November 30, 2015

Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1 的新功能摘要Summary of What's New in Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1

功能更新:Feature updates:

Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1 的新功能詳細資料Details of What's New in Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1

同一個專案中的 Git 和 TFVC Git and TFVC in the same project

Team Foundation Server 現在支援將 Git 存放庫新增至 Team Foundation 版本控制 (TFVC) 的 Team 專案,或將 TFVC 存放庫新增至 Git 的 Team 專案。Team Foundation Server now supports adding Git repositories to Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) Team Projects or adding TFVC repositories to Git team projects. 這可讓您更容易採用新的版本控制系統,同時保留您目前所有 Team 專案的資料。This makes it easier to adopt a new version control system while keeping all your current team project data. 小組成員需要執行 Visual Studio 2015 Update 1,以便在同一個 Team 專案的 TFVC 和 Git 之間切換。Team members need to run Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 to switch between TFVC and Git in the same team project.

網路上的版本控制 - 記錄和使用者入門改善 Version control on the web - history and getting started improvements

我們已改善合併認可的認可詳細資料頁面,讓您更容易閱讀認可訊息並查看合併認可的重要詳細資料。We have improved the commit details page for merge commits making it easier to read the commit message and see the important details of a merge commit. 合併認可預設為顯示與父系 1 的差異,因為這是您最可能想要了解的差異,特別是在使用提取要求時。Merge commits default to showing a diff against parent 1 because that is the most likely diff you want, especially if you use pull requests. 此外,空白 Git 存放庫和複製 Git 存放庫的體驗使得透過 Visual Studio、XCode、Eclipse 或命令列複製您的存放庫更加容易。In addition, the empty Git repo and clone Git repo experience make it easier to clone your repo through Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse, or the command line.

工作流程看板資料行的查詢 Query on Kanban columns

來自工作流程看板的資料現在都可供您使用,包括面板資料行、資料行已完成指標和面板泳道。Data from your Kanban board, including the board column, column done indicator, and board swim lane, are all now available. 您可以依據這些資料來建立查詢、圖表和樣式規則。You can create queries, charts, and styling rules based on them. 這些欄位會顯示在所有資料行選項選擇器中,並且可匯出成 Excel 的唯讀欄位。These fields show up in all column option pickers, and can be exported as read-only fields in Excel. 您將在工作項目體驗中看到三個新的欄位:You will see three new fields in work item experiences:

  • 面板資料行:工作項目目前所在的工作流程看板資料行。Board Column: current Kanban board column the work item is in.
  • 面板資料行已完成:依據工作項目位於工作流程看板上的 [執行中] 或 [已完成] 分割資料行而顯示 False (執行中) 或 True (已完成) 值。Board Column Done: False (Doing) or True (Done) value depending on whether the work item is in the Doing or Done split column on the Kanban board.
  • 面板泳道:目前的工作流程看板泳道。Board Lane: current Kanban board swimlane.

SonarQube 適用于以 Maven 組建工作建立的 JAVA 程式 SonarQube works for Java programs built with a Maven Build task

您現在可以使用 Maven 建置工作來執行 SonarQube 分析。You can now perform a SonarQube analysis using the Maven Build Task.

搭配內部部署或裝載的代理程式運作的 SonarQube 分析建置工作 SonarQube Analysis build tasks work with on-premises and hosted agents

內嵌 sonar-msbuild-runner 1.0 的 SonarQube 建置工作可與內部部署和裝載的代理程式搭配運作。SonarQube build tasks that embed the sonar-msbuild-runner 1.0 work with on-premises and hosted agents. 您現在可以使用兩項建置工作來執行與 MSBuild 結合的 SonarQube 分析。You can now use two build tasks to execute a SonarQube analysis in conjunction with MSBuild. 請在執行實際 MSBuild 的建置步驟前插入 適用於 MSBuild 的 SonarQube - 開始分析 工作,以指定 SonarQube 專案參數、SonarQube 伺服器連線以及 (直到 SonarQube 5.2 才可使用) SonarQube 資料庫連線。Before the build steps that execute the actual MSBuild, insert a SonarQube for MSBuild - Begin Analysis task to specify the SonarQube project parameters, the connection to the SonarQube server, and (until SonarQube 5.2 is available) the connection to the SonarQube database. 請在建置及任何測試工作後,附加 適用於 MSBuild 的 SonarQube - 結束分析 以完成分析並將資料傳送給 SonarQube。After the build and any test tasks, append a SonarQube for MSBuild - End Analysis task to complete the analysis and send the data to SonarQube.

SonarQube 建置工作

在所有待處理項目上多重選取 Multi-select on all backlogs

您可以在所有待處理項目和支援上進行多重選取:Multi-select is available on all backlogs and supports:

  • 將拖放功能重新排列與重設父代Drag-and-drop reordering and re-parenting
  • 將項目拖曳至反覆項目Dragging items to an iteration
  • 將項目拖曳至對應窗格Dragging items to the mapping pane
  • 操作功能表上 [移至頂端] 和 [移到位置] 的支援Support for move to top and move to position on the context menu
  • 大量編輯Bulk edit
  • 大量指派給Bulk assign to

在看板上標記著色 Tag coloring on Kanban

您現在可以變更標題文字的色彩和樣式,也可以將色彩新增至特定標記。You can now change the color and style of title text as well as add color to specific tags. 若要嘗試此動作,請按一下齒輪圖示。To try this, click the gear icon. 您可以在 [樣式] 下方設定標題文字格式,以及在 [標記色彩] 下方將標記著色。You can format title text under Styles and color tags under Tag colors.

以檢查清單形式呈現的工作 Tasks as a checklist

您可以直接從面板上的父卡新增工作、編輯工作或將工作標示為完成。Tasks can now be added, edited, and marked as done directly from the parent card on your board. 彙總狀態的摘要指出已完成的工作數目,以及剩餘的數目。A summary of the roll-up status indicates the number of completed tasks and how many remain.

儀表板 Dashboards

Team Foundation Server Update 1 現在已提供儀表板。Dashboards are now available in Team Foundation Server Update 1. 儀表板可讓您的小組和專案關係人查看工作進度、程式碼、測試及組建。Dashboards provide visibility to your team and stakeholders on progress of work, code, tests, and builds.

已新增下列功能:We have added the following:

  • 可自訂的儀表板。Customizable dashboards. 現有的專案首頁現在可供完全自訂,賦予您對畫面上所有資料的完整控制權。The existing project home pages are now a completely customizable experience, giving you full control of all the data on your screen. 您可以用小組管理員的身分,重新安排、移除或新增想要及使用的小工具。As a team admin, you can rearrange, remove, or add the widgets that you want and use. 小組管理員可透過儀表版右下方的綠色大加號 (+) 按鈕存取新的小工具目錄。A new widget catalog is accessible to team admins through the large green plus (+) button at the lower right side of the dashboard.
  • 建立多個儀表板。Create multiple dashboards. 截至目前為止,小組 [概觀] 頁面是小組唯一可用來釘選小工具的頁面。Until now, the Team Overview page was the only page that teams could use to pin widgets. 而現在,身為小組管理員的您可以使用現有儀表板旁的加號 (+) 按鈕或透過儀表板管理員,建立多個儀表板。Now, as a team admin, you can create multiple dashboards using the plus (+) button next to an existing dashboard or through the dashboard manager. 透過儀表板上的設定圖示即可取得儀表板管理員。The dashboard manager is accessible through the settings icon on the dashboard.
  • 新的儀表板小工具。New dashboard widgets. 過去可以在小組 [概觀] 頁面上取得的所有資料片段,現在則透過小工具目錄提供。All the pieces of data that used to be available on the previous Team Overview page are now available through the widget catalog. 您仍然可以透過工作、測試和組建中樞,將多個圖表新增至儀表板。You can still add multiple charts to the dashboard through the Work, Test, and Build hubs. 此外,我們也在目錄中新增了新的小工具:條件式查詢磚 (可讓您在工作項目數目超過或低於臨界值時設定為紅色或綠色);程式碼磚 (過去 7 天的最近認可);查詢結果小工具 (可讓您從查詢查看所有工作項目);以及 Markdown 小工具 (允許自訂文字、影像及連結)。In addition, we’ve brought new widgets into the catalog: a conditional query tile (that allows you to set red or green if the number of work items crosses a threshold); a code tile (recent commits in the last 7 days); a query results widget (allows you to see all work items from a query); and a markdown widget (enables custom text, images, and links).

以內嵌方式重新命名看板資料行和泳道 Rename Kanban columns and swimlanes inline

您現在可以就地將工作流程看板上的資料行重新命名,而不需要進入設定對話方塊。You can now rename columns on your Kanban board in place, without having to jump into the configuration dialog.

Visual Studio 中的提取要求 Pull requests in Visual Studio

Team Explorer 具有新的提取要求中樞,使用者可在其中查看所建立的提取要求清單,以及由其他人指派給使用者的提取要求。Team Explorer has a new Pull Requests hub where users can see the list of pull requests they have created as well as the pull requests others have assigned to them. 我們已改善 [建立提取要求] 體驗,使用者只需一個動作就可發佈分支並建立提取要求。We have improved the Create Pull Request experience enabling users to publish branches and create pull requests in a single action.

提取要求中的 #識別碼 #ID in pull requests

您現在可以在提取要求討論、提取要求程式碼註解和認可程式碼註解中使用 "#" 符號來標記工作項目。You can now mention work items using the "#" symbol in pull request discussions, pull request code comments, and commit code comments. 這些工作項目可供點選,並且會顯示您熟悉的工作項目光箱效果。Those work items are clickable and present the work item light box experience that you're familiar with.

要求連結工作項目的分支原則 Branch policy to require linked work items

現在的分支原則要求任何提取要求都需要相關聯的工作項目。We now have a branch policy to require associated work items for any pull request. 如同程式碼檢閱者和建置原則,任何提交到分支的程式碼都必須透過提取要求提交。Like the code reviewer and build policies, any code submitted to the branch must be submitted through pull request. 當您建立提取要求時,就會檢查相關聯的認可是否有工作項目連結,如果至少有一個連結即滿足原則。When you create a pull request, the associated commits are inspected for work item links, and if there is at least one link, the policy is fulfilled. 您現在也可以將工作項目直接連結到提取要求,如果提取要求直接連結到至少一個工作項目,即滿足原則。Also, you can now link work items to pull requests directly, and if the pull request is directly linked to at least one work item, the policy is fulfilled. 如果未將任何工作項目連結到提取要求或相關聯的認可,則原則會失敗。If no work items are linked to the pull request or the associated commits, the policy will not succeed.

從容量新增/移除使用者 Add/remove users from capacity

工具列上有兩個新的按鈕,可讓您將任一成員新增至您的短期衝刺計劃 (包括小組外的人員),也可將任何缺少的小組成員新增至其中。Two new buttons on the toolbar let you add any member to your sprint plan (including those outside your team), as well as add any missing team member.

每個小組成員有多個活動 Multiple activities per team member

現在當您在規劃短期衝刺的產能時,可以將多項活動指派給同一位小組成員。When planning capacity for a sprint, you can now assign multiple activities to a single team member. 只要將滑鼠指標暫留在資料列上或按一下資料列,然後按一下省略符號 (…) 即可新增新的活動。Just hover over or click on a row, then click the ellipses (…) to add a new activity. 如果一名小組成員同時進行開發與測試,您可以微調產能以符合小組的技能組合。If a team member does both development and testing, you can fine tune the capacity to match your team's skill sets.

從任何位置將任一項目拖曳到反覆項目 Drag any item to an iteration from anywhere

您現在可以從任何面板或待處理項目將任何工作項目拖曳到短期衝刺。You can now drag any work item from any board or any backlog to a sprint.

在反復專案待處理專案上加入面板 Add panel on the iteration backlog

我們已進行變更,讓您能夠直接將新的代處理項目新增至短期衝刺的待處理項目中。We have made a change that allows you to add new backlog items directly to your sprint backlogs. 之前,要將需求或 Bug 的新工作新增至短期衝刺的唯一方法是將其新增至產品待處理項目,然後一次將一個項目拖曳到正確的短期衝刺。Previously, the only way to add new work to requirements or bugs to a sprint was to add them to the product backlog, and then drag each item one at a time to the correct sprint.

待執行工作的行表示實際容量 Line on the burndown indicates actual capacity

燃盡圖除了現有的理想趨勢線以外,現在還有線條可顯示短期衝刺期間的可用產能。The burndown chart now has a line that shows available capacity during a sprint, in addition to the existing ideal trend line. 現在,您能夠更加了解自己是否可在短期衝刺期間如期完成所有工作。Now you'll have a better idea of whether you're on track to finish all your work during the sprint. 此線條是產生自產能資料,包括個人和小組的假期。This line builds on the capacity data, including individual and team days off.

變更資料行時重新排列卡片 Reorder cards when changing columns

您現在可以在變更資料行時將卡重新排列,以便卡片停留在您置放的位置。You can now reorder the card when you change the column, so the card stays where you drop it. 我們也排除了自動捲動,讓面板可以在您置放卡片之後維持其位置。We also eliminated auto-scrolling, so the board keeps its location after you drop a card.

直接從待處理專案/面板設定設定 Configure settings directly from backlogs/boards

所有待處理項目和面板頁面上都有齒輪圖示。The gear icon appears on all the backlog and board pages. 按一下齒輪圖示即可顯示該頁面可用的所有設定。Click it to show all the settings available for that page. 當有新的設定可供使用時,也會出現在此處。As new settings become available, you'll find them here.

隱藏卡片上的空白欄位 Hide empty fields on cards

我們新增了隱藏卡片上空白欄位的功能。We have added the ability to hide empty fields on the card. 這表示您面板上的空格數目減少、卡片大小縮小,而能夠放進更多的卡片。This means less whitespace, smaller cards, and more cards on your board. 若要啟用此功能,請按一下齒輪圖示,選取 [欄位],然後清除 [顯示空白欄位]。To enable this feature, click the gear icon, select Fields, and clear Show empty fields.

工作面板和儀表板上的卡片著色 Card coloring on task board and Kanban board

您現在可以根據任何值來設定面板,讓工作項目包含自訂格式。You can now configure boards to include custom formatting on your work items, based on any value. 進行此設定相當簡單。Setting this up is easy. 按一下面板頂端的齒輪圖示,選取 [卡片樣式],然後為您要新增的色彩建立規則。Click the gear icon on the top of your board, select Card styles, and create a rule for the color you would like to add.

在建立查詢時限制針對工作項目類型顯示的值 When creating a query, limit the values shown for Work Item Type

您現在可以設定查詢的範圍,以限制狀態及工作項目類型的下拉式清單,排除查詢範圍外專案的狀態及類型。You can now scope queries to limit the drop–down list for states and work item types, eliminating states and types from projects outside the scope of your query.

手動測試:匯出測試結果 Manual testing: Export test outcome

測試中樞的 [匯出測試計劃] 功能可讓您以容易檢閱的格式,列印或透過電子郵件傳送測試計劃。The Export Test Plan feature in Test Hub lets you email or print a test plan in a review–friendly format. 截止目前為止,您可以匯出測試製作的相關資訊,例如測試計劃、測試套件階層、測試組態及測試案例。Until now, you could export test–authoring–centric information such as test plan, test suite hierarchy, test configurations, and test cases. 現在也支援匯出測試執行的相關資訊。Now there is support for exporting test–execution–centric information. 您可以使用此功能,與專案關係人共用測試執行進度的詳細狀態。You can use this feature to share a detailed status of test execution progress with stakeholders. 在匯出選取對話方塊中,您可以匯出最新的測試結果,這會匯出測試案例所有測試的最新測試結果,其中包括測試執行時間、受測試的組建、受測試的組態、已指派該測試的測試人員,以及實際執行測試的人員等欄位。In the export selection dialog, you can export the latest test outcome, which exports the latest test result for all tests of a test case, including fields like the time when the test was run, the build that was tested, the configuration that was tested, the tester assigned the test, and the identity who actually ran the test.

手動測試:資料驅動型測試的手動測試步驟結果和反復專案 Manual Testing: Manual test step results and iterations for data driven tests

測試中樞支援執行手動測試及檢視測試通過/失敗資訊。Test Hub supports running manual tests and viewing test pass/fail information. 截止目前為止,只有透過 Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) 才能檢視測試步驟詳細資料、註解和附件等測試結果詳細資料。Until now, viewing detailed test result information like test step details, comments, and attachments was possible only with Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). 在此更新中,您可以在執行手動測試時,瀏覽哪些測試步驟已通過或失敗,以及測試人員所輸入的註解。With this update, you can browse which test steps passed or failed and the comments entered by the tester while running the manual tests. 在 [測試中樞] 中,按一下 [ 執行 ] 索引標籤。如果您已經使用 MTM 執行測試,並已捕捉到螢幕擷取畫面、影片和其他附件(例如系統資訊),則也可以加以查看。In Test Hub, click the Runs tab. If you have run tests using MTM and have captured screenshots, video, and other attachments such as system information, you can view them as well. 如果您的測試是透過參數驅動資料,則可以瀏覽所有測試反覆項目的詳細資料。If your tests are data driven with parameters, you can browse the details for all the test iterations. 若要瀏覽這份測試結果詳細資訊,請開啟 [最近的測試結果] 窗格,然後按兩下測試結果。To browse this detailed test result information, open the Recent Test Results pane and double-click a test result. 您也可以巡覽到測試中樞的 [回合] 索引標籤,以檢視這些測試結果。You can also view these test results by navigating to Runs tab in Test Hub.

改善的組建資源存取控制 Improved access control for build resources

組建管理員現在可以將權限新增至代理程式佇列,在組建定義中限制可使用該佇列的人員。Build administrators can now add permissions to agent queue, which restricts who can use that queue in a build definition.

改善的 Team Build 中原始檔控制整合 Improved source control integration in Team Build

您可以控制來自 Team Foundation 版本控制 (TFVC) 之原始檔控制資料夾的用戶端對應。You can control the client–side mappings for source control folders from Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC). 我們減少了 Team Build 預設工作目錄中的字元數,這應能協助您避免 Team Build 中某些路徑長度問題。We have reduced the number of characters in the default working directories for Team Build, which should help mitigate some of the path length issues in Team Build.

修正 Build Explorer 中的小型可用性問題 Fixed small usability issues in Build Explorer

Build 總管中又再度能夠使用 [我的組建] 操作功能表項目。The My Builds context menu item is available again in the Build Explorer. 這會開啟您的 Visual Studio 組建清單,而不再只會讓您連入網路。This opens the list of your builds in Visual Studio instead of always taking you to the web. 按一下個別組建顯示其詳細資料時,仍會啟動瀏覽器。Clicking on an individual build to see the details will still launch the browser.

測試結果保留原則 Test result retention policy

我們已在產品內提供支援,以簡化測試結果資料清除,並移除對測試附件清除程式等工具的相依性。We have enabled in-product support to simplify test result data cleanup and remove dependency on tools like the Test Attachment Cleaner. 測試結果保留原則功能會新增產能,以清除系統中所有測試結果資料,包括比指定天數更舊的測試回合、測試結果及測試附件。The test result retention policy feature adds the capability to clean up all test result data in the system including test runs, test results, and test attachments that are older than a specified number of days. 使用此功能可清除系統中所有測試結果,包括自動化測試工作流程、手動測試工作流程和使用 REST API 發佈的測試結果。All test results in the system, including results from automated test workflows, manual test workflows, and test results published using REST APIs are cleaned up using this feature. 您可以在 Team 專案層級設定這項保留原則。This retention policy is configurable at a team project level. 您可以針對自動化及手動測試結果指定個別原則,以便彈性地讓手動測試結果保留時間比自動化測試結果更長。You can specify separate policies for automated and manual test results, offering the flexibility to retain manual test results longer than automated test results.

我們也藉由新增在刪除組建同時刪除測試結果的功能,整合了測試保留期與新組建系統 (Build vNext) 的保留期原則。We are also integrating test retention with the retention policy of the new build system (Build vNext) by adding functionality to delete test results when builds are deleted.

XAML 組建同位進度 XAML build parity progress

Visual Studio Team Services 及 Team Foundation Server 中的 Team Build 現在可支援 XAML 組建系統的下列功能:Team Build in Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server now support the following features from the XAML build system:

  • 將 Git 和 TFVC 中的原始檔加上標籤Label sources in both Git and TFVC
  • TFVC 的用戶端工作區對應Client–side workspace mappings for TFVC

較易讀的認可詳細資料摘要 Commit details summary is easier to read

認可詳細資料摘要已較容易閱讀,因為認可訊息位於頂端,而延伸訊息位於下方。The commit details summary is easier to read because the commit message is at the top and the extended message is below. 此摘要同樣預設為顯示與父系 1 的差異,能夠搭配一律建立合併認可的新提取要求體驗能順利運作。It also defaults to showing a diff with parent 1, which works well with the new pull request experience that always creates a merge commit.

改進空白 Git 存放庫與複製現有存放庫的體驗 Improved experience for empty Git repositories and cloning existing repositories

現在要複製 Visual Studio Team Services 及 Team Foundation Server 上的存放庫變得更簡單了。It is easier to clone a repository on Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server. 您可以 在 Visual Studio 中複製 個人存取權杖,或者直接從空白 Git 存放庫頁面或 [複製] 按鈕加以建立。You can clone in Visual Studio or create a personal access token directly from the empty Git repo page or clone button.

組建工作流程中的 Azure 資源群組部署支援 Azure Resource Group deployment support in build workflow

透過新增 Azure 資源群組部署工作以及 ARM (Azure Resource Manager) 的支援,您就可以管理 Azure 資源群組的生命週期。With the addition of the Azure Resource Group deployment task, along with the support of ARM (Azure Resource Manager), you can manage the lifecycle of an Azure Resource Group. 這包含佈建及部署 Azure 資源的支援。This includes support for provisioning and deployment of Azure resources. Azure Resource Manager 可讓您建立可重複使用的部署範本,其以宣告方式描述組成應用程式的資源 (例如網站及 SQL 資料庫)。The Azure Resource Manager lets you create reusable deployment templates that declaratively describe the resources that make up your application (for example, a website and a SQL database). 這透過重複方式簡化建立複雜環境以進行部署、測試及生產的流程。This simplifies the process of creating complex environments for development, testing, and production in a repeatable manner. 您可以在 GitHub 和 Azure 資源庫找到 Azure 範本。You can find Azure templates at GitHub and Azure Gallery.

此外,Azure 服務連線端點現在還支援 Azure AD 安全性主體In addition, Azure service connection endpoint now supports Azure AD Security Principals

持續傳遞: Azure 中的資源布建 Continuous delivery: Provisioning of resources in Azure

您現在可以使用 Azure Resource Manager,在組建定義中包含步驟以佈建資源。Using Azure Resource Manager, you can now include a step in your build definition to provision resources. 新的「Azure 資源群組部署」工作可讓您使用範本檔案佈建虛擬機器等資源,然後使用 DSC 資源延伸模組等資源延伸模組,將最新組建部署到這些資源中。The new "Azure Resource Group Deployment" task lets you provision resources, like virtual machines, by using a template file and then deploy the latest build into those resources by using resource extensions, such as DSC resource extension.

Visual Studio 錯誤清單篩選管理修改過的檔案 Visual Studio error list filtering governs modified files

您現在可以篩選錯誤清單,以便只查看有暫止的變更之檔案中的錯誤、警告及資訊。You can now filter the error list to see only errors, warnings, and information in files that have pending changes. 使用此方式就能避免被您未接觸之檔案中的錯誤給淹沒,而且能夠聚焦在您有機會可修正的錯誤上。This way, you are not overwhelmed by errors in the files that you did not touch, and you can focus on the errors that you have an opportunity to fix.

由修改過的檔案管理的 Visual Studio 錯誤清單篩選

獨立 Office 整合安裝程式 Standalone Office integration installer

在 Team Foundation Server 2015 中已移除獨立 Team Explorer 安裝程式,因為許多非開發人員功能已經移至 TFS 的網站體驗。The standalone Team Explorer installer was removed in Team Foundation Server 2015 because many non-developer features were moved into the TFS web experience. 這造成一項不便,想要使用 TFS Office 整合功能的非開發人員必須安裝 Visual Studio 完整版本,否則將無法再存取這些功能。One inconvenience this introduced was that non-developers who wanted to use TFS Office integration capabilities could no longer access them unless they installed a full version of Visual Studio. 在 TFS 2015 Update 1 版本中,現在已提供獨立 Office 整合安裝程式。In the TFS 2015 Update 1 release, a standalone Office integration installer is now available. 其中包含 Excel 整合 Project 用戶端整合和以 PowerPoint 為基礎的分鏡腳本工具。It includes Excel integration Project client integration and the PowerPoint–based storyboarding tool.

Bug 修正和已知問題Bug Fixes & Known Issues

如需這個版本的技術改善、Bug 修正及已知問題的完整描述,請參閱下列知識庫 (KB) 文章For a complete description of technology improvements, bug fixes, and known issues in this release, see the following Knowledge Base (KB) article.

意見反應與建議Feedback & Suggestions

我們很希望聽聽您的意見!We would love to hear from you! 您可以透過開發人員社群回報並追蹤問題,並在 Stack Overflow 上取得建議。You can report a problem and track it through Developer Community and get advice on Stack Overflow. 一如往常,如果有需要優先處理的事項,請前往開發人員社群來新增想法或對現有想法進行投票。As always, if you have ideas on things you would like to see us prioritize, head over to Developer Community to add your idea or vote for an existing one.

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