Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3 版本資訊Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3 Release Notes

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這不是最新版的 Team Foundation Server。This is not the latest version of Team Foundation Server. 若要下載最新版本,請瀏覽 Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 3 的最新版本資訊To download the latest release, please visit the current release notes for Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 3. 若要變更此頁面的語言,請按一下頁尾的地球圖示,然後選取您想要的語言。You can change the language of this page by clicking the globe icon in the page footer and selecting your desired language.

本文提供 Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3 的相關資訊。In this article, you will find information regarding Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3. 按一下這個按鈕進行下載。Click the button to download.

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若要深入了解 Team Foundation Server 2015,請參閱 Team Foundation Server 的需求與相容性 (英文) 頁面。To learn more about Team Foundation Server 2015, see the Team Foundation Server Requirements and Compatibility page.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 TFS 安裝頁面。Please see the TFS Install page for more information.

Release Notes Icon 發行日期︰2016 年 6 月 27 日Release Date: June 27, 2016

Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3 的新功能摘要Summary of What's New in Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3

Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3 的新功能詳細資料Details of What's New in Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3

Git 存放庫的 SSH 支援 SSH Support for Git Repos

運用 TFS 2015 Update 3,您現在可以使用 SSH 金鑰連接到任何 Team Foundation Server Git 儲存機制。With TFS 2015 Update 3, you can now connect to any Team Foundation Server Git repo using an SSH key. 如果您在 Linux 或 Mac 上開發,這會很有幫助。This is very helpful if you develop on Linux or Mac. 只要上傳您個人的 SSH 金鑰便準備好開始進行。Just upload your personal SSH key and you're ready to go.

儀表板 Widget SDK Dashboard Widget SDK

在 Update 3 中,您不僅可以使用現成儀表板 Widget,也可以使用此 SDK 來建立您自己的 Widget。In Update 3, not only can you use the out-of-the box dashboard widgets, you can also create your own widgets by using the SDK. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 上的 Add a dashboard widget (加入儀表板 Widget) 頁面。For more information, see the Add a dashboard widget page on

測試-新功能 & 錯誤修正 Testing - New Features & Bug Fixes

測試 - 新功能 - Azure、SCVMM 和 VMWare 的支援Testing - New Features - Support for Azure, SCVMM and VMWare

您現在可以透過 Azure 在雲端或是使用 SCVMM 或 VMWare 在內部部署動態設定測試電腦,然後使用這些電腦以分散方式執行測試。You can now dynamically set up test machines in the cloud with Azure, or on-premises using SCVMM or VMWare and use these machines to run tests in a distributed manner. 您可以使用其中一項電腦布建工作-[Azure ( 、 SCVMMVMWare ,接著 執行 [執行功能測試] 工作 來執行測試。You can use one of the machine provisioning tasks - [Azure(, SCVMM or VMWare followed by the Run Functional Tests task to run tests. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱安裝和設定測試代理程式頁面。For more information, please see the Install and configure test agents page.

測試 - Bug 修正Testing - Bug Fixes

透過 Connect 報告的 Bug︰Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 選取 [平行執行] 時會忽略測試設定檔。Test settings file is ignored when "Run in Parallel" is selected.
  • 完成 [Test Agent 部署] 之後,不會清除 TEMP 資料夾。TEMP folder is not cleaned after Test Agent Deployment is completed.
  • 即使 [測試選取項目] 設定為 [測試計劃],還是需要來源篩選字串。Source filter string is required even with Test Selection set to Test Plan. 如果字串為空白,則使用者會接收到錯誤:「無法將引數繫結到參數 'SourceFilter',因為其為空字串」。User gets error "Cannot bind argument to parameter 'SourceFilter' because it is an empty string" if string is empty.
  • 電子郵件/列印測試成品功能會停止回應,並擲回 JavaScript TypeError。Email/print test artifacts feature hangs and throws JavaScript TypeError.
  • Web 測試執行器視窗不再將文字換行。Web test runner window no longer wraps text.

其他 Bug 修正:Other bug fixes:

  • 版本中擲回「DistributedTests: 剖析 buildId 時發生例外狀況」。"DistributedTests: Exception occurred while parsing buildId" is thrown in Release.
  • 遠端測試執行因下列錯誤而突然中止:拒絕存取該路徑。Remote Test Execution gets aborted abruptly with error - Access to the path is denied.
  • 在版本中,無法透過 Ant、Maven 或 Gradle 工作上傳測試結果。Test results cannot be uploaded from Ant, Maven or Gradle tasks in Release.
  • 如果指定 2 個 DLL 的完整路徑 (以分號區隔),則 VsTest 工作會失敗。VsTest task fails if full path of 2 DLLs are given separated by semicolon.
  • 如果依 [測試套件] 將結果分組,且選取的環境為 [全部],則版本中不會顯示測試結果。No Test results are shown in Release when results are grouped by 'Test Suite' and Environment selected is 'All.'
  • 如果 runsettings 檔案中設定結果資料夾,Visual Studio 測試工作將不會上傳測試結果。Visual Studio Test task will not upload test results if results folder is configured in runsettings file.
  • 電子郵件要求中的意見回應要求超連結不正確。Feedback request hyperlink is incorrect in email request.
  • 指派由多位測試人員執行此測試套件中的所有測試案例時,查詢式測試套件未正確地反映測試。Query based test suites do not properly reflect the tests when assigned all the test cases in this test suite to be run by multiple testers.
  • 例外狀況 Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Server.InvalidStructurePathException: 結構路徑 CEBIS FWK 無效。Exception Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Server.InvalidStructurePathException: The structure path CEBIS FWK is not valid.
  • 將 TFS 升級至 2015.1 之後,測試中樞中發生錯誤。Error in test hub after upgrading of TFS to 2015.1.
  • MTM 2015 | 2013 - TFS 2015.2 | 分析測試回合 - 結果,特定使用者的 [計劃] 索引標籤會是空白的。MTM 2015 | 2013 - TFS 2015.2 | Analyze test runs -results , Plan tabs comes up as empty for specific users.
  • 在因找不到檔案錯誤而失敗之後,重試上傳 MTM 螢幕擷取檔案。MTM Screen capture file upload retries after the failure with file not found error.

敏捷式錯誤修復 Agile Bug Fixes

透過 Connect 報告的 Bug︰Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 如果地區設定設定為法文,在短期衝刺面板卡片中設定樣式可能會導致錯誤。Setting styles in the sprint board cards may cause an error if the locale is set to French.
  • 如果地區設定設定為德文,在短期衝刺面板卡片中設定樣式可能會導致錯誤。Setting styles in the sprint board cards may cause an error if the locale is set to German.
  • 子句的區域路徑使用非標準字元 (例如底線或單引號) 時,無法建立查詢。Unable to create a query when there is a clause with an Area Path with non-standard characters, such as an underscore or single quote.
  • 連結標籤控制項不會在 Web 存取中顯示超連結。The links label control does not show hyperlinks in web access.
  • 建立新的 Team 專案會導致 TF30177「無法在物件 'dbo.Constants' 中插入重複的索引鍵資料列」錯誤。Creating new team projects causes a TF30177 "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.Constants" error.
  • [新增 Widget] 對話方塊會優先使用瀏覽器語言,而非 [我的設定檔] 中所選取的語言。The Add Widget dialog respects the browser language over the language selected in "My Profile."
  • 在 [組建圖表] Widget 中,圖表中的最新列會顯示為綠色,即使組建失敗也是一樣。In the Build Chart widget, the most recent bar in the chart shows green, even if the build fails.
  • [專案關係人] 橫幅遺失,因此使用者不知道他們是以專案關係人身分登入,也無法存取所有功能。The Stakeholder banner is missing so users are not aware they are logged in as a stakeholder and do not have access to all features.
  • 讀我檔案不一定會在 Team 專案歡迎使用頁面上顯示。Readme files do not always display on the Team Project welcome page.
  • 在工作項目追蹤中設定時間的某個部分時,月和日值可能會互換。When setting a part of a time in work item tracking, the month and day values may get switched.

其他 Bug 修正:Other bug fixes:

  • 「工作項目追蹤網頁」控制項將識別欄位參考為參數,而發生值空白錯誤。A Work Item Tracking Web Page control referencing an identity field as Param with through an error when the value is empty.
  • 變更 [查詢結果] Widget 的名稱時發生錯誤。Error when changing the name of the Query Result widget.
  • 卡片上的 [Remaining Hours (剩餘時數)] 輸入不夠大。The Remaining Hours input is not big enough on the card.
  • 使用者沒有父工作項目的權限時,不會載入待辦項目。Backlog will not load when the user does not have permissions to a parent work item.
  • 變更 Team 專案之後瀏覽至 WORK 中樞,會導致 TF400483 錯誤。Navigating to the WORK hub after changing team projects results in a TF400483 error.
  • 儀表板管理員圖示沒有聚焦的視覺提示。The Dashboard Manager icon has no visual cue on focus.
  • [Dashboard Manager (儀表板管理員)] 中的新增儀表板圖示沒有聚焦的清楚視覺提示。The Add Dashboard icon in Dashboard Manager has no clear visual cue on focus.
  • 按 ENTER 時,[Dashboard Manager (儀表板管理員)] 中的 [加入儀表板] 和 [刪除儀表板] 按鈕未作用。The add and delete Dashboard buttons in Dashboard Manager do not work on pressing ENTER.
  • 在 [查詢磚] 和 [工作項目圖表] Widget 中,按 Tab 鍵經過組態刀鋒視窗時,輸入會卡在 [查詢選取器],並發生未選取任何查詢的錯誤。In the Query Tile and Work Item Chart widgets, when tabbing through the configuration blade, the input will get stuck on the Query Selector with an error that no query is selected.
  • 從 Team Foundation 2013 Update 1 或更早版本升級時,將不會移轉專案首頁的內容。When upgrading from Team Foundation 2013 Update 1 or earlier, the contents of the project homepage will not be migrated.
  • 授權為專案關係人時,無法在儀表板之間進行巡覽。When licensed as a Stakeholder, you cannot navigate between dashboards.
  • 在 Markdown 小工具中,如果 Markdown 在原始檔控制中參考影像,則不會加以顯示。In the markdown widget, if the markdown references an image in source control, it will not display.
  • 如果協力廠商 Widget 處於錯誤狀態,就無法載入整個儀表板。If a third party widget is in an error state, the entire dashboard fails to load.
  • 如果協力廠商小工具處於錯誤狀態,新增的小工具會以空白形式新增。If a third party widget is in an error state, adding new widgets are added as blank.
  • 如果協力廠商 Widget 處於錯誤狀態,然後從儀表板中予以移除,就不會清除錯誤橫幅。If a third part widget is in an error state and then removed from the dashboard, the error banner is not cleared.
  • 加入儀表板 Widget 而且其彼此衝突時 (例如,同時位於不同的瀏覽器工作階段中),錯誤不具描述性。When dashboard widgets are added and conflict with one another, such as in different browser sessions at the same time, the error is not descriptive.
  • 虛擬人偶不會載入 [提取要求] 小工具中。Avatars do not load in the Pull Request widget.
  • 在 [組建圖表] Widget 中,與組建圖表進行比較時,最後一個完成的狀態圖示為不正確。In the Build Chart widget, the last completed status icon is incorrect when compared to the build chart.
  • 處於儀表板的 [編輯] 模式時,儀表板背景會遮住錯誤橫幅。When in Edit Mode of a dashboard, the error banner is covered up with the dashboard background.
  • 在 [Visual Studio 連結] Widget 中,「在 Visual Studio 中開啟」影像會是純紫色。In the Visual Studio Links widget, the "Open in Visual Studio" image is plain purple.
  • 如果在設定 Widget 刀鋒視窗中進行變更,則取消時不會提示捨棄變更。When making changes in the configure widget blade, there is no prompt about discarding changes when cancelling out.
  • 如果 Widget 發生錯誤,使用者仍然可以儲存組態變更。If a widget has an error, the user can still save configuration changes.
  • 在儀表板中預覽 Widget 時,其會放大並變模糊。When previewing a widget in the dashboard, it is zoomed in and blurry.
  • 按 Tab 鍵進入儀表板編輯模式時會跳到 Widget,而不是跳到刪除和設定圖示。Tabbing in the Dashboard edit mode tabs through the widget instead of the delete and configure icons.
  • 處於儀表板編輯模式時,ESC 鍵應該可離開編輯模式。When in the Dashboard edit mode, ESC should exit out of edit mode.
  • 在 Firefox 中建立新的 [工作項目圖表] Widget 時,圖表類型的大小會不同。When creating a new Work Item Chart widget in Firefox, the chart types are of varying sizes.
  • 在 [工作項目圖表] 小工具中,除非選取查詢,否則不會顯示圖表選項。In the Work Item Chart widget, the chart options are not displayed until a query is selected.
  • 在 [短期衝刺概觀] Widget 中,設定反覆項目日期並不會重新整理 Widget。In the Sprint Overview widget, setting the iteration dates does not refresh the widget.
  • 在 [短期衝刺待執行工作] Widget 中,按 Tab 鍵跳到圖形並按 Enter 鍵並不會開啟 Lightbox。In the Sprint Burndown widget, tabbing to the graph and hitting Enter does not open the lightbox.
  • 在 [Conditional Query Tile (條件查詢磚)] 中,規則的輸入欄位允許五位數字,但只會顯示四位數字。In the Conditional Query Tile, the input field for a rule allows a five digit number but only displays four digits.

組建錯誤修復 Build Bug Fixes

透過 Connect 報告的 Bug︰Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 在 Firefox 上,無法依標記來篩選組建。Unable to filter builds by tags on Firefox.
  • 設定使用者對建置的權限時,於儲存時發生錯誤。When setting the permissions of a user on a build, there is an error when saving.
  • 如果建置排定在深夜執行,則會在前一天執行。If a build is scheduled to run in the late evening, it runs on the previous day.
  • 建置失敗,錯誤為「TF14044: 存取遭拒: 使用者專案集合組建服務需要 AdminWorkspaces 全域權限。」。Build fails with "TF14044: Access Denied: User Project Collection Build Service needs the AdminWorkspaces global permission(s).".
  • [我的設定檔] 的時間格式不會用於組建中樞。The time formatting from My Profile is not used in the Build hub.
  • 在組建中執行 curl 工作時,建置失敗,錯誤為「在路徑中找不到 curl」。Build fails with "curl was not found in the path" error when running a curl task in Build.
  • 閘道組建發出錯誤:「找不到擱置集。」Gated build gives an error of "Shelveset not found."
  • 在 Chrome 中建立新的組建定義時發生格式設定問題。There are formatting problems when creating a new build definition in Chrome.
  • XAML 組建發出大量警告時,會顯示錯誤:「嘗試連接至伺服器時發生未定義的錯誤。When a XAML Build has a large number of warnings, it shows an error of "An undefined error occurred while attempting to connect to the server. 狀態碼 0。」。Status code 0.".
  • 調整 [組建] 頁面中的 [原因] 資料行大小時,會顯示整個圖示陣列。When resizing the Reason column in the Build page, the entire icon array is displayed.
  • 建置失敗,錯誤為 "Invalid solution configuration and platform." (解決方案組態及平台無效。)。Build fails with "Invalid solution configuration and platform.".
  • 包含 npm (Node.js 套件管理員) 安裝工作時,建置失敗,錯誤為找不到 npm 安裝。When including an npm (Node.js package manager) install task, builds fail with an error that it cannot find the npm install.
  • 編輯將 Git 儲存機制標上組建編號的組建定義時發生錯誤 "Invalid source label format" (來源標籤格式無效)。Error of "Invalid source label format" when editing a build definition that labels a Git repository with a build number.
  • 使用外部 Git 儲存機制時,不一定會觸發持續整合。Continuous Integration does not always trigger when using an external Git repository.
  • 在升級的專案集合上,閘道簽入失敗,原因是其使用組建帳戶,而非服務帳戶。On upgraded project collections, gated checkins fail due it using the build account instead of service account.

其他 Bug 修正:Other bug fixes:

  • 如果在沒有 [所有範圍] 權限的情況下使用 PAT,則 getBuildBadge vso-node-api 會失敗。getBuildBadge vso-node-api fails if using a PAT without the "All Scopes" permission.
  • 如果組建定義名稱包含方括號,則無法正確計算修訂編號。If a build definition name contains square brackets, the revision number is not calculated correctly.
  • 分割 Team 專案集合時,組建服務識別重複。When splitting a Team Project Collection, there are duplicate build service identities.
  • 將新組建排入佇列時輸入擱置集名稱,而收到誤導錯誤:「要求或定義有問題,將會導致組建無法執行: 指定的 SourceVersion 值不是有效的版本規格。」。When entering a shelveset name when queuing a new build, you get a misleading error of "There are issues with the request or definition that will prevent the build from running: The value specified for SourceVersion is not a valid version spec.".
  • 具有跨平台建置工作的擴充功能無法運作。Extensions with cross platform build tasks do not work.
  • 使用 SSL 連接埠 8443 時,建置無法連接至 Subversion。Build fails to connect to Subversion when using SSL port 8443.
  • 使用沒有對應之組建的 SVN 存放庫時,未設定來源版本。When using an SVN repository for a build that does not have mappings, the Source Version is not set.
  • 無法透過來源標籤將 Team Foundation 版本控制組建排入佇列。Cannot queue a Team Foundation Version Control build from a source label.

版本控制錯誤修正 Version Control Bug Fixes


這些是 Team Foundation Server 中版本控制的 Bug 修正。These are bug fixes for Version Control in Team Foundation Server. 如需 Visual Studio 中的版本控制修正,請參閱 Visual Studio 版本資訊For Version Control fixes in Visual Studio, see the Visual Studio Release Notes.

透過 Connect 報告的 Bug︰Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 使用 Git LFS 時,諸如複製儲存機制這類功能可能發生問題。When using Git LFS, there may be problems with functions such as cloning the repo.
  • 發生每小時 Git 提取要求事件記錄檔錯誤:「TF53010: Team Foundation 元件或擴充中發生下列錯誤。」。There are hourly Git pull request event log errors of "TF53010: The following error has occurred in a Team Foundation component or extension.".

其他 Bug 修正:Other bug fixes:

  • 將 [最新版本] 連結類型加入工作項目中無法運作。Adding a Latest Version link type to a work item does not work.
  • 從 Team Foundation Server 2010 升級之後,Team Foundation 版本控制倉儲配接器失敗。The Team Foundation Version Control warehouse adapter fails after upgrading from Team Foundation Server 2010.
  • 在提取要求建立期間連結至工作項目時,有 25 個認可的限制。There is a limit of 25 commits when linking to work items during pull request creation.
  • 如果儲存機制已設定多個組建定義,Build 總管可能會顯示某個定義的名稱,但連結至另一個定義上的最後一個組建。If a repository has multiple build definitions configured, the Build Explorer may show one definition's name but link to the last build on another.
  • 在提取要求中,識別選擇器的右方會被裁掉。In Pull Requests, the identity picker is cut off on the right side.
  • Team Foundation 版本控制檔案會顯示發生編碼變更,即使沒有變更也是一樣。Team Foundation Version Control files show that there is an encoding change even if there was no change.
  • 在透過 SSH 的 Git 推送上,發生「TF401030: Git 套件標頭無效。」錯誤。On a Git push over SSH, there is an error "TF401030: The Git pack header is invalid.".

管理 Bug 修正 Administration Bug Fixes

透過 Connect 報告的 Bug︰Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 如果分割 Team 專案集合,則在複製集合並刪除第一個集合中的 Team 專案之後,另一個集合可能不會顯示另一個集合中已刪除的專案。When splitting a team project collection, after cloning the collection and deleting a team project in the first collection, the other collection may not show the project that was deleted in the other collection. 直接 URL 將可運作,但使用者無法瀏覽至 Team 專案。The direct URL will work, but the user cannot browse to the team project.

其他 Bug 修正:Other bug fixes:

  • 升級時,整備檢查可能會失敗,錯誤為無法使用連接埠 8080 和「TF401147: 先前為應用程式層 Web 服務網站設定的連接埠目前正在使用中。」。When upgrading, the readiness check may fail with errors that Port 8080 is unavailable and "TF401147: The previously configured ports for the Application Tier Web Service site are currently in use.".
  • 在管理主控台中,Proxy 伺服器 URL 為空白。In the Admin Console, the Proxy Server URL is blank.
  • 設定 TFS 時,連接埠和 vdir 可能會不正確地切換回預設對應。When configuring TFS, the port and vdir may incorrectly fall back to the default mappings.
  • 載入 [集合] 索引標籤時,管理主控台可能會損毀。The Admin Console may crash when loading the Collections tab.

擴充性 Bug 修正 Extensibility Bug Fixes

透過 Connect 報告的 Bug︰Bugs reported through Connect:

  • 如果使用 TFS SDK 時在 URL 中省略集合,則會發生「TF400367: 無法執行要求,因為主機類型不符。」錯誤。"TF400367: The request could not be performed due to a host type mismatch" error when omitting the collection in the URL when using the TFS SDKs.
  • 使用 Jenkins 服務掛勾時,刪除分支會觸發組建。Deleting a branch triggers a build when using Jenkins service hooks.
  • 在小組室中按一下 [管理事件] 時,會發生錯誤:"Invalid Navigation Level" (導覽層級無效)。When clicking Manage Events in a team room, there is an error "Invalid Navigation Level".
  • 使用警示時,欄位可能會有非預期的允許值。When working with Alerts, fields may have unexpected allowed values.
  • 不一定會收到警示的電子郵件。Emails are not always received for alerts.
  • 名稱中有空格的 Team 專案,其警示包含無效的連結。Alerts for team projects with spaces in the name include invalid links.
  • [警示] 管理頁面中沒有 [所有警示] 的連結。There is no link to All Alerts in the Alerts administration page.
  • 在 TFS 中文版中,服務掛勾內沒有 [Slack] 選項。In the Chinese version of TFS, there is no Slack option in service hooks.

Release Management Release Management

我們已修正 Web 版 Release Management 中所回報的一些問題。We have fixed some of the reported issues in the web-based version of Release Management. 以下是一些已修正的重要問題︰Here are some of the key issues that were fixed:

  • 當網路不穩定時,瀏覽版本中樞期間顯示未定義的錯誤。Undefined error is shown while browsing the Release hub, when network is flaky.
  • 下載伺服器卸除成品時會在組建成品目錄下建立其他檔案。Downloading server drop artifact creates additional file under Build artifacts directory.
  • 從端點建立對話方塊中,建立重複的服務端點。Duplicate service endpoints are created from endpoint creation dialog.
  • 使用 Release Management 時,NuGet 安裝程式工作失敗。Nuget Installer task fails with Release Management.
  • 自動重新整理︰在環境中啟動部署之後,未顯示等待核准黃色通知列。Auto-refresh: Pending approvals yellow bar is not displayed after starting deployment on an environment.
  • 如果環境中有多位核准者,則不會啟用核准中的 [電子郵件] 選項。Email option in approvals is not enabled if there are multiple approvers for an environment.

我們也已經修正 WPF 版 Release Management 中所回報的一些錯誤。We have also fixed a few reported bugs in the WPF version of Release Management.

  • 如果 API 版本不符,releasemanagementbuild.exe 應該顯示適當的錯誤訊息,而不是 403 錯誤。When there is an api-version mismatch, releasemanagementbuild.exe should show proper error message instead of 403 error.
  • 將檔案複製到部署器時發生間歇網路失敗。Intermittent network failures when copying files to Deployer.

目前情況如何?How are we doing?

我們很希望聽聽您的意見!We would love to hear from you! 您可以透過開發人員社群回報並追蹤問題,並在 Stack Overflow 上取得建議。You can report a problem and track it through Developer Community and get advice on Stack Overflow. 一如往常,如果有需要優先處理的事項,請前往開發人員社群來新增想法或對現有想法進行投票。As always, if you have ideas on things you would like to see us prioritize, head over to Developer Community to add your idea or vote for an existing one.

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